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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Raspy continues to do well although he's a bit small for his age. He's in no rush to grow up but today he marks a milestone in his progress. He drank milk from the pail like the bigger calves for the first time. I thought that it would be difficult to withdraw the bottle and nipple from him after I spoiled him for such a long time but he's such a trouper that he did real well. He was born on August 7th and is two days short of a month old today. There will soon come a day when we will have to sell him and I'm getting a bit attached to him as I've spent a lot of time with him. Normally the buyer only take them when the're 100 pounds or over and most of them weigh around 90 pounds at birth and can gain about 2 pounds a day when they eat well so we don't usually keep them for long.

I'm waiting for another cow to calve on the 7th and only have one vacancy now.

Today was a perfect day. It was easier to breath and my skin wasn't clammy or sweaty and I felt like a new person.  I made a large pot of beef vegetable soup as I cleaned my fridge to make room for more fresh vegetables and made a batch of Skor bars and my three teenage grand kids came for a visit on their bikes. They each appreciated a couple of bowls of home made soup before heading back home. They're growing so fast. School starts on Tuesday because Monday is Labor Day.

I always appreciate your visit.   JB


  1. I am glad Raspy is doing so well now.

    Did you add a tsp of chili powder to your beef soup? It adds a nice flavor to beef soups. :)

  2. No Christine, I didn't but will try it next time. I make a large batch for the men tomorrow and there might not be enough left.

    I had beef, onions sauted in olive oil, carrots,celery, green beans, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, basil and parsely, liquid beef Bovril, a can of Campbell tomato soup, water, salt and pepper. I made it in my Dutch oven pot. Thanks for the visit. JB

  3. Hi Julia,
    I'm glad Raspy is doing well. It's hard not to become attatched to such a cute little guy with whom you've spent so much time nursing to health.
    Your soup sounds sooo good. I wanted to make seafood chowder today, but became involved in a sewing job and the soup never got started. Maybe tomorrow....
    Isn't it a wonderful relief to finally have cooler weather!?

  4. I think that's why I would never make a good farmer....I'm afraid I'd get too attached! Your soup sounded delish!

  5. Pat, seafood chowder sound wonderful. It's one of my favorite. I was raised on the north shore of New Brunswick and ate fresh fish and seafood bought directly from the fishermen at the warf. Now I buy frozen seafood to make my chowder. My mouth is watering.

    Thanks for your visit Pat. JB

  6. Tammy, I love animals and I've had dogs and cats and I do get attach to them and it's so hard to let them go when it their time to go. I cry like a baby every time. They bring so much into our lives.

    Can you believe that I hug my calves every morning and againin the last feeding of the day. I talk to them and they stick their neck out for their hug and put their head under my arm and stay still while I rub their neck. JB

  7. Great news. Another example of an under-dog rising to the challenge and surprising everyone. Now that the weather is more Fall appropriate I think a homemade soup might be a plan for tomorrow. Yours sounds yummy.

  8. Kim, It's good to have you back. Hope that your weekend was great. I'm off to the barn. JB