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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


One of my project that I have decided to tackle this year is ORGANIZING MY RECIPES.

If you're like me, you probably have  lots of cookbooks and also have gotten some tasty recipes from friends, magazine and other sources that you either copied and put in a drawer hoping to type it neatly in your recipe files.

I did that for a while and then my recipe box got too full. I started putting my clippings and copies in a little plastic bag but soon I needed another bag and then another.

My daughter Christine copies all her recipes on the computer.  I started doing that but gave up. I'm a bit slow at typing when I copy because I don't rest my fingers on the appropriate keys and I got busy with more pressing projects and that project went poof...

I have some favorite recipes clippings and when the urge hits, I go into a frenzy looking for them. I'm always in a bit of a rush and if I can't find it in a few minutes, I go online or prepare something  that is quick....

I took the recipes out of the bags and organized them into categories and spread them on a unmade king size bed in the spare bedroom. Organizing my recipes took priority over making the spare bed.

There were lots of categories and I started to make little piles and I soon ran out of room on the bed  and I used every spare space available.

I'm lucky to have a small kitchen table to work from in the next room.  This is really my hooking room now.  You can see the little pile of wool worms in the left upper corner...

 I got some plastic sleeves and a binder and some computer paper, some matt Scotch tape and I went to work.  It's a slow process just keeping them organized for a start so here is what it looked like.

 I started with Soup  and Chowder recipes because it was so cold that day. I felt chilled to the bones.
I'm on the second binder already and I'm not finished.

I saw a picture of a Lemon pie in my recipes and I remembered that I had pie crusts in the freezer so I took  one out to thaw and in no time I had a lemon pie. No need for a recipe for this though but  I have some  awesome scratch recipes for lemon pies... Remember, I'm always in a friggin rush.

I also found my daughter Jackie's recipe for her Stupendous Chilli and I used what I had available to make a tasty pot of Chilli for supper so when I came home from the barn in the evening, it was ready and delicious.

It's still cold  and we had 3 snow storm in 7 days and I'm having quiche for supper this evening. The pie crust is thawing on the counter as I type. The sun is shining and I'm happy until I have to go back to the cold.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. They really warms the heart. Have a great day and stay warm and happy. Spring is really not that far away.



  1. Nice job on organizing your recipes! Hopefully winter eases up a bit for you. I don't know of anyone else who has the workload that you do...and gets it all done! Take care of yourself and stay warm.

  2. I love the end result of your organised recipes.Pie and chilli.If I lived close enough I would have gone through all that snow for a bowl of that chilli.It looks yummy.Cooking is not a talent given to me.Remember I am the shortest in the family and I think it just passed over my head. It is mighty cold here with the wind chills.Keep warm.I Love you . Hugs

  3. good to get organized! i can't say i collect recipes in the least. :)

  4. I have an Excel spreadsheet with links to my favorite recipes online. Interestingly, many of the recipes I've fallen in love with over the years are posted online somewhere. The good stuff gets around!

  5. Big project but perfect for a storm day. I have been scratching some recipes on a notepad. I need to get organized like you! I'm so so weary. My arms and shoulders are so sore I can't even raise my hook :)

  6. Hi that is quite an undertaking...but what an accomplishment...Please serve me up a big bowl of chili and a large slice of that most delicious looking lemon pie...yummy....

  7. I laughed out loud when I saw you use the word friggin my mother used that word daily. You did a great job and have inspired me to get mine organized.
    stay warm

  8. Hi Julia!
    Well, it looks like I dropped by just in time. Would you look at you organizing all those clippings, lol...I had to laugh to myself because I am forever reorgainizing and then organizing the ones I already organized. I was thinking of trying that tip I posted but who has time to find it, lol...It looks like you got a lot done. Kudos to you!!!

    If it's any consultation, Cookbook Wednesdays will be starting back up in March. You are more than welcome to share your recipe clippings with us if you like.

    That Chili does look rather stupendous, and just perfect for these chilly days with so much work ahead of us, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing, warms my heart to know I am not alone:)

  9. At first I thought this was going to be about getting distracted like with the pie and the soup, but you really did a good job on that organizing. I bet you get chilled to the bone being outside for so long. You have had way too many storms your way for sure. Being out for short times are refreshing. For short times, not for as long as you have to be out. Take care and keep as warm as you can. Hugs

  10. Keeping track of recipes would be problematic for me as well.
    I would get fired up and get everything organized, then a month later it would be a mess again. Follow through is what it requires:)
    That chilli looks awesome.

  11. Oh Bravo Julia!!! I had a collection of recipes from magazines in a plastic folder on the book case but not sure where it is now!! They were were a mess though. Your folder looks a great idea!! Ooooh that chilli looks amazing!!!!!! very healthy too. The lemon pie looks v impressive! My old vicar from my church's wife had a scrap book she stuck and copied recipes into. It's a good idea. Stay warm x x

  12. I guess I don't have this issue since I have no recipes currently LOL. However my awesome wife (who cooks amazing food) loves exploring new recipes so I have a feeling we will have a big recipe book in the near future :)

  13. Oh yum! Lemon that's a taste of summer! And the chili is oh so what were experiencing this winter. lol I got my recipes out this year too! but to look for my Weight Watcher's recipes, I'm not losing weight & I need more leaner recipes when I want hot food that sticks to my ribs. lol Your idea is such a good one if your anything like me you get spatters on the recipe but being in the plastic sleeves will stop that & preserve & be oh so organized! Good feeling isn't it?!! What a clever idea when we need to eat everyday & you resources are now at you finger tips. I love looking through recipes & do it contently looking for a all in one pot so I can make it & freeze it individually as I eat alone a lot.
    Your quite the inspiration Julia enjoy making those new found recipes.
    Bon Appetite. Stay warm & safe.

  14. I need to do this, too. It seems there is always something that needs to be done. Always. I like what you are doing with these.
    We just made chili recently. Perfect weather for it! The lemon pie sounds great!

  15. I wish I had the time to tackle not only my recipes but photos and endless papers. I also wish I had a slice of that lemon pie!! Spring will be very welcome by you and everyone up north. It was a lovely 50 degrees here today and just right for a walk.

  16. Holy Cow girl, you are the organizer queen! Just look at your recipes all neatly stored in a binder now! You have me drooling over the chill and lemon pie!

    Nice work!

  17. Wow, how fun to find some good old recipes while organizing them. I wish we could get some snow here too, it is summer in the California mountains. Not a good thing.

  18. I am the same way with my recipes. I really need to do what you are doing. This will be a goal for me for 2015!!

    I love lemon pie, my favorite.

    Stay Cozy,

  19. Well Julia, I am impressed....I know it took lots of time to get all your recipes organized but I know you are going to be so glad you did. That lemon pie and the chill both look delicious...

  20. Good going on organizing all those recipes! I should follow your lead and do the same. I have magazine clippings stuck between the pages of a favorite cookbook... I'm surprised the binding hasn't broken! lol! Lemon pie looks yummy! What is it about winter that makes us crave citrus?

  21. Oh, my sweet Julia my mouth watered when I saw that beautiful lemon pie and that yummy pot of chili. I recently gave most of my recipes to my DIL. Since it is just me and hubby and I no longer enjoy cooking like I once did I didn't need all those recipes any longer. I did keep some of my favorites though. Hope you are doing well, staying warm and all the calves are thriving. Hugs sweet friend. Thank you so much for all your sweet and encouraging comments.

  22. I have the same problem with recipes, Julia. Everything you made looks delicious. What time is dinner? Sarah

  23. Recipes I have never seen so many. I think you did a great job. Keep warm Julia!

  24. ohhhhhhhh that lemon pie! my favorite! and the chili looks deeeeelicious. I have no recipes because I don't like to cook. Well? I do have some I keep online in a folder... hah! one of these days, I might just cook something!

    I bet your house always smells like something delicious cooking ... yes, I hope you're warm!

  25. Your process always inspires me. When I saw the recipes spread out all over the bed, I thought how cool it would be to collage them onto a large artful bit of wood, modpodge, and have some really interesting functional art for the kitchen. Made me want to do that for my kids!
    Your lemon pie sounds heavenly and that chili looks inviting.

    Warm hugs to you in your artful life,

  26. I should take some inspiration from you. We also have tons of disorganized recipes.

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  28. Hi Julia...I can't help smiling because I just Know we are related somehow!!! I also went through my recipes some time ago and did just what you are doing! It makes it so much easier to find what I want.
    I also came across my recipe for a favourite Chili (!!!) and made a large slow-cooker pot of it. :)
    In fact, I just had the urge to make another pot of chili a few days ago (sharing some with family) and yesterday I made a black bean with vegetables chunky soup in the slow-cooker!
    I'm resting my brain and fingers (!!!) before starting my next rug adventure! And deciding just where I will display the Magdalena-style rug too.
    Happy Hooking ...and Cooking!!!! Hugs, Sunnie :)

  29. My sister and I were just talking about all the cookbooks we've collected over the years and how we usually just go on line to find a recipe. I have the torn papers, little notes, and ripped out recipes...maybe someday I'll get my rear in gear and put them in a book! You always amaze me with how active and busy you are....makes me feel like a dead beat! Ha! Take care and stay safe in this nasty weather you've been too! More snow on it's way later today. I'm sooooo ready for Spring!

  30. I was talking to a colleague who had been doing this too!x

  31. What an enormous project but I am sure it will be well worth all the time. My daughters would just love if I did this so they could quickly find the recipe they wanted from my large pile of recipes.

  32. i did that one winter with one of my son's old 7th grade big notebooks. I worked on it for 3 or 4 months. I still have it, but made myself stop putting more recipes in there. Poor me has only made a few of the ones in it! And I have more on scraps all over the house, not to mention face book, and pinterest. Hope yours works out for you, it's not the system, it is my pack rat tendencies! Never enough it seems, I'd love a piece of pie right now, and it's so cold here the chili would be fantastic!

  33. It sounds like a lengthy project, but one that is well worth it! I love how organized you are now. Plus, you actually used some of the recipes while organizing. Awesome! I hope it warms up there soon! :)