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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


As you know, I got help from the grandkids putting up the tree but I discovered two totes of ornaments that were left  when we had to go to the barn for the routine chores. We had supper and they were picked up by their mom.

There were clear plastic totes all over the livingroom and I just finished  putting everything away this evening.  I put some lights in my Hoya plants  just for some ambiance. I took some photos that I was supposed to take yesterday but never got around to it until tonight.

                                This is a photo of the Christmas tree taken with a flash

                                          This is a photo taken without flash at night.

My incomplete ceramic village I started before the flood and now all the molds have been damaged and I could only save a small school that has yet to be painted. I always bisqued some for the customers thinking that I had plenty of time to paint some later on. Yeah, right...  

Here is a nativity bought by my daughter Christine as a Christmas gift in 2001. It is porcelain and I cherish it. 

This is a small winter ceramic scene that I made for myself and broke the front piece when moving things from the basement just before the water came in. Now I no longer have the mold as it was damaged in the flood too.  So I just add a couple of things in front and add fake snow to hide the light.

                                         I'm running out of place to put my nutcrackers.

                Have you noticed the hog podge  furniture in my house. My husband bought this for $5.00

I added some lights on one of my Hoya plants for added atmosphere for the grandkids at Christmas time..

I don't usually buy Pointsettias for myself but for $5.99 I couldn't resist this colorful plant.
                                                                Some of my secondhand finds

                                                                     Dollar Store greetings

                                               View of the tree from the diningroom 's point of view

View from the kitchen where it gets pretty busy at Christmas time with dinner preparations.

I bought  these two pieces for $2.99 at Value Village and cut a slit in the back and stuffed my old couch pillows in for a more festive look.  I love old World Santas.

I will zig zag the slit after the Holidays when I remove them. These are washable as the label says.

I hope that I didn't bore you with my insanity.  Thanks for stopping by for a little visit. I appreciate your comments how ever short cause I know that commenting on blogs is VERY TIME CONSUMING.   JB


  1. Well I liked visiting with you as I walked though your house and all of your very interesting Christmas decorations. I might you tree is just beautiful. You have a very beautiful and homey house. Thank you so much for the tour.

  2. Beautiful tree! Your house looks soooo festive with all the beautiful decorations. Nice to see what other folks do, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Kim (Farm Girl) and Karen for your visit. I decorate mostly for the grand kid and the little kid in me. JB

  4. you house looks wonderful. I love your tree skirt is it hooked?

  5. Julia, your house looks so festive. I just started to decorate yesterday. You are so far ahead of me - will I be ready in time???? Love the looks of your house.

  6. Your decorations look so great. You are soooo far ahead of me. All I have done so far is put the Christmas towels in the bathroom and hang the naked Santa shower curtain. (Yes, you read that correctly)

  7. Thanks Cathy... I made the tree skirt from some pre quilted fabric that had a printed tree skirt as the pattern. All I had to do is cut two pieces and sew them together and sew the hem.

    Doris, I don't usually decorate that much for Christmas but over the years I have accumulated lots of tree ornaments and since I started shopping at the second hand stores I accumulated more decorations.

    The trouble with me is that I have a lot miss match furniture that was either given to me or my husband who looked after a charity yard sale for his organization brought the rejects home.

    Last year I bought a second tree on half price, that was pre lit and I gave it to my daughter instead of decorating it.

    Kim, girl you make me laugh out loud when I read your comment. You are good therapy for a gloomy Monday morning.

    Santa must be feeling very at home at your place with all the girls there.
    You may be way more ahead than any of us. Santa should be real good to you this year. JB

  8. I love miss matched furniture. I has history.
    Nothing of mine matches and yes most of it is from auctions.
    I love all the decorations and your tree looks great.
    It's all about what we feel in our heart anyway, but decorations do help.

  9. Katie, nothing matches but I love every styles, victorian primitive, colonial, traditional, contemporary, French, English country etc, etc. I'm like a crow, if it suite my fancy at the time, I pick it up.

    The only furniture that matches in my house is in the Master bedroom. The room is so large that I had to buy bulky furniture to the scale of the room.

    Anything that I buy for the house if for long term use unlike my friend who is on her third new house and bought all new matching furniture for her whole house which she can't afford. I may not match but I don't owe a cent except maybe $5.00 on my visa for the bought Picasa Space for my blog. lol... JB

  10. Hi Julia, I love your villages and the tree is beautiful.Everything in my home is old or handmade that's the best. I like to bargain shop and I always find a good deal. I have this routine I go to antique stores and then when I go to thrift stores I know what is an antique.You did a good job of decorating to make your home so homey.Cheri

  11. Thanks for your comment Cheri. I think that I love the thrill of the hunt for treasures that others discard.

    Take care, JB