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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I am so blessed with great grandkids. Today my daughter Jackie had a Christmas sale to tend to and the grandkids wanted to come to the farm for a visit.  No sooner were they here that Simon grabbed the broom and started to sweep the floor without being asked. They know how busy I am and want to be of some help and not be a bother.  As a matter of fact Simon holds a job at a health food store in town. He  stopped by one day and asked if they wanted some help and offered to sweep the store. He did such a great job that they paid him with some food. He's still too young to be employed but he has been holding the position of floor sweeper and other little job for a couple of years now.   Simon is a sweetheart.

Liam was a great help to grampy hanging some sewet with seeds and fruits for the birds in the maple tree.  No need to fetch the ladder. Nicole love a photo opportunity, why not, she is so photogenic.

Job well done and Liam show his agile abilities  at resting in the tree before coming down.
Nicole is hugging her tree for the day. Our snow is all gone.

Mira managed to get a few knitted stitches on her project while Nicole and Liam are waiting for grampy to bring in the Christmas tree.

Again, Nicole doesn't loose the opportunity to get her rabbit ears behind Mira's head. Notice her baby teeth missing.  Mira looks so much like her mom. 

Nicole has drawn the baby calf that we nicknamed  Football . The kids all came to help me feed the calves and the young heifers. My work was done in no time. Liam and Simon brought down a pile of hay from the hay loft after a briefing on safety precautions and Nicole tried to make friend with Football. At first Football was scared of her but I told her that he needed to get used to her and in no time they were good friends and he even licked her arm.  She drew Football in his pen.  The flash did fade the picture a bit.  I think that she did a great job. She complained that she didn't draw very well  as she compared herself to her older sister but I showed her some primitive rugs on Rug Hooking Daily and told her how much people loved those Primitive designs and then she said that she liked her drawings. 

 Here is a better shot without flash.  I love the border. Just look at those little hearts...I think that she drew a happy Football.
Grampy, and Mira are setting the lights on the tree while Simon is still dusting everywhere he can find dust or cobweb. Alas My battery died down and I had to recharge my batteries and will post the rest of their work tomorrow. After the barn work Mira came home to cook some supper while I finished washing bottles and give the grain to the older calves and heifers.  I had a great day with the grand kids. I just wish that Jordyn could have been here too. She would have had a great time too.   JB


  1. How wonderful that you got to spend the day with the grandkids. They have wonderful parents for those kids to be such a big help.

  2. What a wonderful day indeed!!! Lucky you to have such helpful and talented grandchildren!

  3. What a great day you had. Aren't grandkids the greatest.

  4. Oh, Julia, you are so lucky to have such wonderful grandchildren. I know how much mine help me and what a wonderful thing it is. It really is a kudo to the parents of these kids that they turn out so wonderful. I know that you had a great day, I always do when they come and all are coming for Christmas - with boy friends!

  5. Hi Julia,
    What nice grandchildren you have! So willing to help out with the chores! It looks like spending time on the farm is a great treat for them.
    I can imagine it's a joy for you, too!

  6. Great day - for everyone. I had such a close relationship growing up with my grandparents. They taught me so much and laid such a great foundation for me. I appreciate it more as I get older.
    So, you are doing the same for your little darlings and they will never forget these times.
    P.S. Tell Simon he can sweep my floors anytime! :)

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. Yes indeed, I'm so proud of all my six grand kids. They are all courteous and helpful and I love them all. Have a great Sunday everyone. JB

  8. Six? Who is the sixth? We have four of them, and I only know of one more.

    I know there is a sixth on the way, but not yet here (and it's tough to be either courteous or helpful when floating around in a sack of amniotic fluid :-)

    Have you got one hidden in Scotland, or stashed in the hay loft? Or have we adopted a bovine like Football into the family?

  9. Anonymous, OK my favorite wise guy,... have you seen the time this post was sent. I was tired after getting up early and sleep deprived for the last couple of days.

    I already love my little guy in the oven and I count him as my 6th grandchild. You can bet your bottom dollar that he too will be courteous and helpful, even without his little left hand. Thanks for the 4 courteous and helpful grandkids anyway. JB

  10. It's difficult to get enough sleep. And I don't even blog, and I'd rather shove bamboo slivers up under my fingernails than join facebook.

    Jackie is at yet another craft sale (the last one for this year), so I'm home with those four children, and will be cooking her a nice dinner.

  11. Anonymous, I haven't been on Facebook for a long time. My account is deactivated. Of course I can still access my account but I seldom bother. JB

  12. Julia, what a beautiful post. It males me stop
    and really appreciate my grandchildren. Thanks for taking the time to share. Mariea

  13. Hi Julia, Nicole did a great job! The photos were priceless! Your such a hard worker and it's looks like those sweet grandkids are following with your example. Cheri

  14. Hi Julia, I think your day must have been wonderful and they look great. Such a fun bunch. I don't know if you do this but could you send my your snail mail address? I tried to do it from the rug hooking site but I can't figure it out and you can just send it to my gmail account. I have something I would like to get in the mail to my dear friend in Canada.
    Thanks, I mean if you do that. :)

  15. Hi Julia,What kind of weather did you get there today? It is so nice to see Jackie's children pictures.I haven't seen many photos of them and I realize I don't know them at all.The twins look so different from each other.I came back from my daughter and once home I received images of the storm a few street from where she lives and it is totally flooded.She is lucky to be on the top of a hill 3 streets away.Love you always your sister Delcina

  16. Hi Delcina, we had snow and rain and a bit more snow. there's a small cover of snow at the present. Yes the kids are growing fast, that's why I think that it's important to make time for them when they are young. It's a great time to make good memories for them to cherish later on. So glad that Nadine is safe and dry on higher ground. Big hugs & love always, Julia