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Sunday, July 3, 2011


I can't believe that James is growing so fast. It seems like yesterday when he was born. He has become a little bundle of joy and major blessings for his loving parents. He has mastered the art of rolling over and back again.  Now he  has discovered his shadow. It's just too cute.

Here are a few photos  of his trip to Lake Placid with his mom and dad. He loves his stroller ride.

Especially when Mama is pushing on those bumpy brick roads.

Same color eyes and big teethes too,

Look at those nice pudgy legs.

Oops, I guess it's easier to hold the baby like this.  The picture came out sideway but I still wanted to include it here.  Baby sleeping on daddy. All tuckered out from the trip.

Still sleeping while radiant mama is all smiles, just enjoying her little tiger.

He looks so comfy sleeping on mama.

James loves water. He's a happy little tiger swimming with daddy.

Just settling in bed ready to watch TV with his handsome Daddy.

Look how intently he watches what's going on on TV.

I hope that you have enjoyed a quick visit with my grandson and his loving parents. I'm looking forward to read your comments.   Thanks for dropping by.  JB 



  1. What a darling that little James is! I LOVE those chubby legs! Mom and Dad look so happy! Love the little gray streak in your daughters hair! That's how mine started when I was 16...... tell her not to dye it as it is very sophisticated looking!
    Wonderful photos Julia!
    Cathy G

  2. What GORGEOUS eyes James has!! No wonder mom and dad can't stop smiling about him!!

  3. What a handsome baby! Loved the pics, Baby family is so darling.

  4. Oh my gosh Julia - He is growing up so quickly. It will be no time before he is running around with those darling little pudgy legs. He looks like he is having so much fun in the water, he is smiling with his whole face!

  5. They look like such a happy family!
    Baby James is adorable, that smile is like sunshine! I can see why you love him so much.
    Thanks for sharing the joy!!!

  6. What can I say.....cute, Cute, CUTE!!!!

  7. He has grown so much, he is so cute and what a lovely family. I bet seeing the pictures makes you miss him so much.
    Thanks for showing us a update on him.
    Have a lovely day Julia.

  8. Julia ~
    BEAUTIFUL family!!! Pinch those sweet cheeks for me.
    Hugs :)

  9. Isn't he a bundle of JOY. Mom and Dad look so proud. I love his blue eyes and round little face.
    When do you get to visit him again or him come visit you??

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone. I must have been dead tired yesterday, in fact I know that I was dead tired and I couldn't see the difference in the color of James and his mom's eyes but they are different. I can see that clearly now.

    I can't wait for their visit in early August. Happy 4th of July to my American friends. JB

  11. Haha he is a cute little man! and i loved the grandma pic!

    And my gosh Julia your a busy lady yourself! Thanks you for posting on my Bucket list post!

  12. Simply adorable! They grow so fast! Our grandson and granddaughter are here for a visit. We see them quite a bit, but my gosh!! The changes in just a couple of months are mind blowing. I'm already missing the toddler stage with a toy in each hand. Sigh..... Love this post, Julia.

  13. I think you enjoy your grandson as much as me!!! :-) He is just too cute for words!! And already taking swim lessons!! I love the shot os his smiling mom holding him! They looks like they arehaving a ball being parents!
    Have a wonderful time with him, Julia! I know how precious thouse times are!

  14. It's just terrible of you to taunt us with those cheeks and thighs!! I'd love to get my hands on them... :)

    Blessings, Debbie