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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When I went in the barn, first thing this morning, I checked in on the overdue  pregnant cow since I'm the first one there in that section of the barn in the morning and I could see that she was in labor and she was moaning but there were no feet sticking out  yet and she was doing the same thing yesterday. But I could tell it was very close to her time.

I gave her some hay but she wasn't interested. At this point I usually call my son to come and check for himself but I'm getting more used to it now so I don't panic like I used to.  I'm so sympathetic about their pains though, being a mother and all that.  So I fed the barn cats and gave feed to the calves and bedding and eating hay and went down the other end of the barn to prepare and warm up  their milk.

 When I returned  I could see huge feet sticking out so I called my son who was milking by then and the milk tester was there so he suggested that I call my husband. At this point the cow was down  and her rear turned against the wall making it inaccessible to any assistance that she may need. My husband arrived, and neither of us could get her up at this point. She just wouldn't budge.  My husband thought that the calf was coming out backward and could see the size of the calf by it's hooves and he called the vet. He decided that he had no time to waste and put chains around the calf feet and pulled and before I was able to offer help the calf came out very easy.  The calf was in the right position after all.  That was lucky. He cancelled the vet call.  The huge calf was a bull,  Not so lucky.

After my regular chores were done I went to town to pick some calf feed and ear tags for the cows, went to fill  my near empty gas tank and returned home. My husband  arrived home shortly  after me with the truck and asked if I went through the check point by the Experimental Farm ,  (* my car was due for an inspection in September...). I said no. That was lucky for me and lucky for him because he had the truck inspected just  last week.
I reminded him to make an appointment to have my car safety inspected and I was lucky again to get an appointment for 2:30 pm. this afternoon Then again no so lucky because I need a new ball joint and have an appointment for Friday... Then I got an email from my daughter Christine who was relieved that the ultra sound shows that it's definitely a boy and that all seems to be developing as should be at 24 weeks. Another lucky. So went my day.  JB


  1. And don't forget - it wasn't a real lucky day for Mr. Mouse either. :)

  2. I think you're right Kim. Thanks. JB

  3. Oh gosh, pulling calves. Me and my Mom pulled so many calves, I had totally forgotten that until I read about your calf. We used the chains too. My Dad bought a heard of Limousin X heifers that had been bred to a bull that was to big and we had to pull every calf. I am so glad your calf wasn't breech but it would have been nice if it was a heifer. Picture? :) I am so happy though that your daughters baby
    is where a 24 week old baby should be. I am so thankful, I kept checking today for your post.
    I think your daughter is just a bit further along than mine. My daughter hasn't had a ultra sound yet. She does feel it move a bunch though.
    So glad your day turned out to be a good day.

  4. Julia, glad I gave your hubby a giggle. I love getting your comments.

  5. Kim, ( Farmn Girl) So you are a farm girl after all. Our holstein are huge cows and I'm so tiny, not much bigger than a big calf. lol... As a matter of fact I think that sometimes they are bigger than me at 110 pounds.I'm not very strong but sometimes it just needs that extra little pull. So you are going to be a grandmother again. That's great. I wish her all the best.

    Kim ( Monky Mind) thanks and I love reading your blog.

  6. I just had to come over here and comment. Fey, oh my gosh have heard that word in a long time. My great I think 3 times great was born in the hold of a ship coming over from Scotland. My grandmother always said about herself that she was a fey, then she said, her grandmother was but not her Mom but she was, my mother wasn't she said because it skipped generations. She always said I was, and things have always happened but
    when I became a Christian I asked God to remove all that wasn't from Him. It still happens, but now I think it is just Him. But, yes, I think I do have that gift. You must too because you and your daughter recognize it. :)Oh, my grandmother could use a divining rod to find water. She couldn't wear watches because they would quit working. :) Funny things go on in this ole world.