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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 I had one of those days... I had an appointment to the dentist for 2:20 this afternoon.  As I'm about to leave the house a friend of my husband arrives on the doorstep.  He wants to know where my husband is. He's also a very talkative man and I took the time to call my husband on my cell to find out where he was and let him talk with his friend on my cell. It only took a few minutes of my time so it didn't bother me. I had plenty of time.

I had to gas up the car as it was pretty empty,.... other people also uses my car.... So I make a detour to the Co-op where I usually fill up. Gasd is going up tonight so there are plenty of cars ahead of me. Then still I have plenty of time left so I keep on going on that road and made what I thought was a quick stop at the Value Village to pick up something that I've been needing to get .  It's not terribly busy so I think that I will be in and out of there. Wrong.... I took the shortest line up and when it gets to be my turn, the cashier starts to unroll the tape on the cash register by hand and she was looking for a transaction or something. She unrolled the tape completely and then starts to reroll it by hand as she looks some more. In the meantime I'm waiting as the other line is getting longer and I stay there because I know as soon as I leave she will be calling to help someone and I'll lose my spot, right?  Then she proceeds to change to a new tape...

Finally she excuse the delay and I go through.  By now I'm running a wee bit late and I left the dentist card with phone  number at home and I can't call to tell them that I'm on my way and running late.

I hit every red light on the way and traffic is a bit heavy going down the long hill to my destination. When I changed direction I managed to hit one green light.

I know I'm late but figure that I have some grace time as every time I'm at the dentist office I have to wait for them to take me in...  Apparently it doesn't work that way for them..  I apologize for being about 10 minutes late and she said that she had already called and left a message that she was rescheduling me.

I was furious and I said " Look, my time is as precious as anyone else's time. I'm not rescheduling and you can also cancel my other appointment for August and I walked out of there. I also told her that I had left the house in plenty of time and ........... it was not all my fault...

That burnt some calories I tell you. Getting furious will do it every time. Yeah....

Now to answer Patrice's neat questions of  Wednesday Words of Weight Loss:

1.)   How are you doing with your weight goals this summer?
       Terrific, I just lost one pound at the dentist office today.   My clothes fit me and I'm leaving it at that.

2.)   Has summer been relaxing or just as busy as ever?

       Just as busy as ever. No days off on the farm..... I work till dark.

3.)   How many times have you gone swimming this summer?


4.)   Have you been to any of your class reunions.
        I skipped graduation and went to work.  I've been to my husband's  High School reunions and had                
        a great time every time. So the answer is no... unfortunately.

5.)    If you could choose one of the following ways to spend the day, which would it be?
        -a picnic
        - a day on a boat
        -shopping at a mall
        -visiting an old friend.
        That's easy, I'd go visit and old friend and arrange a picnic on a boat.   I'm not much of a mall          

Thanks Patrice for the neat questions. It kind of took my mind off my frustrating dentist office encounter with the receptionist.

I hope that your day goes smoother than mine,  and that you stopped for a visit if you have the time. I'll wait for you for as long as it takes... and no rescheduling, guarantied.

I enjoy getting your comments. Now I'm off to feed my calves.


  1. Well I am glad you answered the questions. I enjoyed your answers. I can't believe they would reschedule you after only 10 minutes. That is crazy.
    You are so busy.
    I hope you have a nice day of what is left of it.

  2. Thanks Kim, the dental receptionist left a message on my home phone that says that my appointment was fort 2:30 and that it was now 2:30 and I still wasn't there and they would have to reschedule me. When I got home I checked the time her call came in and it was 2:27PM, not 2:30. So she made the call 7 only minutes after my appointment, not even 10 minutes.

    My husband said that I did the right thing to refuse rescheduling and to cancel my August appointment.

    My old dentist is a sweetheart but this new Dentist who bought into his practice is just a money grabbing *$&@#***. JB

  3. oh you are so right how many times do we sit and wait for them to call us in. I say good for you! Hope the rest of your day when better.

  4. If your dentist is the same one Jackie goes to, then you're right. They are money-grubbing assholes. I used to tell her that they were gouging people to pay for the villa in the Caribbean, and I wasn't far off. They bought Frogmore Estates here in town, which is a million dollar property. They are moving the dental office there. So yeah, they are charging obscene prices to live pretty high on the hog.

    You did the right thing to tell them off. Though I'd have used slightly different terminology.

  5. I am with you Julia, They charge high prices and they make you wait. Good for you.

  6. Yes Mira's Papa it's the same dental office. I 'm probably going to change dentist soon. Keith is a really nice dentist though. JB

  7. I'm proud of you. Unless your dentist is extremely unusual, you always have to wait at least 20 minutes after you are scheduled.

  8. I'm so sorry you had such a yucky day! Most places give you 15 minutes grace time. That office is without grace! ;)

  9. Here's hoping tomorrow is better!

  10. Your experience was not in vain. You lost weight and made us laugh! Really I am sorry, I know how frustrating that kind of experience is...

    Thanks Julia for your kind encouragements and prayer yesterday. Boy did I need it. Today is a bit better. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. hahahahahahahahahahaha i am soooooo sorry but hahahahahahahahahhaahahhhahahah

    That sounds sooooooooo like me!

    Thanks for making me smile!

  12. Nothing like boiling frustration to melt off the pounds. Hee, hee! Good for you for standing up to the dentist. Some folks don't understand they are in the service industry! It's good to be back visiting your blog. I just go internet installed in the new place late yesterday. It was getting lonely out here without all my blog buddies!
    Have a good weekend!

  13. Julia ~
    God forbid that they would have to wait a minute for you!!!
    Hope tomorrow is better :)

  14. So feeling your frustration!
    I hate feeling disrespected in regards to time,
    even by a traffic light:)
    I struggle with my relationship with time,
    yes I do.
    But I'm LOVING the bright pink azaleas
    blooming over here!
    And those questions, love that idea.
    Very interesting.
    Summergrace to you,

  15. I agree. Our last appointment was $724 for check ups and cleanings for 5 of us. That didn't include x-rays which I refused because they had been done last year. And she pushed hard for the x-rays let me tell you!
    And she wants us to come back again in 6 months. I don't think so! I said a flat out "NO"

  16. I have a relative who got 'fired' as a patient from her dentist!! They said she was constantly late or changing appointments ~ sent her a registered letter requesting her to find a new dentist!!!! How about that? We, on the other hand, can wait and wait till they get done with their previous patient! My son walked out of a drs. office after a two hour wait and told the receptionist that 'my time is valuable, too ~ I run a business and can sit here for 2 hours' and wait to see him. He never went back! It's a crazy world out there anymore! Good for you, Julia!!