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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As you know, on the 15th I posted my Grandmother's Trunk  Creative Challenge rug and then started to hook on that little primitive kitten rug kit that I won from Rugs and Pugs. I was happily hooking along and as I was swiveling my frame, I notice that there was a bit of resistance and I torqued a bit to turn it and the little piece of wood that holds the swivel ball cracked and fell to the floor. Now what... I was totally in shock. How could that have happened???  So I took my frame off the stand and glued the little piece of wood back together and put it aside to dry for a day or so feeling very disappointed that I couldn't work on the kitty rug.

Here you can see the little crack still visible but totally mended. My husband drew the pattern on a piece of cardboard and will make a replacement piece out of aluminum on his metal lave.   I hope that the piece will hold for a while.

Here you can see the piece from the other side. 

Since I couldn't hook, I decided that now was a good time to make a cover for my frame since I tear my hands so often on those sharp gripper bars. An octagonal  frame has so many sharp corners. I thought that the worsted wool plaid skirt that was unusable for my fine cuts would be just the right thing for my cover. It's soft and since it has some measured squares it would be easy to work and keeping the fabric straight.  I used the frame as pattern and cut the fabric 4 inches from the outer edge, but then I took off about an inch of fabric from each side that was close to the bottom bar for a better fit. 

I cut two identical pieces and I trimmed off some more fabric from the center so the hole would be bigger when sewed together so that I would have a larger work area and at the same time just cover the sharp gripper strips.

I folded and pinned the inner edges together and sewed all the way around as neatly as I could. I'm no seamstress and I'm just feeling my way through this project.

Here is a close up of the inner seam.

Since  worsted wool tends to fray a lot I decided that I better zig zag the edges since I don't have a Serger sewing machine. You can see the two pieces divided. I zig zag both pieces.

A close up shot 

Now I folded and pinned the two sides together and carefully sewed around the outside edge leaving about an inch opening for the elastic band.

I then sewed another seam about 3/4 of an inch wide all the way around this time  to accommodate the 1/2 inch or 10mm elastic band.  I place the cover with the elastic face down under the frame and the smooth side face up.

Now I only have to be careful when I put the cover on my frame that I don't slice my hands on the sharp corner wires. I'm so pleased to have found a good use for this wool. I also used a piece of this wool to extend my little kitty may that didn't fit my frame and it holds better than jute on the frame.

Now today I finished hooking my very first primitive kitty rug and also my very first round rug.  All that is left to do on this is to whip the edge and add the binding tape.
I hope that this will help you make your very own frame cover if you have been hesitating to make one yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your comment.  JB


  1. You are amazing. I love your little round kitty rug. I am so glad I read your blog because it never dawned on my to make something to cover those edges on the frame. I have to stop sometimes for a few days as I tear my arm in the same place over and over. I really need to come visit you and take notes. I think your little primitive rug turned out so nice. My son that does the music video I posted. He does metal too. He is a machinist he has always loved working with metal. :)

  2. Julie,

    This is my 1st comment on your blog but I want you to know how much I enjoy your entries. Today's was terrific. I especially appreciate your memory rug and the steps you took to create the pattern. Really inspirational.
    And most of wishes on your new grandson. Nothing like a healthy baby.

    Happy Easter!

    Kathleen in Central NJ

  3. Great job. You made it look so easy. I still use a ratty old towel and rest my arm on it. Round kitty turned out fabulous too. I hope the weather forecast for you tomorrow is wrong.

  4. Hi Julia, I can't believe how quick you are at getting things done. The kitty looks great. I love your tutorial. I wondered how people made those frame cover. I have a frame I never use because of that reason getting scratched up arms.Cheri

  5. Julia, Great job on the frame cover. So many people have trouble with them, always getting scratched or cut. I love you little kitty.

    How is the sour dough coming?

  6. Julia, you are a very resourceful women! The primitive kitty rug hooked up nicely. I have yet to hook on a frame, I still use a heavy duty quilting hoop. I guess that is where my comfort zone is. Looking forward to photos of your next project!

  7. Julia honey I always leave here in awe of you and your talents. Is there anything that you can not do. hahaha
    Love your kitty rug it really turned out very nice.
    Your comment on my giveaway post was so sweet and I too feel like we are neighbors and girlfriend how I wish we were so you could teach me how to do all your lovely projects.
    Just had to wish you a very Happy Easter

  8. Julia,
    Wow! Great tutorial! You can do anything you set your mind to!
    I think your kitty mat turned out fantastic! Isn't it fun to do one now and then that doesn't take so long to complete? I hope you have a lovely Easter!
    Cathy G

  9. Great job Julia!!! I like your kitty mat too!

  10. Julia,
    You are a whiz! Thanks for the handy tutorial. I have a gripper frame that needs one of those nice covers. You made it look fairly easy! Your new mat is fun and came out great! Can't wait to see what your next project will be!

  11. Your frame looks like a K frame. If it is I emailed on their website and he sent me 2 of them free.

  12. Great Tutorial Julia and love your little kitty. I"m starting to enjoy doing primitives more and more myself now. Enjoy your blog

  13. Julia ~
    GREAT JOB on your first primitive hooked piece. It looks better than mine!
    Pug hugs :)

  14. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I appreciate them all. JB

  15. Hi Julia.... Nice work on the frame cover... And good job on your first primitive rug. It looks great!

  16. You amazing lady!!! I can't even see the place that needed to be fixed! It looks totally mended! And the cover you made is clever and awesome! should be and inventor, you are innovative for sure!

    Happy Easter, friend!

  17. Julia, Happy Easter to you and yours and thank you for the sweet Easter greeting! We will be with my son and family for dinner ~ they've been gone for a week so will be nice to catch up!! Have a wonderful day!

  18. Julia, sending Easter Greetings from all of us here at Dog Trot Farm. Blessings, Julie

  19. Happy Easter Julia! to you and your family...


  20. Julia you are amazing! I love the kitty and the cover I hope you get your frame fixed soon

  21. Hi honey
    Just had to come by and thank you for such a sweet comment you left about my daughter. It is still so hard for me to get over what happened to her. She is so kind to everyone so to have this happen is just so shocking.
    Anyway friends like you help me so much and I really appreciate you.
    Love ya

  22. Wow, that's wonderful, and very inspiring!!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  23. Hi Julia, Did you say your on flood watch? What is the river your near in Canada? I'll put you and the cows in my prayers. Cheri

  24. Good job Mom! I'm glad that you had a chance to finally get your cover made. Now your hands can be safe!