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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday I attended a celebration for a relative who turned 100 years old and she's as bright as a button and can carry on a conversation and is interested in what's going on around her. She had her leg amputated two years ago but still can get around swiftly with her prosthesis using a walker. She looks like she's in her late seventies.  The community was all invited for this occasion and the hall was packed. I forgot my camera, again  and asked a friend to email me a few photos but I haven't received any yet. 

Yesterday also, I attended breakfast with friends but I only had a bite to eat with my coffee and attended a brunch  later on with my husband.  It seemed like the day was so short and it was already night. 

This evening I just got back from the funeral home and had to wait in line to get in to see the family  for about an hour and a half standing on ceramic tile floor. My legs and my back were aching from this long wait. Tomorrow we will attend the funeral and the tiny church will be packed to overflowing. It's my husband's second cousin.

This afternoon, I did some more cleaning in the shed and had to deal with a bag of lime that got wet from a leak in the roof. It was in a paper bag and was dries enough to spread on my lawn. Also some of my fertilizer got wet but because it was in a plastic bag, it was too wet to spread so I'll have to deal with that another time. The rest of the stuff, my husband has to decide what is good and what to throw away. So I have to play the waiting game before I can say that the shed is all tidied up.

I'm feeling a bit tired so maybe I better call it quit for today. JB


  1. Julia, even your "ordinary" is busy and full of things you do. I think it is wonderful to live to 100 and be mentally good. She sounds like a real fighter and a person who enjoys life with a good attitude. /Deb

  2. Thanks Deb, Can you imagine the changes she has witnesses in her lifetime... Two years ago she invited me to visit her at her appartment to try her home made wine.
    Sunday I told the secret to her long life must be her home made wine. She said, Oh yes it's the wine all right and my secret is that stayed away from it and she burst out laughing. She made it and gave most of it away to visitors, keeping them coming back for more. lol JB

  3. Wow what a day but you left out the work you had to do in order to leave the house. :) My mother's Mom is going to be 100 in April. She is the same, still as spunky as ever and she still lives alone and still has her garden and her chickens and she still cans and makes jam and stuff. I am sorry about your husbands cousin, but what struck me was at least they live around you. So many of my cousins I wouldn't even know because of living everywhere.
    I like reading about your day.

  4. Thanks for your visit Farm Girl. The funeral service was beautiful and there was standing room only in the church. It's about 3/4 hour drive from here. I just got back from the funeral and the reception was at a relative beautiful house in the country with lots of room to park and there was so much good food and family and friends that we only see at funeral. JB