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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As my title suggest, it's raining today so it's a great day to take life a little easier. I find that summer is slipping away so very fast. Yesterday was a very busy day and I  am glad that I don't have to work outside today so I'll knit a little on my pink scarf. It measures 21 1/2 inches so far. I can only knit a little at a time and I stop when my shoulder starts to hurt.
I just wanted to share a few photos of my little grandkids that my daughter Christine sent me a few weeks ago.

There's my daughter Christine and her happy boys, Daniel and James.

Daniel in his ExerSaucer posing for Daddy. I think that I'll need to eat lots spinach to lift up that boy when he comes for a visit soon. Look at the size of that leg...

Nothing as sweet as a baby's smile to make your day feel so special.

This cute and cuddly boy is watching a video on mom's laptop with his favorite dog..

Red lips doesn't necessary mean that James ate something that  tasted very good. Mama's lips are smiling and is going to tell us why James has red lips.

I can detect a red dabber mark on James left hand  and I think that he dabbed his lips, lol...
The fish lips looks good on mama don't you think? Maybe James could use the dabber once more while mom's lips are pursed.

Now I wonder what is going on behind this closed door..... a sneak peek will tell...

James is all tuckered out from lots of running and just being a little boy. Sweet dreams James.

Have a happy and safe week everyone and remember to take time for a little rest today.


  1. Aww, those are such sweet pictures. I am sure you cannot wait to see them again. James looks like he is enjoying his role as big brother.

  2. Grateful for your rain!

    That little grandson has grown so much. Those sweet little cheeks are adorable! Need squeezes!

  3. oh the baby Daniel look like you I do see in first picture with you. Has anyone told you that? he is a throw back of you.
    James is sweet boy a real boy.

    Nice pictures.

  4. Great pics of sweet boys. Daniel is growing!!
    You may have to eat your Wheaties to pick him up.

  5. Good morning, Julia ;) ... you now how I love g'babies... and yours are adorable. HAHaa those little legs are so precious.

    Charlie is beginning to lengthen a bit but still has those precious little chubby legs...

    Beautiful, cheerful and loving family pictures ...

    Glad you're having a day of respite. It's pouring down rain here ~ severe thunderstorm watch until 9pm ~

    It's relaxing to me as long as I can stay in. I just enjoy looking at the rain and the green trees swaying ... not too much swaying please...

    Here's to a lovely day ~ raising my coffee cup to ya ;)

  6. oh, these are great photos. such cute boys!

  7. Oh such cute pictures. That baby is a Chunk Monkey. He does have your eyes. My favorite is James watching the video. He looks so cozy with his blankie and stuffed toy.
    We had three inches of rain in two hours yesterday. It is raining now. But, I am thankful for all of it.
    Good for you to take a break today.

  8. Cute little guys! They do look so happy...those cheeks on Daniel need squeezing! I'm glad you can take a bit of rest do to the rain..I'm thrilled we finally don't have any rain today so I could go outside and mow!

  9. Grandchildren are very special, and it appears that you have two of the very best!

    We actually had more rain here today, too. The garden is very wet! Perhaps we will have no rain on Thursday or Friday, but it is predicted to return on Saturday and Sunday. Oh - a chance of rain for tomorrow, too. Yes, that "tap in the sky" needs to be turned off.:-)

  10. Oh these pictures are just too darn cute! Beautiful smiles! Thanks for starting my day with some sunshine! :-)

  11. What a wonderful sweet post! And the pictures are beautiful!

  12. Such adorable children, Julia! Glad you got a break. Sarah

  13. What a lucky lady you are to have such precious little people in your life! And how lucky we are that you share them with us!

  14. Beautiful pictures of those adorable, much loved little boys and their mom. We finally got rain too and so happy to have some. Hope you enjoyed your time inside while it was raining. Hugs!

  15. What cute boys! Being a grandma is so special.