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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I haven't lost the thrill of the hunt feeling. Whenever I have to go uptown if I have the time I go to Value Village to check for little treasures to decorate my house.

I've made several trips in the last couple of weeks and this is what I have found.

I saw this thick shrunken wool blanket at Value Village on Monday last week.  It's 100% pure  wool and reversible. It came from a wool mill in Ottawa. At first sight, I thought who would buy a thick blanket like that. Then when we got the triplet calves last Wednesday I wondered if it was still there. To my joy, it was.  I bought it for $5.99 and I cut it in two and covered two of the triplets on a cold night as they were shivering.  I had another comforter cut for the third one.  As soon as they laid down I put the blanket on them and they went to sleep. For them to grow they need to conserve their energy.

I LOVE snowmen......... I found this cute snowman sock for $2.99.        

                                       This Hallmark snowman for $1.99 with  the label still attached

                                                            Small hanging pillow $ .69

                                                             Another small hanging pillow

                                               This snowman sock was only $.99

                                                          This folksy Santa for $3.99

          This hockey playing snowman was lopsided and I glued it and now stand straight for $.99

                                              A nutcracker to add to my small collection $2.99

A long playing music box $1.99

                 A large 100% pure virgin wool skirt $5.99 and pure wool jacket $5.99. I like that it has only         one button.

                       A large 100% pure virgin wool green large pleated in the front skirt.  $4.99

                                        Two double matted prints in beautiful frames  $2.99 each.
                           I did bought some other treasures but will keep them for another post.

             Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Please join me in  prayers for Maggie and her daughter Christie. Christie was rushed to the emergency in Austin  Texas and  who is in hospital recuperating.  Maggie's blog is Grandma Yellow Hair. Let's pray for a complete recovery.


  1. I will be praying for your friend. I always enjoy seeing the things you find at the Value Village. It is nice that you can start getting ready for Christmas already.
    I like all of your little snowmen.
    So your calves are doing okay? I am so glad you found those blankets for them.
    I hope you are having a nice week.

  2. The blanket is perfect for those little triplets!

    Looks like Christmas is going to be beautiful at your house with all your little treasures.
    I particularly love the snowmen. I have many of them. They look so inviting.

    Great, hunt!

  3. I have been keeping maggie and her daughter in my prayers for sure.
    what fun things you found. I will not be able to decorate for Christmas this year but the best christmas present will be to have a healthy husband.

  4. What wonderful treasures!! GYH is a blogger friend of mine & my prayers are with her & he daughter!!

  5. My gosh you did a good job shopping! And i love the Hallmart snowman!

    Big hugs

  6. I like thinking about that thick wool blanket helping to keep the calves warm. We acquired a similar blanket decades ago when my husband was working summers for a small college. Found in a male dorm, it had been abandoned by a student who couldn't take it home after it had shrunk! Our now adult children slept under it in those days before fleece blanket sleepers. Not much need for it now, except as extra cover when all the family arrives for a holiday visit.

  7. a. Poor Maggie and her daughter Christie, she is such a beautiful person and I'm sure is thankful for all our prayers! b. WHAT a SCORE you made!! love all your wool items and your snowman collect just GREW!!!

  8. Great wool scores!! Plus, you have really gathered some fun Christmas things! I love thrift shops. The hunt is the fun part!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Welcome back Julia, I just finished getting caught up with your posts. Triplets!! I asked the dairy farmer down the road if he had ever had triplets born on the farm he answered in his farmers twang, "nope just twins". Wonderful items you discovered, the clothing looks brand new.It is hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. I will say a prayer for your friends, hope they are both improving each day. Sending blessings from Maine, Julie.

  10. I've never seen a wool blanket before that has a different color on each side - that's really cool!

  11. You are a great bargain hunter. That blanket is perfect for the babies. I had a similar one at the cottage - it is warm.

  12. Some great finds!

    I, too, am hoping all will be well with Maggie's daughter. She has a lot of people praying for her, and that is a blessing.

    Also, my mom still can't comment on your blog. It's not anything to do with your blog, it's something to do with hers. Maybe you could email her with your email address. (Her email is Thanks!

  13. Good finds and good idea to make baby blankets from that thick blanket.
    I may have to start haunting VV to see what I can find. YOu seem to find a lot of treasures

  14. Sue was wrong. She must have thought I still couldn't comment. I forgot to tell her that I can now do it as anonymous. At any rate, what I want to tell you is that I wish we had a Value Village in our town. What amazing buys! I'm so glad you could get that wool blanket for two of the triplets. There is nothing like wool to really keep warm. For some reason I don't know just where you live, but it must be very very cold. Our temperature today is 75 degrees and that seems a little chilly to me. We have pretty much that weather all winter, but it does get into the 60's occaisionally. The average is about 70. I guess that is why we have so many people come from Canada for the "season". A lot of them have homes here. They just leave them during the summer. Our newspaper even devotes a whole section of "Canadian News" for them during the season.

    Those Christmas ornaments are so cute. Who would think that you could get something so fun for 99cents. We usually put up our tree (artificial) right after Thanksgiving and then all the Santas come out. I collect them and have about 25. I actually am running out of space so don't even shop for anything anymore as far as decorations go.

    Love from Darlene

  15. I never knew calves took so much care. Blankets who knew.
    Love all your snowmen, really cute ones.
    Prayers for grandma yellow hair and daughter also.

  16. Triplets? wow... I've been traveling as you know and am soooo far behind in blog reading.

    Cute stuff ... what a shopper!

  17. You're a fierce shopper...well done you!
    And it makes my heart glad to see those
    sweet darlin' cows so well tended:)
    Sweet dreams to them in their blankets
    and prayers rising for Maggie and her girl.
    loving and lifting you too,

  18. First of all congrats on the triplet calves. It's a rare event. It's not unusual for us to have several sets of twins but threes are rare.

    Yes I've been prayin' for Christie and Maggie and will continue to do so.

    I also got all my little cold hearted men with their warm smile out last week. Yours are adorable!

    God bless and have a marvelous day!!! :o)

  19. I love thrift shopping! Just look at all of your treasures for just pennies on the dollar. Fun!

    Blessings, Debbie