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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Several friends has been asking for a picture of my latest calf. She wasn't cooperative and didn't want to stand up and she kept turning her head to the side but I managed to get a picture so you could see what I mean.  I apologize for the poor quality.

She was born on the 24th and is very big but doesn't want to drink her milk. She is fighting me all the time. This evening I had to enlist the help of my son to force feed her a bottle of milk with medicine so she doesn't get dehydrated. A straight tube is inserted down her throat and the liquid slowly goes into her stomach.   She has a black spot under each eyes just like a football player.  I took many pictures but this was the only one where the head is looking straight but is of poor quality.

This one as the same father but the black is encircling all around the eyes. She just didn't want to cooperate either because she was hungry and was very focused on wanting to be fed. I should have waited until they were fed to take the photos. She has this mean look in her eyes. She kept turning her head back and forth but at least I got two good shots of her black marking around her eyes. She was feeling better today and wanted more milk at breakfast  but I only gave her one bottle and I increased to one and a half bottle this evening and tomorrow she will be pleased to get her two bottles. When the calves sucks on something that is dirty they get sick because they don't have immunity when they are born.  With the proper care they quickly get better. This one only refused to eat yesterday and had scour. Today her scour was gone and she was very hungry.
                                                 I think that she looks cute on both sides. 

This is what I've been up to this afternoon.  Soaking the labels off my wine bottles. Not an easy job. They need soaking and I was trying to speed the process by scoring the labels with a sharp knife before soaking them.  My job is still not done but I'm in no hurry.  

This is one from of my previous batch of wine. See the cuts in the label.  

I'm hoping to have my new batch of wine bottled by next week. Stay safe and cosy everyone. Thanks for your faithfulness in following my blog.  JB


  1. Your little football player calf is a cutie. Hope the little guys soon become better eaters. I can't imagine it's easy to force a calf to drink when they don't want to.

    I didn't know you made wine. But I probably could have guessed because you do so many other wonderful gardening and culinary things.
    It takes a lot of soaking to get those darn labels off!

  2. Your calves looks great. I am glad you got those pictures. Your wine looks like a big job. I hope you get all of those labels off without to much work. You are such a hard working lady Julia. I think I work hard then I just see your day to day stuff and I feel like such a slacker. :) You do have lovely calves.Have a lovely Saturday.

  3. They are so cute. I didn't know you made wine. I love a nice glass of wine with dinner.
    have a great night

  4. Hey girls, I'm just a big cheater. I get Wine Kitz to make the wine for me. I buy the mix and and they pour the grape juice from a kit into the plastic lined pail and I sprinkle the yeast and they do the necessary baby sitting and when the wine is ready to bottle, I make an appointment and bring my own bottles and I sterilize my bottles there and he helps me by filling the bottles and I put the bottle in the capper and pull a lever and the cork goes in the bottle and I put the plastic cover on the bottle and pass it in the heater thingie to shrink the cap and I take it home and apply my labels of choice and put my bottles in the wine rack. I got a white wine that I like and it's called Gewurztramener. It taste much better than it sounds. It's no work at all but a bit costly, but nothing in comparison if I was to buy the wine at the liquor store. JB

  5. Julia,
    You are certainly one hard worker! I can't believe you ever find time to work on that rug! The wine sounds fun to make. I would imagine it tastes wonderful and has it's health benefits too! Thanks for always posting and giving us something interesting to read each day! I look forward to your posts!
    Cathy G

  6. Hi Julia,That I think is the cutest of the calves! You are such a hard worker.Baby cows are big!Thanks for keeping us informed what's going on at the farm.Your having snow and were getting rain on Sunday.Cheri

  7. Hi Julia, gosh do you have time to sleep??? I love the looks of the calves but they are really big! Also have to tell you that the guewerz----- wine is one of my favorites. Lucky you with lots of bottles.

  8. Pretty calves.
    You do work hard, but than I have always associated that with farming. I have an uncle that has always had dairy cows. And yes lots of work there. He has since retired from it tho.
    So do you grow the grapes for your wine? No I went back and read. We have a rughooker that makes wine and would give me a bottle once in a while.
    I had a bottle explode once. The bottle didn't break but when I took the top off it went everyplace in the kitchen, clear to the ceiling. What a sticky mess, but the worst part was I didn't have any wine to drink.

  9. Gathy G. I'm so glad that you find my blog interesting and I don't want to take my followers for granted. I appreciate all your comments wether they are funny or serious.

    Cheri, This last batch of calves were all big. Between 100 to 110 pounds I would guess. I don't weigh them but they are big. I only weigh 110 myself.

    Doris, I wish I has more beauty sleep but I have to check my blog and everybody before I go to bed. I'm lucky that I've been saving the wine bottles from our church. They use wine for the Eucharist.

    Katie, I feel bad that your gift of wine ended up on the ceiling and everywhere but you lips. It must have been a big job to clean up. I hope that it was white wine. My wine is made at Wine Kitz where professional wine maker know what they are doing and the wine taste like bought wine. JB

  10. I typed a comment this morning and then my computer froze up. I was hoping it went through but apparently not!
    I don't make wine but several of my friends do and they keep me stocked up. In fact, I was at a friends house last night and came home with a new bottle. Just in case it explodes like Katies - I better drink it fast! LOL

  11. Kim this is the easiest way to make wine. All that is required is to pay up front and they do all the work right up to bottling. I barely have to lift a finger to get a quality wine.

    It's so nice to have friends who make their own wines and keep you stocked up. I hope that your wine doesn't explode. I agree, better drink it fast, Cheers, JB