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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Despite a lot of snow,  March is feeling more like spring isn't too far away. The snow has started to melt a bit as the temperatures are warming up.

My little new grandson is making the most of the season by trying to help score a goal for the Ottawa Senators Hockey team and I think that he succeeded. lol...

It all happened so fast, lol... I removed  his diaper and had just cleaned him good and proper and I was in the process of putting on a fresh diaper and as I lifted his little feet up,  he shot with great precision as high as he could lol. It flew all over me and his blanket. Christine  grabbed the camera and took a picture. It's all in the line of duty. I might have to wear some goggles next time, lol.

 As my daughter and I were getting ready to go do some grocery shopping, Mr Mom was taking care of the baby and housework.

Look who's hiding in the baby snuggle wrap.

Mr Mom is  cleaning house while  he's also taking care of the baby.

Meantime he uses a robot vacuum for the hardwood floor while doing something else.

The rug needs a thorough vacuuming with the big machine and baby is still being looked after.

Baby can join us in his little swing in  the dining room while we are having lunch, after we got back home from shopping.  He's never left alone.

Mr Mom finds time to play with James with Play Doh. James put Play Doh in the little construction extruder and makes some construction beams.

Time for coffee break and James is the Keurig kid. He check to see if there's enough water and he says, "Check Wader" he select the coffee and puts it in place and pushs the lever and press the Brew button and voila, a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee in seconds.

He also makes my coffee.

And here's the freshly brewed cup of hot coffee

I hope that you are all having a great day and thanks for dropping by.


  1. LOL ... you just can't escape potty but little baby no name's potty has GOT to be a lovely change from calf potty... oh, lord, Julia...

    What a precious SIL! love the house and is that Golden Pathos? gorgeous growing down the bannister!

    Well? you just look lovely, m'dear... I think tending little ol bitty baby boys is making you very happy...

    jeeeez I hope the weather gets better soon. The east coast is getting slammed again. We're supposed to warm up a bit this weekend ...

    But as you know! I'm off on a quest for spring with daffodils and tulips!

    Wishing you a glorious satisfying night's rest ;)


    1. I just saw a couple of comments referring to Daniel! how did I miss his little name... Daniel was my father's middle name.

      good morning! hope your day is poop free! ha

  2. Them younguns'.
    Love your place.

  3. My dear Julia
    It's 5 in the morning and never have gone to sleep yet so thought I would just get up and check on you. After seeing that picture of you I laughed so hard that I am hoping it helps me to finally relax and maybe sleep for a few hours. Lol
    You are just so funny.
    I love these pics of dad taking care of precious yet cleaning house too.
    I always wondered about those robo cleaners. Looks like they really do work but I think I have too much clutter for it to work here.
    So glad your there.
    Love ya

  4. Getting pooped on by a baby is still better than getting humped by a large bovine.

    That house looks way to clean and orderly. When they are older the children may fix that.

    And with spring in the air, you'll get home just in time for flood season.

  5. Yup. Babies poop. And Daniel apparently poops with great accuracy! It really is amazing at the force behind those expulsions.
    And the last time my house looked that clean was before we moved in.

  6. Hello Julia!
    Bull's eye for Daniel.Maybe you should get yourself a lottery ticket,being you were the lucky

  7. sounds like you are having a grand time with those grandbabies. so glad you get the time to enjoy.

  8. How sweet. You have such a nice family.

  9. That's funny! I was reading the previous comments, and yeah, I guess it's a little different than calf poo! I'm glad you're able to spend so much time with your family...both boys are such cuties!

  10. Oh Julia...this has to be some sort of fashion faux pooh!

  11. Oh Julia.....too cute! He's got a great aim! LOL All in the line of duty for a doting Grandma :)

  12. All great shots, and boy did he get you!!! I like that James is already knows how to make a good cup of coffee.
    It all looks like you are having fun Julia.
    I love all of the updates.

  13. James is quite the little helper, isn't he? Too bad about your unexpected shower!:-)

  14. I still have Grandbaby envy even after hearing about and seeing the results of the poop incident.

  15. He is a good shot isn't he. Ooops. Looks like everyone is working in that house with the new baby. And everyone has a smile on their face. Enjoy every minute. Even the poopy ones.

  16. I want a mister mom!!!! What a guy. :) Let's hope the hockey jock grows up to be just like him.

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Oh my what a great picture and story to tell Daniel when he gets older. You all will get a good laugh. So nice everyone is pitching in and helping with the housework. The baby looks all nice and warm. Thanks for sharing the memories.

  18. That's a pic for the record books! Very cute snuggy thing your son has the baby in. Great way to get the work done and bond with the baby. I bet he can feel how his wife felt for 9 months carrying him! Continue to enjoy your stay and have a good weekend.

  19. looks like there is always something going on at your place!!

  20. Really enjoyed this post, Julia. I really got a big laugh when you experienced the surprise when you were changing the baby. I enjoyed it because it has happened numerous times with me.

    Also loved the pictures with Mr. Mom. Say, he really is a big help, isn't he? I must say the floor he vacuumed with the robot is really gorgeous.

    It looks like all is going well. Hope you can stay long enough to really enjoy everyone.

  21. Daniel has great aim! So nice to see dad being such a great help.James, my goodness a coffee maker so young, it will come in handy when he wants to make Mother's day breakfast when hes older. Looks like you are having an interesting time, have fun!

  22. Hi JB!! Always lovely to get this glimpse into your world :)

  23. i love your sense of humor:)
    and the sight of that dear man
    doing such labors of love
    is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

    what a jewel of a guy.
    thanks for sharing the beauty of your days,

  24. Hi honey
    Was delighted tonight when I found you had come by for a visit. Girlfriend I have had nightmares while these guys were out here working. Can you believe they left those windows for me to do. What jerks.
    Anyway I love that your staying with your sweet babies until Easter. You deserve this time away and being with your darling family.
    Take care and watch out for those unexpected shots.
    Love ya

  25. Uhh Ohhh!!! At least you are smiling!!
    Karen & the Hound

  26. Lol That was a great shot! It's great being a grandma.