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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm not getting anything done since every day I'm reading more and more blogs and leaving comments and it's all so time consuming.
Don't get me wrong, I adore blogging and reading my followers comments. You make me laugh and you support me and I'm so thankful for having you as my blogger friends.  Don't worry, I won't sign off, just not going to blog every day because of time constraint. I'll blog when I just can't help myself and hope that you will still be there to read my posts.

I haven't touched my Childhood Memories rug because by the time I'm done reading everyone comments, on followers blogs it way past my bed time.

This morning after I came home from the barn, I got my camera and went in the pasture to take a photo of the eagle's nest in the tall pine. I couldn't get a close-up shot as I need a stronger lens for that. I hope that some day soon, I'll get one, they're not cheap though... Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas.

I zoomed in on the eagle's nest which is getting bigger every years. Actually, it's huge. This nest is about 5 years old.  Every spring they add more building material to it  to repair and freshen it for their new babies.   They chose  an old pine tree in the lane by the barn that doesn't have too much top branches. It must be for a better view of their territory.

Here's is another view from the same place, only I took this photo without the zoom to show you the size of the nest in relation to tall pines and  the fences down below. I hope to get a shot of the eagles soon  but with the cold weather, I don't go about taking too many photos in the cold.
I hope that you enjoyed visiting and that you too take a bit of a rest from blogging if it get out of hand especially during the Holidays.  Thanks for always being there for me. Hugs to everyone.  JB


  1. I know just what you mean. You need to take a step back once in awhile to regroup. I will read when I see you post. You are doing the right thing. Great eagles nest. I hope you don't have a kitty cause they love kitty for lunch.

  2. I'll miss your posts Julia but you must take some time away. Not many of us can post everyday and keep everything else going besides. Enjoy the Holidays and some hookin' time!
    Sweet Blessings!
    Cathy G

  3. A one-a-day committment to posting a blog is huge. I think you will feel better after a little break. I try for 3 posts a week - sometimes it is more but not every day.
    Rest up and enjoy the holidays. We will be waiting.

  4. Julia, I think when you try to post every day it becomes a job and is not much fun anymore. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say! Can you imagine that?? I will be here to read your blog whenever you chose to post. In the meantime, take care of yourself and enjoy the holidays.

  5. That row of pines is awesome and to have an eagle nest to watch double awesome. There is an eagle nest on my way to church I can see from the highway. Love it.
    Not to worry everyone will be here when you get a chance to blog. I have never been an everyday blogger, reader yes, but I guess my life is not exciting enough to have something to write about everyday.
    Merry Christmas to you .

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comment.
    Blogging was just one more little accomplishment that I succeeded at and then like Kim said, blogging once a day is a huge commitment but even though I enjoy it so much there is so much more stuff to work at.

    Our eagles (if I can call them that) live by the river and feed a lot on fish and eels but you are right Cathy (Acorn Hollow) that we have had barn cats disappear but there are also some foxes and coyotes in the area.

    All our white fluff is gone again and it's raining today. Hugs everyone, Julia

    Happy Holidays everyone, stay safe and warm,

  7. Morning Julia! Thanks for sharing the eagles nest photos.... those pictures are truly the types of things I love to see on people's blogs. It's such an adventure to see the environment that my blog buddies live in or close to. We now have eagles around here during the winter, and they are staying later into spring. Such a thrill! I don't blame you from taking a bloggy break. It can very time consuming checking in with everyone, finding new blogs all the time, and keeping up with your own. I'll watch for your return.

  8. You do that and we will miss you but when you come back you will feel so much better. I have taken blog breaks here and there. I love the pictures of your eagle nests. That is amazing so I take it you don't have chickens either? We used to have barn owls that would haul our kitties off, one time right in front of us, I chunked it with rocks and any thing I could grab and it dropped the cat from about 10 feet, that cat was never normal after that. I would love to see eagles like that.
    I love your posts my friend but like Kim said, sometimes it is just one more thing that gets in the way.
    Thank you always for leaving such nice comments. You always do make my day.

  9. Julia, today must be the day for people I know to take a break from blogging! My best friend's son emailed me that he was taking a break from blogging and didn't want me to worry about him (both his parents died about 3 years ago in a tragic way). I know this time of year is a bad time to have to add one more thing to do! I haven't blogged as much as I'd hoped I would but I'm not worried - too much to do to get ready for Christmas!

    Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!


  10. Don't worry, I'll still be here when you come back! No way could I blog everyday!! Enjoy your break AND the Holidays!

  11. I totally understand. I do love seeing your comments though. :) I read a lot more than I comment, but I love checking out everyone's blogs too. The eagle nest picture is amazing! I think you took great pictures without having fancy lenses. We have herons that nest in our area and we also have turkey vultures that every afternoon come and hang out in a dead tree in our backyard in the summer. Nature is amazing. Happy Holidays and stay warm!

  12. Thanks so much everyone for your understanding and faithfulness. I was at a Dairy Farm Cost of Production meeting this morning and all afternoon and just got home on time to go feed the calves. They are all doing better and they all drank from the pail except the one that was sick last but she drank her 2 bottles this evening so things are returning to normal on that front. HOLIDAY GREETINGS EVERYONE. JB

  13. It is good to take a holiday every now and then. Some times our holidays are a little longer than intended though. I have been on holiday from blogging since the end of the summer. I am not sure when I will come back. In the mean time, I will see you soon I am sure!

  14. Jackie, I miss your blogging because it was always so interesting and sometimes funny but I understand how so very busy you are. I'll still blog but not as often. See you around. JB

  15. Enjoy your time away. You've got to have time to LIVE LIFE so you'll have more to blog about when you come back :)