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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yes, at long last, the quilt came off the frame on Holy Friday. I still have some quilting to do around the corners because the king size quilt was too wide for the frame as you can see on the right, but I've managed to quilt one corner last evening using a hoop and it worked well.

For a close up look, you can click on the pictures.

This is the quilt  before it was removed from the frame. I did finished quilting the top but the corners were too close to the sides of the frame and I had to be worked in a hoop. This quilt was designed for a double bed and I didn't reduced the size of the pattern and I should have but in the end it worked out OK  I think. If I were to do another one, I would put the design in the border a little higher.

The unfinished quilt has been spread on the bed and the colors looks washed out but the colors are truer at the foot of the bed. It's a salmon color on creamy background.

Since we bought a deep mattress for the bed the old bedspread has become too short, and the ruffle doesn't reach the floor. I had made the curtains and couldn't afford the lining and was to make some later and later never came. It's a good thing that there are aluminum blinds for privacy and they filter the light beautifully.

A close up of one square and I couldn't put the whole square in. I wonder how many little quilted hearts in one square. The hearts were my own quilting design. 

Here is a close up of the border.

I tried to get the true color and turned the light on . It actually shows the color a wee bit better. 

This is the pattern. Sorry about the old fuzzy photo. I'm not sure if I'll make the rounded corners. 

Here is my idle frame folded. It can be used for any size quilt I was told by Mr Hinks who built it for me. 
It came from Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia.

Thanks for dropping by, and for leaving a comment.. JB


  1. Julia, your quilt is stunningly beautiful!!!
    You must be so proud of yourself! I know I'm proud of you!!!
    It's just perfect in your lovely bedroom.
    Congratulations on a job very well done.

  2. Wow Julia, that is a work of art. Your quilting is beautiful and I love how it looks in your room. I like your rug next to the bed too.
    Your quilt frame is awesome too.
    I am so glad you showed pictures. I did click on them to see close up too.
    You do such amazing quilting.

  3. Oh my gosh, Julia! Your quilt is beautiful ! That had to be a huge task and definitely one worth doing! Very impressive work, friend!

  4. That is stunning! I can't describe how beautiful that is!!!
    You are amazing.
    Such a blessed talent.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. What an amazing quilt so much work but so pretty.

  6. That is a masterpiece!! Did you piece it all and quilt it all too? It must have taken a long time. My Grandma quilted a lot, and now my Mom does too. She started when I got married (I am the youngest, and was the last to leave home) All I've ever managed so far is to quilt a wall hanging that my Mom pieced. Someday...
    Your quilting frame reminds me a little bit of the ones that my Dad makes, except his don't fold, they come apart for storage.

    You should visit a friend of mine's blog...Little House Quilting. She makes beautiful quilts as well!

    1. Yes Alicia. I did all the appliques squares first and added the borders strips and assembled it all and quilted it by hand. A big job but I enjoyed it except quilting at the finish. My arms were too short to reach all the way up comfortably as so I could only quilt in short duration. JB

  7. Julia, when I look at your wonderful quilt, I think if I did all that work, -it would take me the rest of my life!!!!! You do so much all the time and I am always amazed by you. This is just another jaw dropping moment for me as I look at your gorgeous quilt. It is truly amazing!! I remember my mother and grandmother quilting. They did it with a ladies group each week for an afternoon. We children would play under the quilt being worked on, on the floor. Mom showed me how to stitch those tiny little stitches and I remember how sore her hands were sometimes too. All your little hearts are a gift of love. I hope you have many wonderful nights under it!!

  8. Julia,
    I actually gasped for breath in awe when the picture of your quilt came up! What a stunning piece of handwork! I can't imagine hand quilting all the tiny hearts! Big hugs for a spectacular quilt that will be loved by your family for generations!
    Cathy G

  9. oh that is so so beautiful, makes me remember my large quilt frame I had to sell last year before we moved. Well I think someone else will use it!! this is really so beautiful!! Noone knows the time you put into a quilt till they make one of their own. just beautiful

  10. Hi Julia,
    I like the quilt and i don't think it is a problem at all that it doesn't reach the ground! that way you can vacuum more easily underneath it! ;-)

    I love quilts with squares and lots of colors. I'm a very lucky woman because my mother in law is a quilter (maybe i have told you that) and she makes gorgeous quilts for me.

    Big big hug

  11. Wow! So beautiful Julia...made with love and displayed with pride and enjoyed by all of us too..thanks for sharing it. I think you did a fabulous job. I can't sew and I really admire those that can. Looks lovely in your bedroom.

  12. Wow! What a nice quilt! Great job. :)

    Melanie Roy-Plommer

    1. Hi Melly, I read your blog and tried to join your blog but it's not open to take followers. It says to try later. JB

  13. Woot Woot! Congratulations Mamoo! This Quils was a long time coming! Excellent perservencance!

    1. Thanks Jackie, but I think that you mean the quilt, don't you. lol...
      I'm not quite ready to sew the binding until I finish the corners but I don't feel rushed. Hugs. Mom

  14. Julia, That is a beautiful quilt. You did a wonderful job!!!
    I love your room and your rug looks great next to your bed. Sorry I am so behind in my comments but I have been knitting away. LoL