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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Just a few pictures to show that after all this time I finally finished digging weeds and replanted this perennial flowerbed.
It has rained so often and circumstances got in the way so it took me much longer than I had planned.

 It won't look grand next year but with time it will look nice. The border still has to be fixed but that can wait till much later.

 In the centre instead of an assorted varieties of daylilies I planted tall red daylilies. They will bloom after the yellow flowers are done. I hope that they survive the winter and that we don't have a flood again this coming spring because they will all float away since the roots are not anchored down yet. Hopefully they will grow. The grass is so long and thick since I haven't had time to cut it but at least I have grass.

More weeding in the works.  JB


  1. You always seem to accomplish so much. would you send some of that energy my way, hah.
    Thanks for all your comments.

  2. Looks great! I can't wait to see it all in bloom. Now, if you are getting a bit misty eyed because you miss weeding..just come on over to the Pines and I'll make your day! I'll be weeding my "green acres" this weekend.

  3. It looks so nice. You really did so much work on it. I can't wait until it is full of flowers. I think that is what I like about gardening. The surprises.
    Thank you so much for all of your kind words today. I think you have talked me down off the ledge. :) Life is good again. You are such a lifesaver.
    Have a great week.

  4. wow julia, i bet it feels good to have that garden done!i really like how the bricks edge it. i still need to get 2 hydrangias planted... the snow is gone now but today cool and rainy. i did get some outside stuff done so feel a bit like im catchen up. enjoy your evening julia!!

  5. That bed looks great! And it's huge!!! What a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be stunning next year.
    Glad you were able to finish it before it gets too cold.

  6. Before you know it, those plants will be huge! I can't wait to see pictures of it blooming next spring/summer. Perennial beds are my favorite...I love that they can be shared with friends, and filled up with things that friends have shared!

  7. Julia, what a great job, I bet you were glad to have this chore crossed off the "to do" list. During spring and summer I'm sure the bed will fill in nicely. Will be looking forward to future photos. Greetings From Maine, Julie.

  8. It looks great what a job! Looking forward to pictures next year.

  9. Julia honey every time I come by here I wish that you were my neighbor. I could learn so much from you.
    That is one huge flowerbed and a lot of hard work went into getting it this way.
    Makes my back hurt just looking at it. haha
    Think of you often.

  10. You are truly a Master Gardner! Can't wait to see them in bloom!

  11. Yay! You did it! I never had a doubt! Awesome. I'm already looking forward to Spring pictures!

  12. Such a lot of work you have done these past few days. I went back to read the blogs I missed when I was on vacation and I am overwhelmed with all the time you had to spend taking that bed all apart to plant your new lilies. Hope all goes well with them after all that effort.

    Thanks so much for the comments you made on my blog. I thank you for your interest in our dieting too. We are both back on it and since we have been home, just two days, I have lost a pound and Dick has lost a pound and a half. It will take a few days to get back to where we were, but I wasn't going to diet on that trip. There was just too much yummy food served and my resistance was too low.

    Take care, Julie, and please don't work too hard. YOU ARE SOMETHING ELSE.