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Monday, December 17, 2012


I've been craving  polenta for some time now  and of course it needs planning ahead. It seems that I'm always preparing something quick on the spur of the moment. I USED to be organized but now it seems that I'm getting slack in that department. I'd rather spend some time visiting my blogger friends to see what they've been up to.

Polenta is so easy to do but the trick is  that it needs a couple of hours to cool in the fridge to set before it's ready to fry. It doesn't sounds too appetizing until you add some grated  parmesan. I used the ready grated kind. It's quite salty so I don't even bother salting the polenta. Instead you could add the parmesan on the sauce  but this time I added in the polenta and I like it this way.

Once cooked, my polenta is spread in a lightly oiled glass pan to set until firm enough to cut in which ever shape I want. I chose the simple square.

The next step is to fry it. I like using a bit of butter and Extra Virgin Olive oil just because Olive oil is better for my health.

It can be serve in many different ways but I like this very much.
I sauteed some Portobello and button  mushrooms, onion, garlic, a little Sauternes cooking wine and some pasta sauce and you have a meal that is ready in no time and so satisfying.

True confession.... I ate another serving just because it was so good and I really had been craving it.

May you have a blessed day with the ones you love and don't take them for granted. Love and acceptance starts in the cradle. Prayers for the grieving people of Newtown.
Thanks for your faithful visits.


  1. It looks so yummy I have always been going to make it. I like it with the olive oil. Yours is really pretty. I am glad you told your secret. I didn't know it needed to be refrigerated. I hope you have a wonderful day today Julia.

  2. I have heard of polenta but wasn't sure what it was. Thanks for the info. Yum!Have a good week Julia,Cheri

  3. Hi Julia, your home looks so festive, I love the look of little white lights thoughout the house and it does not have to be Christmastime. I have never eaten polenta, I'm not so sure Mr. Dog Trot would go for it, he's the picky sort LOL. It does look delicious! Hope you are well and ready to enjoy the holiday. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  4. Hi Julia! I've never had Polenta but it looks great!! Happy Holidays from Arizona!,

  5. I've never had Polenta either. Your dish sure looks good. To be honest I'm going to have to google polenta to find out what it is.

  6. okay, it's cornmeal by a different name. You are one busy creative lady. I love your blog.

  7. Hi Julia,
    Your polenta looks yummy! I absolutely love mushrooms...might have to give this a try.
    Have a good week,

  8. Never heard of Polenta before - looks yummy though! Now you have something to eat while you read blogs!

  9. I have only had polenta a couple of times in resturants and I wasn't that crazy about it. Yours sound wonderful

  10. My friend,
    Merry Christmas and a 2013 full of blessings !!
    big hugs,Duendes.

  11. That looks yummy. I've had polenta, but it's been too long ago.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  12. I've never had polenta but you make it look like something I would love to try! Nice pics!

  13. Something new to try! I always assumed it was complicated because I heard it took a while to make. Didn't know there was "chill time" involved ~

  14. Julia - I've never had a desire for polenta until I read this blog! The picture of your polenta fried looks delicious!

    Your memory rug is really starting to take shape! It looks great!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  15. I love polenta, too, Julia. It is such a good foil for other foods. Glad you craving is sated! Enjoy this holiday season.


  16. Your going to laugh but I have never had Polenta. This does look good though and glad you were able to take care of your craving. lol
    Just had a minute tonight and I did not want Christmas to come and go without me coming by one more time before it gets here and wish you a Very Merry Christmas.
    I do hope you have a wonderful day.
    Think of you often and yes we need to hug our families and friends every chance we get to let them know we love them.
    Sending you a great big Hug

  17. I don't think I've ever had polenta either! jeeez that looks good ... sure love the saute regardless!

    Firefighters killed this morning... ongoing... we've got to stop this madness...