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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I've been so bad at posting and I've been procrastinating. I have tons of stuff happening but it all sound so ordinary and I get so tired at the end of the day. The weather has been crap but I have family, a roof over my head, heat in the house, food in the cupboard and warm clothing, a job to go to every day so I'll just have to wait for the petals that are supposed to grow outdoors and  show you what's blooming inside.

To see the pictures larger, just click on the photo.

Here is my Hoya plant, also known as Wax plant. The blossoms are just starting and I started to count and gave up after 65 as  there were too many and some were still quite small.  When the blossom are fully developed it releases an exotic perfume around 10:00 o'clock  at night.  I just love the fragrance.

Here is what I've done on my grandfather rug so far. If I was to do it over again, I'd prepare my wool better. There are still some different color tone but I have difficulty seeing the difference when I'm hooking.

I had hooked some small S shapes in the background and didn't like it. I pulled the S shapes and re-hooked the same color as the background.They appear whiter than the background because a bit of green wool dust still covers the background. I realized that I didn't hooked my initials and date.

He doesn't look much like my grandfather but he'll have to do. I think he looks a bit sad with his fat cheeks. I couldn't make his eyes look sideways like in the B/W picture.

The river in front of our house has filled it's bank. The water level went down a bit but I didn't took another photo. It's been raining cats and dogs so I don't know how it will affect the water level. So far we have been spared flooding.

That's it for this evening
Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciate it when you leave comments. Enjoy life even if it's TAX time.


  1. I loved how you started this post we need to be thankful for all that we have.
    I love your grandfather rug you have been hooking a lot.

  2. I've never had any luck with a Hoya plant and I don't know why. I have never see one as large as yours. I think the rug is coming along very nicely. Maybe when it is finished and bound you will be happier with it.
    Hopefully you will not get any flooding and yes we all need to be thankful for the blessing we have.

  3. I hope the water level goes down, JB! Your rug is amazing to me!

  4. The water level looks quite high to me! I hope it will go down before you have much more rain! I am just in awe of your rug! xo Nellie

  5. the grandfather rug is an amazing undertaking. he does look quite serious and maybe a touch sad, but you made him into a rug! how cool is that? love your blooming vine! wow! and hopefully no flooding to surprise you!

  6. Cool! It looks like you're finding other outlets for your creativity.

  7. I'm amazed we haven't seen more flooding. Especially you, as it happens so often even when we have had less snow. So far so good! I think the rug is such a lovely tribute.

  8. I was wondering how the river was and if it had made it to your house. I am glad it hasn't.
    I like your rug Julia, I think it is awesome. I would love to smell that plant. I bet it is wonderful.
    I hope you get to slow down a bit to rest.

  9. Your rug is looking good. I hope you don't suffer any flooding issues.

  10. I think that rug is simply amazing...you do nice work! I bet your Grandfather would have loved it! That plant is pretty amazing too...I've never heard of it but it sure looks great on your wall! I hope your river doesn't overflow into your yard! Take care and I guess we should be grateful for having water and rain unlike our friends in California with the severe drought.

  11. My grandmother had one of those plants, it nearly covered her entire kitchen. It was fragrant for sure!

  12. Your hoya plant has grown so big and is blessing you with fragrant blooms. I think you have done beautifully on the rug. Thank God, you are spared the flooding.

  13. That is an amazing hoya! How old is it?
    Your grandfather rug is perfect. A young soldier has a lot of responsibility. I think he looks more serious than sad. I think he would be proud of what you've done.
    Thank goodness you have been spared the flood. This winter was bad enough without any more of Mother Nature's craziness.

    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. You reminded me that no matter what, there are always blessings to count.

  14. I love the hooked art. I'm not much with drawing so I'm always amazed when I see pieces like yours. Good work.

  15. Hello Julia,
    Love your Hoya plant! My mom gave me one years ago & it has never flowered for me. With the EBH Garden Club I'm hoping to see just what I need to do to experience that fragrant flower I see in your pictures! Your rug is a memory of your Grandfather & was done with great care & love & it shows! Kudos to you Julia for taking the time to hold his memory whilst you hooked away to recreate your rendering of his photo. I've done no hooking this year & look forward to seeing my rug hooking friends in Miramichi & finishing my UFO rug. The river is behaving so far but I know it can change quickly & I thankful for the weather updates you give me.
    You are one that has great love for life & help me keep the perspective of wanting what I have rather than having what you want. It's good to have friends that keep you grounded, even if it's a blog friend. And a very good one to me that you are! You say you feel lucky, we in the blog world are lucky too...to have you & your positive thoughtful ways.
    Take care & enjoy the outside buds as they come to life & the fragrant ones that remind you of days to come outside.

  16. It is always a treat to see you in my post updates!
    Your plant is amazing! You have such a green thumb. Your talents are endless, though. The rug is so special.
    Your posts are so genuine and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing. Hugs. ❤

  17. Yay, I am always so happy when you post. YES, you are naughty not to post for ages, it makes me feel guilty I cannot reciprocate your lovely comments which are the highlight of my evening!!! They always seem to appear just as I'm off to bed and I check my phone once more and see, "Yay, Julia!"
    I love your Hoya-I'd love to smell it. It's really attractive!
    The rug is going well. He doesn't look sad to me but he looks serious, like he's seen a lot and maybe remembers a lot.
    So glad you haven't flooded yet but that water does look close.

    Take care of yourself

  18. Sorry you are having crappy weather. We have had some sunny days lately but it has been cool. Today it is nice. I had to go show the condo (grrrr) and got outside. I planned on making another fairy garden today but instead I cam back in my house. I can't get out of this slump.
    You do so much, no wonder you get tired. I think we need some kind of change to get us back in a normal mood.
    Yes, we have the blessings you have mentioned and we are thankful.
    Thank you so much for always leaving comments and advice. I do listen to it and use the info. Here is a (((((HUG))))) I hope it helps.

  19. Oh, the plant, it is amazing. I have never heard of it. It sure likes living at your house.

  20. That wax plant looks so very healthy! Pretty blooms too! I sure hope the river stays out of flood stage.... and that warm air and sunshine get to your area soon!

  21. What an amazing plant. I have never heard of a wax plant. Does it bloom more than once a year?

    I hope your river stays out of flood stage too.

    I think your rug art is just fantastic.

  22. Sweet Julia I see that your Hoya plant is still beautiful. It amazes me how you have it climbing up the wall...such a beautiful thing to see. You have a green thumb. I think your grandfather rug is fabulous!! What a work of art it is. You are a lady of many talents. Sure hope the rain goes away for awhile so the river does not get any higher.

    Don't feel bad about not posting I have so much going on I am going to have to cut some things out. My life just seems to be getting fuller and fuller.

    Love and hugs sweet friend.

  23. I think your rug is amazing, even if you don't think it looks like your grandfather.
    Very cool plant.
    Hugs :)

  24. That wax plant is one healthy plant! I am amazed it does so well as an indoor plant. Your rug is a work of art! The colors look wonderful! I hope your feet...and your house...are staying dry! The heat and the sun are going full force down here in the Sunshine State...I'll send you some.