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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm meeting the girls on Patrice's porch but I'm running late as usual. I hope that the chocolate is still hot and that Wendell has left some carrot cookies for me. He's so cute and smart that fella.

I like that Wendell has joined in the chat today. I wish that I had brought some carrots for him.

Today's questions from Patrice.

1.  Where is your favorite place to think, reflect and pray?
In my bedroom with the door closed, in an old wooden chair and the other place is in the garden when I'm weeding.

2.  Did you believe in Santa as a kid?
Yes I believed in Santa until I was about 6 or 7. One day  I opened the sofa bed only to find unwrapped Christmas presents in the storage bottom compartment under the sofa. I kept my mouth shut and never  told a soul or let on that I had discovered all by myself that Santa wasn't real... I was so very disappointed and I didn't want my other siblings to be disappointed like I was.

3. What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookies? You can add a recipe if you have time.
I love cranberry cookies, shortbread cookies, all kind of cookies but my all time favorite are Russian Tea Cookies  but I call the butter Ball Cookies. Yum yum... As chance has it, they appeared on Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog today. Click here for the recipe. They are so easy to make and so delicious.

4. Did you grow up around any of your grandparents?
Yes, I grew up living close to my mother's parents but never met my dad's father as he died when I was just new born. I lived about a couple of miles from my other  young widowed grandmother and I remember that she was always crying a lot and I didn't understand why.

5.  What is your favorite winter sport-skiing, skating, sledding, others(? ) ? If you live in a warm place what is your favorite winter sport when the Olympics are televised?
As a kid I used to slide in a toboggan, skate and make snowmen and snow angels. Now My bones are feeling their age and I no longer care for winter sports and I don't even bother to watch the winter Olympics. I hope that I didn't bored Wendell or anyone else with my answers.

Thanks for the chat Patrice, and I enjoyed the hot chocolate and the cookies.    JB


  1. I might try those Russian tea cookies. I saw that recipe today too.

  2. We've always had and enjoyed Russian teacakes...yum! I could never be bored by anything you write... Enjoyed it all!

  3. What fun! ... I finally had to find out who Patrice and Wendell were... love it! Wendell is very handsome....

    Can we all chat? and answer? Would I ever love to sit on a front porch in a swing and chat... my kingdom for a front porch chat!

    I pray/meditate whenever I see/feel/smell anything to do with nature... especially a sunrise or sunset... triple rainbows -- single rainbow --- ;) the laughter of my little ol bitty g'daughter... all produce an automatic prayer....

    I also 'found' the unwrapped presents... but Santa remained a spirit of fun until well... I got old and curmudginey... hoping I'll get uncurmudgeoned...

    Sugar cookies! straight from the oven with all sorts of flavored sugar sprinkled on while warm!

    My Mother's dad was killed - run over by a bus! before I was born but I was around her Mother. My Dad's Dad was blind from way before I knew... a wagon tongue'? hit in the eyes/head... but I knew his Mother... not close to any though.

    I like the ice skating... well? actually all the sports... the luge kills me! skiing... I like sports.

    Ahhhh ... I got some lemon cookies and I'll make some hot chocolate! be back in a bit ;)

  4. I'm glad you joined us on the porch. Wendell isn't upset that you don't watch the Olympics. He doesn't either. I haven't watched the last few. I seldom watch television. I am also a fan of Russian Tea Cookies. Yum! Now I'm hungry for some.

    A few months ago I reviewed the book, Me Project. You mentioned in your comment that you'd like to read it. I'm finished with it. Could I pass it on to you? Email me if you'd like me to send it to you.
    Have a great week!

  5. Well, that was fun to read. I haven't heard of some of your favorite cookies, but they sound delish.

    I remember the year I found out about Santa. I was sooooo sad.

  6. I have a good cranberry biscotti recipe that I'll post later today when I catch up with all of you on the porch!

  7. I remember I was 7 when I found out about Santa. I wrote a letter to Santa asking for a Toboggan, but we never mailed it. So how did he know I wanted one?

  8. Nothing boring about your answers! So glad you joined in today!

  9. I don't watch the Olympics either, summer or winter. I did love sledding when I was a kid! Cranberry cookies? I'm gonna have to find a recipe for those!

  10. We all can remember when we learned about no Santa that strikes me as how hard it was to learn.
    I like that you kept quiet about it. That was so sweet.
    I like the idea of all of your cookies. They sound wonderful and I am going to check out that cookie link.
    I am going to have a house full of young adults tonight and I need something to feed them.
    I hope you are having a nice day today.
    Bye for now

  11. I had the sad reality of knowing that Santa wasn't the magic I though when I awoke to go pee on Christmas Eve & saw my older siblings & mother(I'd be less than 7 as she left just before my 7th birthday)For the longest time I thought the lyrics to I Saw Santa Claus- said I got up to take a pee-- never heard the word peek!
    Tobogganing was a fun sport as I have no balance on anything with blades. To get to the hills I had to pass my mom's parents & I loved those two so much, always a hug & kiss for me & the smell of the wood stove with something hot & yummy coming from it.
    I'm going to give the Russian Teacakes a try, thank you for the insight to the blog. I've been blogging for almost a year now & must say it's been a joy to get to chat with you & the positive comments you always leave me Julia, I smile whenever I see your name in my inbox. Southwestern Ontario is wet & cold with funny temps, 11C tomorrow then 0 the next day-the makings for black ice.
    Your nativity scene is beautiful & your ceramic village looks delightful, your home has a real Christmas feel to it, take the time to enjoy it. I see & feel the love, joy, & peace that has been created in your home. God Bless you & yours this holiday season Julia.

  12. Hi Julia, Those are some great places to pray. Those cookies sound so yummy! This Christmas season I am so thankful for such nice Blogger friends I have met and Julia you have inspired me with all your talent and hard work on your farm. You bring a smile to my day Hugs Cheri

  13. I'm with you on the older bones and snow not being good friends. I'm glad I had snow to play in when I was younger, though. There are lots of good memories.

  14. Hi Julia! I've been trying to leave comments a couple of times but for whatever reason it didn't appear to post. Hopefully this will be my lucky day! Loved your chat on the front porch with Patrice! And thanks for the link to the recipe for the Russian Tea cookies - I was wanting to make them for a cookie exchange here at work and couldn't remember the name of them!

  15. I enjoed reading the questions and your answers. I have to say also, that I love the picture of your manger scene at the top of your blog. That is a particularly nice one.

    I went on over to the Mennonite blog to get the recipe for Russian Tea Cookies and I am going to make them tomorrow morning. They must make them VERY small in order to get 7 or 8 dozen out of the relatively small amount of ingredients. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. I have made something similar, but lost the address, so am glad to have this one. Thanks for this post. I did enjoy it...............Darlene

  16. I enjoyed reading your post. I am sorry that you got disappointed by finding the presents. I think it took a very strong person to be able to keep such a thing to yourself and try to protect the younger ones from such a disappointment.

    I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!