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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


On Monday I  was asked to look  after my great grandson Cypress for a few hours. He got his first haircut and he now looks like a little man...  Cypress loves to have his picture taken and always wants me to get my camera out and then he wants to see the pictures of himself.
For the benefit of the family, I included lots of  Cypress photos, so bear with me.

As some of you know, Cypress is obsessed with roosters and every time he comes for a visit, he wants to see the laughing roosters on Youtube. He watches it over and over.

He's eating some corn puffs that doesn't have any additive and it's my snack of choice.

It's back at watching the laughing roosters and munching.

It's now time to feed the hungry bear.

He's giving me the sign of peace I hope. I wonder where he learned that. He stuck his fingers in front of the camera and my camera is set on auto focus. The fingers are clear but not the face...

I told him to smile and instead he's hamming it up for the camera, the little toot. He's got snack of clementine, banana, and corn puff and great grandpa says that I'm spoiling him. I think they are healthy snacks...

Climbing on the coffee table with his cat and bear. He thinks it's cool to have the cat on the bear's back.

Great grandpa wants to have his picture taken too. Cypress looks so serious when he gets his photo taken sometimes. He looks right into the camera.

He climbed on the chair and saw some grapes on the counter and wanted some.

Now it time for a sip of milk. See the frame on the table. There's a rooster inside, what else. He got a little ice cream cone too but I didn't take a picture of that either.

Cypress loves to clean and I gave him a damp dishcloth and he scrubbed the fridge door and he was also scrubbing my cupboard doors. They really need a good scrubbing.
I missed a good shot of him sweeping the floor and using the dustpan. I was busy making soup.

Last summer when I was babysitting Cypress, he was getting tired and I turned the music on my laptop to  Canon in D, by Johann Pachelbel; Original Version Youtube and he listen to the soothing  music and he fell asleep. Now he still love that music so much and he watches the ladies playing the violins and will listen to it for a long time. I find it very soothing too.

He was busy scribbling  and started with one and then with two pencils he found on my desk.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of vignette with my little great grandson Cypress. I had a great time although I didn't get a lot done.
Thanks for visiting my little blog and know that I really appreciate your generous comments.
Spring isn't very far away. Stay healthy and safe.


  1. Julia, he is so cute. He is a hard worker helping you clean up. I adored all the pics . Were having spring early. Hugs cheri

  2. Grandsons/great grandsons are meant for spoiling.
    I love Pachelbel's Canon, too.
    Hugs :)

  3. Little Cypress! What a cutie! You are a fun granny!

  4. so cute he liked scrubbing and loves roosters. :)

  5. Cypress is very handsome. I liked the thought of him giggling at the dancing roosters. Those sound very healthy snacks, Mmmmm!!!! Xx

  6. He's a cutie! Now I'm going to have to go look up laughing roosters on youtube!

  7. He is so sweet my mother always said you can't spoil a good kid so I think he will be just fine.

  8. I love days with kids. I alway learn something new about myself. Cypress looks like he'd be a hoot. Now, let me go look for those laughing roosters.

  9. He is a cutie! You are a lucky woman!

  10. Can't believe you have a "great"grandson! He is a cutie!
    How funny that he likes to clean. He can come visit me anytime!

  11. Well Cypress has a good chance of becoming a chicken farmer, a movie star or an artist. I've plenty of cleaning equipment how about Cypress comes to visit me for an afternoon.

  12. Oh, my goodness! What a treat to see Mr. Cypress visiting his Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa. He is such a handsome little guy. I remember how you worked with him through his distrust of roosters. I am amused to see how he still loves them. Great pictures, my friend. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Cypress is adorable! No wonder he likes to have his picture taken.
    Looks like he kept grandma very busy.
    Glad you had an enjoyable day with him.

  14. He has grown so much. I am so glad you took pictures of him today. I bet he loves hanging out with you.
    I love it when they like to clean. Mine do the same thing. Have a lovely day today Julia

  15. Cypress is so cute. He is going to be a great helper to you.

  16. Hi Julia,
    What a little doll Cypress is and reminded me of my son who was always eating!! You are a wonderful great grandma and it shows in each photo! You can tell he had such a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing your darling boy with us!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
    Warm Hugs~

  17. Growing like a weed that cute little Cypress is. What a great little helper to have around, he can come visit me my cabinets could use a good scrubbing too. :) These are all adorable pictures sweet Julia thanks for sharing them. Hugs

  18. What great fun you had with Cypress! Glad he knows to share his snack with that bear!:-) ...xo Nellie

  19. A sweetheart!! I love that he wanted to share his snack with the bear.
    I think it is so fun he loves roosters. :-)

  20. What a great way to spend a day! Cypress is certainly a cutie and it appears the three of you were in heaven enjoying each other!!! You are the queen of snacks for sure, they looked quite yummy!! Thanks for sharing your Great grandson!
    Take Care

  21. What an evening brightener this post is Julie. Cypress is sooooo adorable! I think you both chose some healthy, and tasty snacks. How cute that he discovered the grapes, once again a healthy choice.

    It's wonderful that you all had a day to spend together Julie. They really do grow up too fast. It's best to enjoy each and every moment.

    Thank you so much for sharing your great-grandson and day with Julie...

  22. He is an adorable little man :)

  23. Wow! the resemblance with Cypress and his mother is grand. He sure is a cutie pie

  24. "the little toot" :)
    I love that...never heard that. Will remember:)
    What a sweet pea; you're one blessed gramma:)
    And he is wildly blessed to have you in his life, too! Little guy who loves to clean...swoon:)
    Big hugs to you, friend,

  25. he is so so so cute.. :)

  26. He's adorable! There's nothing quite so wonderful as these little ones, eh? I'm going to miss them so bad when they start leaving home.

  27. what a lovely pics ,he is adorable and cute may God bless him with long healthy life

  28. Happy 50th Anniversary to you and George.May you have many more. Love you.

    1. Thanks so much Delcina, Love and hugs,

  29. Hi Julia..Happy 50th Anniversary for you and George..haapy nice day FOREVER.

  30. He's so cute. Such a fun day.

  31. Julia--- lol.... I've been there. Busy busy busy!! I wish I had their energy-- but I don't-- and a day of babysitting kicks my butt!! Cypress is just adorable and I know you had a great day--- but I'm sure you were worn out!!