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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

 I'm feeling a wee bit better thanks to the good care I received from my husband. He made me stay in bed all day and did all my barn chores for me. He knew what to do since he  helped me yesterday morning because I was so sick with a head and chest cold.

I had chills today even though I cranked the heat up and had to wear a wool tuque to bed and had two very warm Magic bags in bed to try to keep warm. My husband wanted to take a photo of me wearing the tuque but on second thought maybe I looked so bad he decided against it, I don't know. I think he knows better than that. lol...

Remember the great Hubbard squash harvest a little while back?
My husband had sent two squashes to Ontario to my daughter Christine via some close friends and she just got around to process one this weekend and she gave the other to a friend.
This one is only 28 pounds. My husband gave one to the milk tester and it was 52 pounds. There are hardly any fibers and seeds inside. Maybe only half a pound.

This is 11 pounds of squash.

This is part of a roasted squash 

Spicy roasted squash soup.

Squash ground pork casserole

              Squash chocolate chips cookies from Mennonite Girls can Cook blog.

                                                           Squash pies

Squash puree

Squash soup

Squash spice loaves
A lot of the goodies went in the freezer. And now she has placed her order for another squash next fall for her and friends,  I just wanted to share this with you and now I'm all worn out again and I'm returning to bed  for more rest.   Keep well everyone and thanks for stopping by.  JB      


  1. That is so totally amazing that she got all of that out of the one giant squash. I see you trained her well and she can cook so well. Awesome.
    I am worried about you though. Get better soon and stay in bed.

  2. You and your daughter could write a book, 'One Hundred and One Ways to Use Squash'!
    All of it looks delicious!!!

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better. It's so hard to get warm and stay warm when you get the cold and chills. Zip and I have had colds too and we've had the woodstove going full steam. And we're still wearing sweatshirts.

  3. Yum! That all looks so delicious! I'm going to have to search for those recipes now! Stay resting Julia, sounds like your hubby is taking good care of you!
    Hugs,(but not too close......don't want to catch your cold :-))
    Cathy G

  4. What a sweet hubby you have to look after you so well. And for not posting that picture! lol
    Seriously, I hope you get on the mend quickly. Love all the food pics. I love squash but I find it hard to cut them. There was an unfortunate incident one thanksgiving many years ago. I still have the scar.

  5. Julia I do hope you are feeling better. Nothing is worse than a miserable cold. That squash is amazing. All of the goodies look scrumptious! I can hardly imagine a squash that big - is it a special variety?

  6. Thank you all for leaving such nice comments. I'm starting to feel less stuffy in the head and can breath much better but I still get tired quickly. My husband did my barn chores this morning and I got out of bed but after breakfast I laid down on the sofa and quickly fell asleep and woke up at 11:10 am, so the least I could do was to cook a hot meal for him. I made baked potatoes, shake and bake chicken breast and steamed carrots and broccoli for dinner.
    Doris The variety name of this squash is called Hubbard . JB

  7. For your Readers, here are the soup recipes.

    1) Curry Squash Soup (Easy & very delicious)
    6 cups of squash puree
    2 tablespoons butter
    1 onion, diced
    5 garlic, cloves, diced
    3 carrots, peeled, and, shredded
    2 tablespoon curry powder
    4 cups chicken broth
    3 cup milk
    freshly cracked pepper
    chives chopped

    Melt the butter in a large soup pot over a medium high heat and add the onions and carrots. Sautee for 4-5 minutes. Add the garlic and curry powder. Sautee for 2 minutes more. Add squash puree, chicken broth and milk. Mix. Salt and pepper to taste. Add more broth to thin if desired.
    Simmer for 20 - 30 minutes more. Chives or parsley to garnish.

    Makes 8 - 10 portions. Freezes well.

    2) Spicy Squash Soup with Roasted Red Pepper Puree (Also delicious but definitely needs the pepper puree)

    2-3 tablespoons butter
    2 chopped onions
    5 garlic cloves, minced
    3 carrots, shredded
    5 - 6 cups of squash puree
    4 cups chicken broth
    2 cups of milk
    3 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
    grated orange peel

    Melt butter in large pot over medium heat. Add onions; saute until tender. Add garlic and carrots and saute. Add squash, milk and broth. Mix well, cover and simmer until hot. Add thyme and orange peel. Thin soup with more broth if desired. Season with salt and pepper.

    In a food processor add:
    at least 1 cup of drained roasted red peppers
    2-3 garlic cloves, minced or chopped
    1 - 3 tbsp of fresh or frozen hot red peppers

    Puree in processor until smooth. Season with salt and pepper. Stir pepper puree into hot soup above. Ready to serve.


  8. Thank you so much Christine for taking the trouble of posting the recipes. I'll try the curry soup as soon as I'm feeling my old self again. Hugs, mom

  9. Thanks Christine,
    That Curry Squash soup sounds like a winner!

  10. You are very welcome Kim, and Mom!
    The curry squash soup is certainly a favorite in this house, and it really is quite simple to make.

    Also surpassing expectations were the squash chocolate chip cookies adapted from http://mennonitegirlscancook.blogspot.com/2010/10/pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies.html . I used squash instead of Pumpkin of course, but I'd recommend using 1/2 cup less sugar than the recipe calls for since squash tend to be sweeter than pumpkins.