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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Lately it seems to me that times passes me by at lightning speed. It 's no sooner Monday that it's Friday again and the weeks and months vanishes before my eyes and the wrinkles grows deeper around my eyes, my knees cracks as I climb the stairs and it seems like only yesterday, it was summer. I'm always turning the calendar pages and just got a new 2011 calendar a few days ago.

It was never like that when I was younger and I used to accomplish so much in a day and had something to show for my efforts.  WHAT HAS GONE WRONG???

I get up early, eat and run to the barn to work and get back home and run to check the phone to see who left a message, to  the computer to see who has left a message for me on my blog or on Rug Hooking Daily, whose birthday is it today, who posted a new photo of their rug,  or my Gmail account or my other email account and I go to bed later now too. That's enough to wear me out.

I've been thinking about it a lot lately and when Doris, my blogging friend suggested that blogging was a TIME THEIF, it made me realize that she was perfectly right. My rug is at a stand still, my quilt is crying from loneliness and abandon, I'm feeling unproductive and so I'm taking stock of how I spend my leisure time.

I love, love blogging. It's a creative side of me that I had no idea I had until I took the plunge when a wise Rug Hooking Daily friend plainly said, JUST DO IT.

Well, I JUST DID IT, not knowing what I would talk about  or even how to start a blog or what it would be called.  My pride got in the way and I  didn't asked for help but started to investigate and I can't even remember where I started but felt the thrill of discovering my way around Blogging. I thought that maybe I'd blog once  week, but every evening when I sat at the computer key board, it was like my fingers were magic although I'm a two finger typist. lol...
Words flowed from my fingers effortlessly without even having to think what I was going to talk about. I had to learn how to upload photos etc.

My blog was started on August the 2nd, 2010 and now I have 33 Followers and  others who follows privately around the glob as my stats suggests.

I feel guilty if I don't check everyones of my followers blogs and leave comments and the same goes for Rug Hooking Daily.

Why am I so caring about people I never met and probably never will meet. Well, that how I am...
With my schedule, it's even difficult to find time to plan meals and do all that needs to be done. Where do I draw  the line and make time for myself and my other hobbies??? That's the difficult part. I love it all and want it all, greedy ole me.

What is the solution? Has anyone got an answer for me? HELP!   JB


  1. Everything you say is true. Blogging has become a time thief but yet it is also addictive. My life has been blessed with so many new "friends". All the comments and support has been an added joy.
    I'm afraid I cannot offer you a solution because instead of working on my rug.....I am blog surfing! Lol

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention how glad I am that you blog! :)

  3. Well, Julia, Like Kim, I can't help you much either, because until I started blogging I didn't know how really lonely I was, people don't have much time for relationships and/or schedules. I was living in a box that was getting smaller and smaller. Now that I read blogs and I feel like I am so much more healthier and more creative too. I know yes, maybe it is a time thief but then so is T.V. reading a book, or anything that we allow that much leeway. I think like anything it is a healthy balance.
    Maybe set yourself a time limit. When I find
    that I am sitting here blogging and not getting
    my work done I stay away until I get caught up.
    Well that is my two cents, I am glad
    you aren't going to stop. I think blogging to me
    is more like a ministry to other people who
    were lonely like me.

  4. Hi Julia,
    No solution here either! I spend a good many hours here at the puter. It's such a nice relaxing addiction! And I have met sooo many wonderful people.
    I started out mostly talking about rughooking and somehow it branched out into all of my life. My son, after reading my blog, said,'you don't hold anything back, do you?!' LOL! Well, that what it's about for me, sharing my life with others who are willing to share theirs.
    So thank you, Julia, for being one of the open, honest people who put their heart into what they write.

  5. Well I don't have much in the way for advice either. I have become so addicted. But I do try to limit my time. You also post every night which I love but it takes time. Say you will post 3X a week instead the other days you can surf for x amount of time. thats all I have. I do not always so what I just said but it is my fall back to cut down on my time.
    Good luck

  6. Hi Julia,
    No answers here....I l0ve my blogging friends and am so inspired each and every day...I agree with you, it really does eat up some time..I try to visit a few a day and find a new blog each day to lend a litle support particularly if they are new. Off to bed to read my book!!
    ♥ Eileen

  7. Julia, I think Blogging is so interesting when were all in homes at night because of the www we see glimpses of peoples lives and I think it is a good thing. Sometimes I think that as people we get use to our parts of the world. I find it facinating there is some one out in England or Italy or netherlands seeing my blog.It makes us all a part of humanity.I never realized how nice canadians were! I never saw so many peoples talentS. In this world we all go through heartache , happiness ,loss and hearing others speaking of their lives gives us a chance to learn from others.Keep blogging you are doing something for yourself.You are expressing yourself and the life you are leading is interesting to us all. Cheri

  8. Hi Julia,
    Welcome to Blog Aholics Anonymous. My Name is Cathy and I'm a blogger.
    I have an addiction. But I'm learning to live with it! You will too my friend.
    Cathy G

  9. Julia,
    I've found that I leave fewer and fewer comments on other blogs, the longer I've been blogging....I think we all realize that we only have so many hours in the day, but I'm bad about the computer being a huge TIME SUCK for me as well, but I certainly enjoy it....I guess that's what you'd call a GUILTY PLEASURE!

  10. Julia - I don't think there is any answer to the problem. Here I sit at the computer, 8am, drinking coffee, still in night clothes, no breakfast yet, many things to do today - and I am reading blogs! Shame on me. I love all of the blogs, my day would not be complete without them. I still get some hooking done in the evenings but I should be must more productive. I keep thinking that the time I take with the computer is "me time" and every girl need that!

  11. Hi Everyone, I'm so honored to have you all as my blogger friends. You are always so supportive. I wish I could have you all together at a blogger party and get to meet all of you. Wouldn't that be a dream...

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for joining my followers Rug and Pugs. I'm honored to have you on board. Hope that you all have a great weekend. JB

  12. How eloquently your post is written, you took the words right out of my mouth! Even with my feet hitting the floor at 5:30 AM there still is not enough hours to the day!

  13. Hi dear sister.I guess it takes a sister to give advice.Even though I am younger,my advice to you is do not blog until you have put in at least a half hour on your quilting/rug hooking project.Only then can you blog at you leisure.Doesn't that makes sense?Maybe not,but then again I am younger and what do i know.Have a great time at whatever you wish to do.May God bless you and those close to you oodles through this Holiday season and through out the new year.Wishing there was a possibility that I could go up for a few weeks.It is just not realistic for this sister.Love you Much.Go check out the storm surge In Dalhousie NB. on my face book profile also you can check the videos of my grand daughters on the telethon.They were simply adorable.There is 2 videos.The best one id 5min 14sec,but if you start it about half way is where they start singing.I'm so proud of them.8years old,6 years old and 4 years old.They did an amazing job.with just a few hours training.

  14. Delcina, thanks for leaving a comment. I'll check your Facebook page to see the flood and the grandkids performance. I'm sure that they were priceless.I'll leave a comment, I promise.

    Stopping blogging is like stopping breathing... what am I saying??
    Love you too grandma sister. JB