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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I don't know about you but keeping up with everything at this time of year is getting increasingly difficult as I age.
I'll be taking a little blog brake just to get things done around the house and outdoors. So I may not be leaving comments on your blogs for a little while. Nothing personal... just making some time for moi.

Here is what my yard looked like today before the lawn was cut. I was busy pulling dandelions on the lawn as part of dandelion control but I didn't get them all. I had to rush and take pictures when I had the chance otherwise it wouldn't get done... I cut the lawn and went to work at the farm.

You can click to see the photo better.

 As you can see, my white daffodils are doing well this year and spring flowering plants have started to bloom.

 Not as many tulips as the last couple of years. I may plant some new bulbs in the Fall if things works out right. I suspect the squirrels have dug up many of them.  We have now trapped over 20 squirrels so far but we still see one around.

There were a lot of dandelions all along this path and I picked about half a wheelbarrow. It's been very sunny today so the colors are washed out.

The Peonies are starting to bud and the Hostas are developing well.

One of my  Azaleas is just ready to bloom. ( This picture is for you Carla) Sorry they are not all in full bloom yet.

My ground phlox are not as abundant this year as they really had a hard winter. Lots of Creeping Charlie weeds on my lawn.

More spring flowers.

This part of the lawn was cut as well as the front.

Finally my big rock garden.

I hope to be back soon. Thanks for all the visits and the comments you have so kindly left on my blog.  Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you back here soon.



  1. love your blooms, especially the ground phlox. hope you get to take a deep breath now and then and just come back when you're ready!

  2. You have beautiful gardens. They must take a lot of time. Where you find any extra is beyond me. Yes, take a break. rest, get your gardens in order but don't forget to return. I would miss you. Happy Break.

  3. It is getting busy your gardens look great enjoy the good weather.

  4. Your garden is fantastic! I will miss you, but I can tell you work hard and you DO need some time to put your feet up and veg! I know you don't do much of that, good worker bee! Sending love your way . . .

  5. Julia, your gardens are coming along nicely...beautiful remains chilly here in Maine...but spring has arrived...Hope you enjoy your blogging much to do and not enough hours in the day...Hope you get a bit of hooking in as well...plant yourself in a chair and put your feet up!!!! Greetings...

  6. Such beautiful flowers!! I hope you are able to get rejuvenated! This time of year especially, it seems like there's way too much to do!


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  8. Your Spring flowers are beautiful! Enjoy your break. I've definitely taken a lot of them the past few years :)

  9. Julia, your garden is really beautiful with all those lovely blooms! Take a good rest and come back soon. We hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Your garden is beautiful Julia, you've obviously tended it lovingly now and before for it to be like that. I hope you manage to get some rest as well as doing all the jobs you need to get done. Thank you SO much For the daily comments, you have been so generous of heart, which I don't deserve. I'll miss you dear blog friend but glad you're giving more time to yourself. Take care, x x x

  11. The pictures of your garden brightened my morning! The flowers are beautiful!
    Being outside enjoying the sun and some good weather is so much nicer than sitting at a computer, especially when your time for enjoyment is limited by all the work. Have a good break. We will be waiting right here to hear all about what you've been doing.

  12. You have a beautiful place Julia. I don't think there are enough traps to catch all the squirrels here. I can look out my window and see them even as I write.

  13. Julia, you know what you need to do. Do what is most important. Time passes quickly. We will all be here. You know how to get ahold of me, so keep in touch as you can. Big hugs, my friend. ❤

  14. Julia, you know what you need to do. Do what is most important. Time passes quickly. We will all be here. You know how to get ahold of me, so keep in touch as you can. Big hugs, my friend. ❤

  15. Hi,
    Thank you for the photo, I do love your garden. What a lovely garden to take a stroll in. :-)
    Enjoy your break. Spring is a busy time!! I will be planting the next few days.

  16. P.S.
    I love that BIG rock, so pretty with the river in the background.

  17. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! Your garden is beautiful. Enjoy your break. Take care

  18. Have a nice break Julia. I hope you get caught up on all that you need to do. I will miss you. I love your gardens. Your flowers are just incredible. I love those tulips. It never gets cold enough here to have such beautiful blooms.
    Bye for now,

  19. Julia, your gardens are beautiful and well kept. Mine are not nearly in as good shape as yours.

    Guess my brake away from blogging is about to end since I just returned from Woolley Fox rug camp. So later today I'll post some pictures to show.

  20. Enjoy your break. Enjoyed seeing your flowers and I know you are too! You deserve lots of Spring blooms after the winter you had. My peonies are in full bloom and almost past and lily's are beginning to bloom.
    Hope you get caught up on all you need to do but get some rest too! See you when you get back.

  21. Oh so beautiful! You do great work in your gardens, Julia! Yes, this is a busy time of year with all of the outdoor stuff... but, so nice to feel sunshine and warm breezes, right? :-)

  22. Your Garden of Eden is so beautiful! It does take so much time to keep up doesn't it? But the results are worth it. I love seeing your Spring just coming to life. Ours is pretty much over and moving into Summer mode. My blog buddies down South made me smile in Feb and March when their plantings came in...blogging really shows how each climate is different! Enjoy your break!

  23. I understand your need for a break, I'm still in awe with all that you do Julia! The flower beds look beautiful & your rock garden is my favourite with the water as the backdrop, oh so blue contrasting with the tulip colour! Today is the first day with no snow on the property & the wind at the shore is wild too, making the siding crackle as it howls. Warm & cozy inside though.
    I understand how hard it is to keep a blog going when life gets in the way. Just live your life at the pace your comfortable with & touch base with your blogging friends when you can. I do enjoy reading your blog Julia & it's OK that your taking a break. Catch your breath & keep that lovely smile on your face!

  24. Bravo for your brave rest from blogging for a bit.
    I feel you to the bottom of my being. Such a busy
    bit of year, this. Glad you're taking some time.
    I wish I could remember something I read this week
    about farmers being the ultimate artists. I'll remember
    and get it to you. Make that art, friend:)
    Be who you are. I'm over here cheering and smiling:)

  25. Hello Julia, Your flowers are superb even when there isn't as much as usual.We didn't have to cut our lawn yet here.A good thing. I have been away taking care of two young girls of school age for the past two weeks.The parents are enjoying a trip to Punta Cana.They will be back tomorrow.I never did so much crafts with children as in these two weeks.Thanks to Internet and Pinterest for craft suggestions. I decided to not go to pick fiddle heads through the wood path to get to the river,as the small dog where I babysit got taken away by coyotes.That scared me,to think they could circle me while I pick.Instead I just walked down the road to where i was and got a total of about 2 pounds for a good feeding for all of us.That's all we ate.They were so delicious.I could tell they had been picked a few days before.There was not much left. There is a small island where there is plenty,The people there burned the grass on the island to make the fiddle heads come out faster.The next day there were plenty people picking.I have no clue how they get on the island.It has to be by canoe,but I never saw one around.It must have been that they were coming from the other side of the island. I hope you have a great summer.All my love Delcina

  26. Julia I love your garden. The color green is everywhere. Were in a drought so I am redoing plants that are drought tolerant. It is no fun. sunny California is too sunny and once again the news is conserve water.
    Hugs cheri

  27. It is tough to stay inside, reading blogs, with so much beauty outside!

  28. Stopped in to check on you sweet Julia. I hope you are not working so hard that you are not getting to enjoy some of your blog break. Your flowers are beautiful. Hope you are doing well...miss you. Hugs, Maggie

    1. Dear Maggie, thanks for checking out on me. I've been busy and my little great grandson has been visiting a lot and he's keeping me very busy so I haven't time to visit blogs but I wanted to wish you some good days. I hope that you can take a break once in a while and be by yourself to just be.
      Hug and love, Julia

  29. Julia,
    I'll miss you but don't know how you have the time to do all you do. You are truly an amazing woman.
    Hugs :)

  30. Please don't apologise for not blogging or not being able to visit, I really understand. I miss you but you have lots to do. I always love hearing from you and you always support me more than I deserve, so have a good rest!
    I hope all is well with you and your family. xxx

  31. Your flowers look so happy to be blooming; especially after your long winter. They are so lovely and beautiful, but you always do a wonderful job keeping everything looking so nice - you are such a hard working woman, I truly admire you!

  32. Julia- your yard is full of beautiful blooms!!! Have a lovely little break and enjoy your time to "smell the roses"!!

  33. Sweet Julia I hope you are enjoying your blog break. Thank you, dear friend for visiting and commenting on my blog. Warmed my heart. Your comments always encourage me and uplift my spirits. Take as long a break as you need, I know you are a very busy lady too and have lots to do. Wishing you all the best and nothing but wonderful days. Hugs, Mags

  34. Second comment on this post:) Just stopping by to say you won
    the drawing over on my blog.....want to send you my Ripplesongs June
    for a light summer read:) Hunting for your address but wonder if you can send me again your snail mail info (
    much thanks and love,

  35. Oh Julia to say your gardens are beautiful is an understatement. Oh my gosh I loved seeing all of these gorgeous flowers. I can not believe that this early in June you have such wonderful flowers to enjoy. As always I don't know how you do it. Amazing!