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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Since I didn't took time to blog lately, I thought that I would share a few latest photos of my grandson at the Ottawa Bluesfest with his mom and dad.

My cool little dude in his guitar shirt. The ear muff is to cut down the loud noise.

He seems to be very relaxed and is enjoying the time out at the festival.

Getting used to the ear muffs is a bit strange to him.

Flying like the seagulls

Trying to sing along

Just being fed by daddy is fun too.

I could almost fall asleep now.

I think that Daddy is having a lot of fun too but I'm getting a wee bit tired.

Can you believe that I attended the Bluesfest three times?  I always like to cuddle with Mama. I can see lots of people.

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  1. Good golly he is getting big fast! What a little love he is. He seems so cheerful and that little smile...he's already a charmer! You can tell that Mom and Dad are over the moon and enjoying every minute!
    Thanks for sharing such fun photos!

  2. He is just such a beautiful boy!! I bet it makes you wish you could be there with him. He has grown so much.
    I am glad you posted new pictures.
    I hope you aren't working to hard this week.
    Kim xx

  3. He is seriously the coolest baby I have ever seen!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. oh my goodness look at those blue eyes! he is so cute and it looks like mom and dad take good care of him for sure.

  5. Such a cutie Julia! I think he has your eyes! Mom and Dad look pretty cool, calm and collected! It must be the magic of the music and their little bundle of joy!
    Thanks for sharing and I never tire of looking at photos of that dear little guy!
    Cathy G

  6. Those are the cutest pinch-able cheeks I have ever seen. Sweet!

  7. Okay, that first photo cracked me up. It's not every day that you see a dude with sunglasses and a soother. It took me a while to notice the industrial strength ear protectors. But they just made it more funny. Nice looking boy, my nephew.

  8. the pictures are priceless :) !! He is such a sweetheart!

  9. He's adorable! He seems like such a good contented little guy. Zip liked the guitar shirt. He wishes they came in his size! LOL!

  10. What a cutie!!!!!!!! What good parents to remember his little ears. Wow he is growing fast! Aren't grandbabys the best. Hugs Cheri

  11. What a joy to come by here this afternoon and see your sweeties adorable visit to the festival.
    He is just tooooooo cute! I love that you shared these with us. I can't believe he is growing so fast.
    Hope your well honey and having a good week

  12. Julia ~
    What great pics, especially that first one :) I would just love to pinch those chubby little cheeks!
    Hugs :)

  13. I sure looked like he had a great time!! starting to love music at an young age is alwas good!

    Thanks for sharing and happy that you are a NON smoker too!!!

  14. I agree! I want to pinch those adorable chubby little cheeks too!! He looks like he really enjoyed himself and so do mom and dad

  15. Oh those pics are too cool/cute! The earbuds are cracking me up with his shades on!

  16. what a handsome little man
    ...those kissable cheeks just
    melt my heart like chocolate
    on a hot day:)

  17. Oh my gosh James has gotten huge! And absolutely more handsome each time! LOL Loving the headphones and sunglass pic!! There is something about this age -those chubby little cheeks and chubby legs just call to me! How can you not want to cover him in kisses??!!
    Oohh... and LOVE your header pic!! :)

  18. Thank you all so much everyone, it's always so nice receiving all your sweet comments. I'm really grateful for your visit.

    I've been rather busy this summer and blogging has taken a back seat but hopefully I'll catch up this Fall. Have a great weekend everyone. JB

  19. Hi honey I had to come back tonight and show my daughter Christi your adorable grandson. She just could not believe how cute he is.
    Hope your getting some rest this weekend. Your always just so busy

  20. He's a gorgeous child, Julia, there is NO doubt about that!! Those creamy pink cheeks...could I just borrow them for a while??
    The first pic made me laugh! My son, the audiologist would approve of how wonderfully his ears are protected. Looks like the Blues suit him just fine! Have a great time with him!!

  21. What a little cutie. I'm sure he charmed everyone there :)

  22. Hi Julia,

    maybe you can try the iceceam recipe with some other kinds of berries...? if you are not alergic to those???


  23. Hi Julie, the pictures are absolutely adorable of your grandson.... His smile is contagious and those blue eyes... Wow!