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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I guess that I got myself a bit run down with not going to bed early enough and getting up early, not getting enough sleep, never mind my beauty sleep...  I  was feeling a bit of a tickle in my throat and right away I took a double dose of Echinacea and vitamin C and now I'm drinking a cup of Echinacea tea. I usually nip the cold in the bud before it develops into misery.

It's been  really windy and rainy today, and the road is covered with fallen leaves. I've been too preoccupied to take any photos today.

I brought my car to the repair shop not far from here where I usually go,  for the 1:30 appointment my husband made for me, and waited for my husband to come right behind to pick me up with the truck.  I waited in this shop's parking lot and waited in the pouring rain. Then I called him on his cell and asked "where are you?"" I'm at Coast Tire" he says. "Well you never told me and I really can't read minds you know" So I'm backing on the road and can hardly see through all the rain in the rear window. I got there safely and dropped the car off to have a new ball joint put in. They were pretty quick and now the clunk is gone.

When I got my car back, not a minute too soon, I went to town to pay my road assistance insurance CAA and came back home.   The power went out for a while and at the same time my cell phone battery died out so I couldn't charge it. It a new phone and to extend the battery charge, I'm supposed to let the battery fully uncharged and charge three times to set the battery memory for longer charge.

I was late for work of course and when I finally got home I washed up and asked my husband if he wanted to go to Julia's Pub for fish & Chips. So we has a tasty meal of HighLiner Haddock in Batter and PEI Cavendish Oven fries and each a bottle of Alexander Keith beer.The nice thing about, I didn't had to go back in the rain or take my wallet out but had to wash the dishes . Sorry, it never dawned on me to take a photo. I was too hungry. lol

I'm off to bed earlier tonight.   Thanks for dropping by.

I almost forgot to mention that Mrs MOUSE never showed up. I think that it was her husband coming in to check up the joint.   JB


  1. Okay being a huge fan of Lucy Maude Montgomery and living in my mind since I was 11 years old on Prince Edward Island, You said in one breath,PEI Cavendish and Alexander Keith, those were names in her family. I just wondered about that.

    I do hope your cold doesn't turn into a cold and you caught it in time. I have thought about you all day and the storm. I am glad you had electricity so you could update.
    I hope tomorrow you can take a day off after you milk the cows.
    The fish and chips just sound wonderful.

  2. I hope you nipped that cold before it grabs ahold of you. I'm sure sitting out in the dampness didn't help. I picked up take-out fish and chips for supper. Good news that you haven't seen anymore mice. Maybe mr. Mouse was a bachelor??

  3. Good morning Julia,
    I was married for 59 years and never did figure out men, cars and their mind reading! Glad you got home safely. Sounds like a great fish and chips meal.

  4. Good morning everyone. Always thankful for your comments.
    Kim (Farm Girl) Lucy Maud Montgomery was one of my favorite author too and I had bought several books for my daughter to get her interested in reading them but she was not in a receptive mood at the time and refused to read any. To try to convince her, I read one passage about when Anne put Horse Lineament in the cake by mistake and that peeked her interest and she did read all the books and throughly enjoyed them.
    I just love going to PEI, it is the most beautiful island and my son in law comes from there.

    Kim (Millie's Mat) I think that I've got my cold by the bud and I'm not actually feeling sick but I still have a tiny bit of tell tale of a cold so' I'm going to take it easy today if that's possible. Did you had a beer with your Fish & Chips? It doesn't have to be an Alexander Keith.

    Doris. Sometimes I can read his mind like a book and other times it's the little details that I can't zone in. lol. I gotta love him anyway. I could have gotten worst. Have a safe weekend and keep well everyone. JB

  5. No, I didn't have a beer with my fish and chips but I wish I had thought of it! LOL I had an "Old-lady" cup of tea! hahahaha I took the beer from the fridge to Digby last week and haven't replaced it yet.

  6. Kim, with yesterday's cold damp weather , a little old lady's cup of tea was just as good. JB

  7. I just love your day to day life stories Julia, and I can just taste the haddock and beer! Thanks so much for always checking in with me.... love getting over here for a little taste of your world.

  8. Dulcy, it always a pleasure for me to check your blog. When a comment comes in, it goes in my inbox and I go check it out. also my blog reader t lets me know when someone had updated their blog. Thanks, I appreciate for your comment. Have a safe weekend. JB

  9. Julia,
    You always amaze me with the things you get done in one day! LOL It has to be the fresh air in Canada!
    Love your day by day accounts!
    Hugs and hoping the tea and C chases that cold away!
    Cathy G

  10. Cathy, thanks, actually my cold is not bothering much but I feel a slight chest discomfort. I'm still taking herbal tea and Vit. C though and I'm trying not to get myself too tired. Have a safe weekend, Hugs. JB