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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello everyone and thanks so much for your patience, your wonderful comments and for all the emails. It feels good to be missed but I've been on my knees in the garden for so long that I think I took root in the damp ground. I must be well grounded by now. I was so very tired yesterday as I walked to the barn in muggy weather that I felt that the only thing that kept me up were my boots.  As I thought this, I started to giggle to myself. hehe...

It took me 3 days of weeding to get this big garden done.

This one was so full of tall sun drop plants that i only pulled the tall grass on the edge because it was getting into seed head.

The lower portion of this double bed (at the top) is done as well as the semi-circular on on the left are weeded.

Sorry about the bad lighting in late afternoon but that's another long flowerbed done.

This whole garden is also done but I only show about half here.

The circular peony bed is also weeded.

 These are my three little rows of potatoes that are full of weeds and it was weeded today and my potatoes were all hoed up.

My rosebush was done also. I have many flower pictures but it will be for another time.

I finished hooking my Grandfather rug a while back and as I hooked at night I couldn't see the different shade of wool as they looked exactly the same shade to me but when I took a photo in day light I was horrified that it didn't matched the other side.  I may have to pull those "S"s and hook them in the same shade of the left background if I still have some left but it will have to wait...

I wanted to put some of my granddaughter Jordyn winter clothes into storage in my basement and I bagged up the clothes and started to put them into totes I purchased at Walmart. I realized that I had one  tote that was bigger than the others and I checked on my receipt and realized that they had charged me for all 7 tall totes. I took photos of the bins and the labels and took my camera to Walmart and they fixed the error in a few minutes and I got my debit account credited. I was rushing as usual to get home on time to get to the barn.

It has been raining every other day and I been busy de-cluttering the spare bedroom and fixing  a bunch of work pants for my husband and myself, and hemming some pants for myself.
There is still so much to do and it will probably never get all done.

I'm looking forward to seeing my daughter Christine and here family this weekend coming.

I got a new heifer calf today and she was named Lemmon by Victoria, my son's girlfriend. She came to help me care for the calves as I needed to get off early to attend a social and I gave her the honor of naming the calf.

You all mean a lot to me even though  I didn't had time to visit everyone today, but I'll make my rounds during my frequents mini breaks during the day in the next few days.

I'm in need of sleep soI didn't edit this post. Pleas forgive the errors.


  1. I am tired just thinking of all you do. Your gardens look lovely great work well appreciated.

  2. I also meant to say your rug of your grandfather looks amazing! love it

  3. I came here just in time to catch a new post from you.Your garden looks lovely and you are, as always, the hardest working woman I know. I will let you be my inspiration.

  4. Hi JB! I think the gorgeous rug has a 3D look! It's incredible! Well done!
    Wow! You are an amazing weeder! That's A LOT of flower beds.

  5. That rug is wonderful and such a nice tribute to your Grandfather. You're so talented! Those flower beds look your own Garden of Eden! I know how much work it takes...You're my hero!

  6. you are a crazy woman to keep that many flower beds AND vegetable garden! yikes! with all you do normally! walmart was good to credit you from photos! nice! i do hope you'll have time to enjoy your daughter and boys!

  7. Hello there! Well your incredibly hard work does you proud, the garden looks marvellous. Likewise the rug, it all looks the same colour to me! Your new heifer sounds cute, can we see please? Lemmon is a jolly sort of name x x

  8. You really did a wonderful, beautiful work in your lovely garden. No joke, you garden looks so big and there is really a lot of work involved. But the reward is great, your plants are so healthy! Have a wonderful family time and looking forward to your flower post.

  9. It made me weary just reading about all you've been doing. You have a lovely place.
    I started using those plastic bins to store some of our winter things. They make short work of that task and it's also easier to find your stuff in the fall.

  10. Beautiful gardens! I also giggled when you said your boots were the only thing that's holding you up! :-) I know the feeling! Summers are perfect except for the humidity. And congrats to you for finishing your rug! I realize you are still adjusting the background to your liking... but it looks just fine from this side of the computer screen! :-) Wishing you many happy days!

  11. My goodness you have been busy! Your gardens are lovely...and weedless! Your rug looks wonderful. What a treasure you have created! The temps are in the mid nineties here already...and always the humidity is so high. I do not like Florida in the summer!!! Can't wait to see pics of those beautiful little boys. Enjoy!

  12. It is always a pleasure and a treat to see you in my email! I loved the visit. Please take care. If you aren't freezing, you are wilting. Bless your heart. Your beds and plants look nice. I cannot wait to see pictures of Lemmon. ❤ Hugs!

  13. It is always a pleasure and a treat to see you in my email! I loved the visit. Please take care. If you aren't freezing, you are wilting. Bless your heart. Your beds and plants look nice. I cannot wait to see pictures of Lemmon. ❤ Hugs!

  14. It is always a pleasure and a treat to see you in my email! I loved the visit. Please take care. If you aren't freezing, you are wilting. Bless your heart. Your beds and plants look nice. I cannot wait to see pictures of Lemmon. ❤ Hugs!

  15. A nice blog you have here.
    My English is not so good but I think I understood all about it.

    Love yours plants.

  16. Well I swear that if there is a difference in wool color it is only minimal. On the bottom right it looks like it might be a tad different in color but that could be a shadow, which would only add to the realism of the piece.

    Your gardens are wonderful and you come from very hearty stock because I could not have endured 3 days of on my knees and bending over. I'd not be able to get up and if someone pulled me up would be bent over for life.

  17. I can't see the difference in your wool colors either Julia - must only be visible in person. Must feel good to have it finished, huh? Sure turned out nice! Sounds like you have been very, very busy - which is a good thing to be. Enjoy your company.....

  18. Hello,
    You have been busy. :-) Your garden looks just beautiful. What colors of peonies do you have?
    I love the name of the calf, how fun to have a calf named after someone :-)
    Have a blessed week,

  19. I always enjoy your posts! I love seeing at all of your hard work. Your beds look wonderful. I can't believe all of the rain that you get. It must be wonderful. I think your rug looks wonderful. It is just beautiful.
    I am glad that Christine is coming to visit. You always have such a nice time with them and the boys. Have a nice week

  20. Oh wow. Wish I could pay you to come to my yard and work your magic! I don't have a green thumb at all.

  21. Awesome job on the flower beds! The photos are so much more fun than all the snow covered ones. I cant tell a difference in the wool colors but maybe in person you can. Hope you get some rest because you deserve by working so hard!!

  22. Your gardens are looking good after your taming of the weeds. It is so much had work but when the sun shines & the blooms show off their colour...Julia it will make you smile. After years of visiting your garden, I've been inspired to create one too & know how hard you've worked reclaiming your flower beds from those nasty weeds.
    The memorial rug looks great! I'm discouraged with my bell pull, I had to take all the background out as I misplaced or used ecru backing colour. I will finish it now, by making one trip to the Dollar Store for my Briggs & Little yarn, just for this project. A learning lesson I will remember when juggling a few hooked rugs at dipping in borrowing yarns till the project at hand is done!
    I think Lemmon is a very unique name for a cow, I grew up with Elsie the Borden cow & she was pretty. lol
    Bins are great for storage & Walmart is one of the easiest stores to deal with, making the returns or mishaps as your fast & easily done.
    You get so much done in one day, do pace yourself & rest when needed. You'll need your strength for the family this weekend with those grandsons. lol Enjoy your week Julia.

  23. Julia, you couldn't have found a more beautiful place to take root! Your flower beds are worthy of a gardening magazine.
    Your grandfather portrait is a masterpiece. If there are color differences they don't show in the picture. You did a great job.
    I hope you are planning a little bit of relaxation time before the summer is over.

  24. Your garden is beautiful! It looks like such a lot of work, but so worth it to see it so gorgeous.

    I don't know how you get it all done, plus the cows and the calves!

    You're an amazing lady.

    I love the hooked rug. Such a labor of love.

  25. My Dear Friend Julia
    I just left you a comment on your previous post of your gorgeous flowers.
    You work so hard I would imagine that you are rooted in your gardens. I can't imagine having such gorgeous flowers all over like you have. Like always I don't know how in the world you do all this along with everything else you do.
    Your days are so full but I know at the end of the day you are rewarded with the beauty you have shared with us.
    I love your rug of your grandfather. Of course I don't see what your talking about but you have to be happy with it. I think it is wonderful.
    I know I am repeating myself but your an amazing woman and how I would love to be more like you.
    Enjoy your weekend and try to get some rest. I know that is not going to happen.
    I think of you often and miss you

  26. I did not even notice the difference in your Grandfather rug it is so well done. WOW lots of weeding good for you worth every ache and pain:) Have a nice weekend have a little rest OK. Hug B

  27. I did not even notice the difference in your Grandfather rug it is so well done. WOW lots of weeding good for you worth every ache and pain:) Have a nice weekend have a little rest OK. Hug B

  28. i love your garden.

  29. My goodness Julia I need a nap after reading your post! They just don't make like you - you are one of a kind - someone to aspire to for sure! I always enjoy reading about your farm and adventures!

  30. Wow! You've gotten a ton of things accomplished. I'm tired just thinking of them. Your gardens look beautiful.

  31. I read this before and left a comment, so I am just here now to say thank you for stopping by and helping to keep my spirits up.

  32. Dear, sweet Julia I knew when I got here that I would find that you had been busy, busy as usual. Your flowerbeds look great and so do your flowers. I really like your grandfather rug it is very nice. We have had a lot of rain here too, had thunderstorms yesterday for almost 7 hours. Cute name for the calf. I know you enjoyed seeing Christine and family and had a great time with those little sweeties that are growing so fast. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the wonderful comment. I so love hearing from you, gives me a "pick me up". Try to find some "Julia" time and take care of yourself my sweet friend. Love and hugs

  33. I can relate. In just so many ways.
    Your beds are all heaving a big sigh of relief
    and I hope your knees will do the same shortly.
    Big love and care to you, too, friend,