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Sunday, July 19, 2015


This morning I helped with money counting at the church since one of the collection counter was away on vacation. I was filling the deposit book and I asked George, what was the date. He said the 19th.  I wrote the 19th on the deposit slip. After  I got in the car, I kind of panicked and I said accusingly "You said today was the 19! It can't be...
In disbelief, I had to check the date on my cell phone and it was July 19.  Oh WOW. Where has the time gone?. I'm going crazy...

Here are some family photos of when Christine and her little family were here.

Christine  always brings us fresh PEI lobster and here is Daniel with his spaghetti face.

George, my dusty old farmer coming right from the field is getting his lobster ready for a sandwich with his trusty Hellman Mayonnaise... At my house it's pretty relaxed. No fancy table setting. It's more like camping style. With a bunch of little ones underfoot, it's the best I can do...

 That's my plate. Never mind the butter. Pass the beer and I'm good to go. Look at that big sucker they put on my plate.

Daniel playing with his cousin Cypress.

Daniel and Cypress.

After supper, everyone is full and happy and it's story time with the kids.

Poor Daniel, not feeling well. He's got a tummy upset and is sleeping it off.

I've been caught barefoot and sitting down, sporting my huge bunions. So barefoot is comfortable.

My daughter Jackie and her daughter Nicole lazing around on the love seat posing for the camera.

Joe's birthday caught us off guard. No cake but lots of Nachoes, ( sorry, no pictures ) ice cream sandwiches and James started us off on singing Happy Birthday Daddy and everyone joined in. (Sorry no picture of the singing either). I was just too busy singing.

Grandsons Liam on the left and Simon on the right raising toast of ice cream sandwiches to Joe. 

Mira on the left, Nicole, Jackie, Christine and Daniel.

Even my old man George joined in the happy birthday celebration

James wanted to place the box of straws as high as he could on the counter  on top of something and the box tipped and those straws went all over the floor. They were put into the garbage.
I really enjoyed having the family over and after they left it was kind of quiet.

Just before the car left for the long trip back  to Ottawa, James haulers to me as I stood on the door step, "Mamoo I'll miss you. You're the Best".... How about that for a little 4 year old boy.  
When they got home, he Skyped me. 

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I so much appreciate your visit.
Have a safe summer


  1. GREAT family pictures. So many memories.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Julia,
    What a lovely family you have!!! So many smiling faces! You can just FEEL the love!! Those lobsters look DELICIOUS!!!!
    When you wrote PEI, it brought back memories of my love for Anne of Green Gables, and of how much I always wanted to visit there!!! It always sounded like a magical place and I love the books and the movies!! Anne, Marilla, Mathew, Diana, Gilbert, and of course, Rachel!! I may have to pull out those DVD's and watch them again!!
    Take care and hope you have a lovely Sunday!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. What great family fun! Yum! I love lobster! xo Nellie

  4. Beautiful family you have, Julia! I have a wicked case of lobster envy!

  5. You have a beautiful family! Lots of lovely smiles!!!

  6. Hi Julia! I hear you not knowing it was July 19th already!! I have to check my phone every now and then to be sure too! LOL!!
    Your family looks like they have so much fun when all together!! Love the pic of you and your bunions ( the sign of a good woman!) I hope they aren't too painful!! Enjoy the rest of your summer and do take time to sit now and then!
    Cathy G

  7. James gave a new meaning to "pick up sticks", a game we used to play as a kid. What a warm and inviting family you have there and everyone looks comfy and settled in ..except for the belly ache boy.

    Oh but the lobster looks delicious and I've not had lobster in decades. Not that I'll try to out do you as it isn't a 'win' situation, but I'll match my bunion against yours. Will send you a picture later.

  8. Oh I DO so love seeing your family. It is so apparent how much love you have for them and James' words reflect how much affection they obviously have in return! When you said PEI, does that mean your daught er lives on Prince Edward Island!??!?! Like Anne!?!?!?!???
    That is so cool!
    Your poor bunions, they look painful. What causes them as my friend Christina has them too but my Mum has none!x
    I'd like to know more about what an Ice-cream sandwich entails- it is very tasty? xx

    1. I notice that Julie didn't reply, unless she did it in a private message, so I'll answer your question. Her daughter doesn't live in PEI, but her daughter's husband if originally from PEI, so they routinely visit there when out east on vacation. Hence the lobster brought from the island.

  9. Such great smiles and family time mixed with lobster not bad! Yes the summer is sliding by fast

  10. no fancy place settings with little ones underfoot and a house full of family, love, sharing, regular life joy. perfect.

  11. Hi Julia, Thanks so much for asking Teresa to help me with my problem of commenting on others blogs....She responded quickly and worked a miracle.....I am so thankful......
    Your family is beautiful and it's obvious you have a good time together...So glad you are having a good summer with family time....Hugs....

  12. I just love this Julia, and I love that picture of your with your shoes off!!! You looks so relaxed and happy! It is quiet when they leave isn't it?
    Those lobsters are amazing. We never get any like that out here.
    I love how full your table and your house is. Such a fun time. I agree July is just racing by.

  13. I love your pic! It's good to see you relaxed and happy surrounded by family. Looks like it was a great time. That lobster looks amazing too! I would skip the beer and take that butter please! This month and this summer is flying by. I feel a bit overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate these days. I find that blogging gets put on the back burner or, like tonight, doing it at midnight! Take care Julia, it's always fun to visit you!

  14. Julia, this made me teary. I just love your family. You all radiate love and the spirit and essence of family. Bless each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing the love. HUGS.

  15. Wow! I'd love for Christine to visit us. We haven't had lobster in ages. Looks like y'all had a fun time.

  16. Hi Julia, you are not alone, not remembering the dates! I do the same too. Looks like a happy family gathering, plenty of fun and laughter and enjoying each other's company.

  17. Hi Julia, you are not alone, not remembering the dates! I do the same too. Looks like a happy family gathering, plenty of fun and laughter and enjoying each other's company.

  18. Time flies when you're having fun. Looks like you're making some great memories.

  19. Your George looks so nice and so French. Is he? I enjoyed your family photos and started to wonder when I last had a lobster dinner. You don't get that up here on the mountain.

    1. Yes Inger, he has some French in him. His ancestors came on the May Flower across the ocean.

    2. Mamoo, that doesn't sound right to me. George's relatives came at about the same time as the Mayflower, but it was, as far as I know, a different boat landing in a different place.

      The Mayflower passengers were mostly disaffected religious people from the "separatist" Leiden congregation who lived in Leiden, Holland. There were a bunch of recruited passengers too, but none of them have French surnames (the passenger roster is on line). They landed in Plymouth, which is in what is now Massachusetts, in the fall of 1620. So the timing is pretty close, but not the people.

      The first ancestor of George's who landed here in the new world was, as far as I can tell, Antoine Bourg (Bourque), who was born in Poitou-Charente, France around 1609 (exact date not known). I forget the name of the boat they sailed on, but it landed on in or near Port-Royal, Acadie (now Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia) around 1632. He came with a group that occupied 3 boats, and I can't find their names. There's a lot of information, but it's a bit of a hunt to track it down. Antoine was also a farmer and he had 12 children. He married Antoinette Landry, also a recent French immigrant of Port-Royal. If I recall correctly he is the only individual of that family name from which all of the Bourques (and some alternate spellings) descend.

      It's a long and deep history, to be sure, but unless he has some Yankee in his closet that I don't know about, the Mayflower doesn't figure in the picture.

    3. That's quite the history lesson. I'm not much into ancestry so thanks for the correction Tired Adult. I'm very tired too right now from chopping the top branches of the ceader hedge.

  20. HI Julia! Thanks for popping over to my blog to say "hi". I have been lurking at your blog but just never took the time to sign in and say hello. I am always amazed at all you do and yet you don't look tired and you seem to always be smiling. Loved the pictures of your family! The lobster looks delicious!

  21. Hi Julia, Summer is just flying by & the weather has not felt much like summer yet. With August just around the corner the latter part of summer should be great, right into the fall!
    Your family looks to be enjoying being with you & George & the lobster feast looks oh so yummy. Your days are just so full with the farm work & the family socializing that time has nowhere to move but fly above you. That's how it slips away! LOL Savor the rest of your summer with friends & family even if time has rolled away from you & the days just fly by. It's a full life you lead & I enjoy visiting & hearing about it!

  22. Hi,
    I have never had fresh lobster. Your feast looks just wonderful. I love how it is full of love and family!
    I agree, I still do not understand how this month can be just about over.
    Soon we will be talking about how cold it is. Ha Ha!
    I enjoyed this post. :-)

  23. It is very happy to spend time with our family. You have got a very beautiful family. Enjoy the days...

  24. The summer is indeed going very fast and frustrating around here darn rain. It looks like family time is what is needed to make the world perfect. Love all these pics and the pic up straws one made me laugh. Take care I am off to rake than bale before the rain comes back. HUGS B

  25. The summer is indeed going very fast and frustrating around here darn rain. It looks like family time is what is needed to make the world perfect. Love all these pics and the pic up straws one made me laugh. Take care I am off to rake than bale before the rain comes back. HUGS B

  26. I loved your family pictures. You caught love of family in those photos.
    I finished reading your post with a smile on my face, hugs cheri

  27. Hey you all look like you had a great time!!! Glad to see you and family having fun! :) I'm enjoying family along with hooking like crazy! Thank goodness it's not as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago!!!
    Hugs to you and everyone on the farm (the animals too!) Sunnie :)

  28. Believe it or not but I have never had lobster. I really need to go to New England some day and try it!

  29. Really enjoy your posts Julia. Jan from RHD.

  30. I love your "camping" style:) Makes me feel right at home and with family. Your love for your family is such a sweet inspire! It's a beautiful thing. As are you:)

  31. Wow, what a wonderful, fun family get together and terrific pictures sweet Julia. That lobster looks yummy, I haven't had any in a whole lot of years. Your feet look like my feet, those bunions do love to get out of shoes don't they? Hope sweet Daniel was feeling all better when he woke up. Looks like everyone made sure Joe had a very nice birthday celebration. I don't set a fancy table either when I was younger and did holiday dinners I would but no more. I really enjoyed this post. Hope you are doing well my sweet friend, I know you are working hard, you always do. Hugs

  32. That's a cute photo of you, JB! YUMMY! I love lobster! What a gorgeous one on your plate!

  33. Other than the lobster *shudders*, loved the pictures.It looks like you've been having an epic summer.

  34. Happy belated Birthday to the birthday boy! Looks like a lot of family and fun.
    LOBSTER! Yum.

    Glad to see a picture of you sitting barefoot. I didn't think that was possible. You totally need to do more of that.

  35. |I have never tasted lobster, it looks too pretty to eat! How lovely to see a lovely big family of different generations all spending quality time together.

  36. Hi Julia, lovely and fun family gathering. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family pictures. I definitely love the lobster.... eaten several times and I enjoyed it.

    Barefoot at home is really comfortable and relaxing. :))
    Have a great week ahead,regards.

  37. Looks like a fabulous visit! And those lobsters look mouth watering!

  38. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. :-)

  39. I agree that summer is going by way too fast! I love fall, but I need more summer days first! :)

    Looks like you had a blast with your family. Lots of memories were made for sure.

  40. Even though I've been a poor blogger this summer, I always enjoy reading about your life on the farm, Julia, and I always marvel at what you accomplish each day! Hope you are staying cool. Thanks for always reading and commenting on my blog. Its nice to know someone is listening. Sarah