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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been looking at my rug Childhood Memories rug on the frame, there is a bit of time to hook but for some reason, I'm not in the mood. So what do I do?

 I feel guilty and play with my wool to marry some blues. I started with a piece of bright blue and added some other colors.

The  before and after picture of the mauve  wool

The before and after picture of light textured wool
 Here again the before and after of red plaid and gray

The  B&A picture the beige piece.  The other pieces started as white. The blue were still too dark so I simmered the pieces again and some of the dye was removed and more clean water was added with soap and simmered again.                                  

The turquoise wool was simmered and some dye removed and the some yellow dye was added and it became this very bright green. I'll have to tone it down with onion skins but for now it is in my basket.

So after all that hard work I thought that a casual bowl of home made turkey soup with lots of vegetables and some crackers would satisfy me. I added a turkey sandwich and a cup of King Cole tea  to complete the meal. 

 Now I'm off to town to do some banking, Thanks for your visit. I love it when you leave your comments.  I hope that the sun is shining brightly where ever you are today.  JB


  1. Your wool is beautiful and I love how your pieces looked after you dyed them. I can't wait to see them in your rug.

  2. Julia - how nice! I've only tried marrying wool once. It turned out ok, but I was a little afraid to do it. Since then I've bought wool at the Goodwill and an array of colors that I want to marry. I keep putting it off because I worry that I'm just going to ruin the wool. I know it's silly and I will do it because as I said in my blog - I found I had more wool than I realized I had! Once I did it the first time and saw the results I was excited and now I'm dragging my feet on doing it again. I loved the blues in your pictures! I also need to take pictures of that sort of thing and post them - I never think about it until I see what others post.


  3. Hi Julia, Colors look Great! it's raining today and I am sorting my wools by colors. All my dyes are in Crest and I am going to work on my big rug tonight. Love your pictures! Cheri

  4. Your wool is beautiful!! I l0ve to dye wool~I love the smell while it simmers on the stove~
    if I was a little closer I would be over for some of that wonderful soup!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year Julia!!!
    ♥ Eileen

  5. Hi Julia - love the way you have married the colors. I am looking forward to seeing more of the memory rug. It's funny how the holiday's take away the incentive to hook. I go to the hooking room every day but have no desire to hook and wonder what is wrong with me - guess its just the winter blues!

  6. Your wools turned out very nice! I haven't done mych marrying, but I do like to take wools of different colors and textures and put them in a pot of dye and have them all come out with slightly different tones of the same color.

    Your soup looks yummy! We've been having the turkey leftovers and the broth from the cooked-down bones for the past few days too. Wonder what it will turn into tonight...

  7. Julia ~
    Your wool looks wonderful!
    I'm in good company with my hooker's block!
    Hugs :)

  8. Isn't it fun seeing the wools change colors. I am looking forward to seeing more of your memory rug.
    Sometimes I think I have hooked enough rugs since I don't put them on the floor so much anymore with the dog. But than I will see a pattern I love and have to do it. A big rug hooking hook-in is coming to Lenexa, Ks. I have never gone before, but I might this year. Not to hook, but to see the vendors and what they have.
    Enjoy your soup, I finally managed to get all the sugar cookies out of the house.

  9. Thanks everyone for your visit. I enjoy reading everyone's comments.
    Kim, Farm Girl, some of those colors will probably undergo some changes as the need arises. That's the beauty of wool.

    Char, Maybe I should have used a smaller piece of bright blue instead of a big piece. My colors are quite bright. For my rooster, I used a tiny piece of brown and the colors were perfect.

    Chari, I never heard of Crest dye. I know of Cushing dye, Pro Chem dye and Ashford dye from New Zealand.

    Eileen I would love to share some turkey soup with you. I wish you a wonderful New Year too.

    Doris, I hope that these hooking blues goes away real soon. Maybe blues were not the right colors to dye this week. lol. Maybe I should have done some sunny colors instead.

    Pat, what dyes are you using? I need to purchase some Cushing dye to do some value swatches.
    I made some hot turkey sandwiches with fries and peas for supper this evening ad froze the rest in small freezer bags. I had enough turkey for now...

    Lauren, I think that I caught the Hooker's block from Kim from Millie's mat. lol.

    Happy New Year everyone. JB

  10. Sorry about the hookers block Julia. I didn't know it was going to be contagious!! I did hook a little today but I should have been doing other things. I bought all the stuff to make meatballs/meatloaf today because I was sick of turkey but then got to lazy to make it. But tomorrow first thing! (Maybe) LOL
    Your wools turned out great. What is the next icon to hook in your rug?

  11. Hi Kim, it's OK, I'll get over it. lol... meat loaf or meatballs sounds great. I've hooked the teenager laying on the blanket but would like to hook the water with the three swimmers next. I was looking at water on the web but can't decide which color blue to use. Most are swimming in pools with aqua blue water. JB

  12. Faye, welcome and thanks for following my blog. I hope that you will enjoy my ranting. JB

  13. Julia your wools are wonderful. I want to thank you for such a wonderful welcome to my new grandbaby. I was looking for your email but couldn't find it. I just wanted to tell you I find you such a completely amazing woman. You work hard are creative and have an amazing family. I am sure your grandson will be the luckiest little boy to have such a wonderful family to support him. Many many blessing to you

  14. Your wool is just beautiful! I found your blog from Acorn Hollow. You look like a multitalented woman who makes the most of every minute! I'll enjoy seeing how this wool turns into a rug, very inspiring!

  15. Thanks Grammie Cathy. Really, I'm just an average overrated grandmother who has too many interest and not enough time. Actually I waste a lot of my time that I could use more productively. I hope that you are glowing in pride for your new little granddaughter. I can't wait for my new grandson. I'll love it to pieces but I won't spoil him. I'll try not to.

    Donna, welcome to my blog. I hope that you'll find something of interest here in my world. JB

  16. I mean, I'll love HIM to pieces... silly me... JB

  17. my mom always said you can't spoil a good baby.
    so spoil away.

  18. Cathy, That's music to my ears. JB