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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It might be cheaper turning water into wine but I don't mine spending a little money to have someone else do the work for me.  Mary knew that Jesus was able to turn water into wine instantly at Canna's wedding when she realized that they ran out of wine for the wedding guests...  I can't do that so I have to do it the natural way...
 It's been a while since I got a batch of wine on the go and my little rack was empty as I gave a lot away as gifts... I was going to have some made for Christmas but when my daughter Nicole decided to come in July instead of Christmas as she didn't want to be caught in long overseas flights delays because of ice storms again as it happened to her twice in a row... I decided that I would wait before getting a few batches on the go as there was plenty of time...

October last fall made  me realize that she was never coming home again to taste my wine again.  My plan to make wine just fizzled out... I've accepted that and life must go on anyway.  She's got the best wine from the true vine that makes my wine pale by comparison.

So, just last week, I  got a batch of one of my favorite red wine, Valpolicella. I insisted that they don't add sulfite to it as it gives me headaches. The wine is great and no headaches.  I like a glass of wine with my supper meal and I like to relax at the end of the day with a nice glass of red wine. I have the labels but I still have to put them on. That's the least of my worries right now... haha, it still taste the same without the labels.

In the summer after work, I like to sit on the swing on the deck and sip a good glass of wine. I still have two batches of of wine on the go. Another favorite of mine is a white Gewurztraniner and I'm trying a Pinot Noir this time. I'm not a wine connoisseur but I trust my palate to tell me what I like.

On the gardening front, I've got my potatoes planted just so I can have some small fresh first potatoes for my Hodgepodge recipe, yummy. George also got lots planted at the farm...  also I got my onions in but nothing else in the garden although, I've transplanted tomatoes and green peppers in large pots.
I didn't started my own seeds this year as I was in Ottawa and couldn't care for seedlings when away and wasn't in the mood to care for seedlings. My daughter Jackie's peas are up....

I've been enjoying a constant display of flowers in bloom this spring and there's more too come. The skunks also enjoyed destroying my poor neglected lawn.  Look at the mess they created and the bad weeds have really taken over...

Nothing is perfect but it better to look at the color and greenery than to look at a brown lawn and messy dead flower beds. I'm always amazed at the transformation that spring brings.

The flood came and went with no damage. You can see the drainage pipe to pump water from the basement. What a big relief.

Some blue little bulbs I planted last fall.

I had just finished digging out and redoing this flowerbed when I received news of Nicole's death last October. The border bricks were left there and are still there. It's pretty well goes the whole length of the property in the back, right to the shed. Digging those perennials was such hard tedious work.

The Azaleas on the right just finished blooming and the pink Azaleas are now blooming.

Some blooms on the old rock wall.

I  dug out all my weedy and neglected perennials from this flower bed and George added some top soil and manure compost so I can replant this flower bed. He made deep tractor tracks on the lawn that he had to reseed but there's still some work to be done . We need to get some cement edging to hold the soil in place and a new eave through up above as the rain cut through the middle. Right now, my plants are still sitting on the door step.

That's it for now.
I hope that you all had a nice week so far.
Thanks for your visit and please leave your comments so I know you visited.  I  usually get over a hundred visits per post,  but only a handful bother to comment.   Comments encourages bloggers to continue blogging. I've noticed a large decline in blogging post lately from many of my followers. I hope that you will come back to blogging again.
Hugs and smiles.


  1. What a nice bunch of wine you have!! I love your yard and your wonderful flowerbeds!! What a huge amount of work you do!! Your tulips are so nice and big. I love seeing your yard and how green everything is. We are already brown. You are such a hard worker. Thank you so much for sharing today.

  2. Your gardens are always spectacular Mom. Every year!!! There is always something blooming when the snow is gone.
    And when did your azalea bush get so huge???

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and tasting your yummy wine next month!!!

  3. That does it. I'm moving into your barn. I love a glass of wine at supper too. Your yard looks amazing.
    We had our first batch of new potatoes yesterday for dinner. They were incredible.

  4. How wonderful you get the wine the way you want. I enjoy a nice glass of wine also at the end of the day. Not every day but often. Your flowers are lovely and my peas are up also. the main reason I plant them is my grand daughter loves to pick and eat them right in the garden. A good enough reason I say.
    keep blogging

  5. Julia,
    Your yard is just spectacular. I don't know how you keep up with it in addition to your farm chores!!!
    Oh how I'd love to come join you for a glass of wine ~ or!
    So happy to see another blog post from you.
    Hugs :)

  6. I know absolutely nothing about wine. I do enjoy a glass now and then and honestly when I buy it I usually buy it for the bottle :) I know you are laughing. :) Your garden shows your hard work and they are beautiful.Keep blogging. I have found it very difficult to catch up and keep up too. I guess everything has a season. HUGS B

  7. You made my day! I love the flowers and your yard! Lovely! Please make sure you get to enjoy it. A glass of wine at the end of the day will help. You struck a chord here, too. Bill likes a glass of red wine to relax when he has a few days off from work. He will check out Valpolicella. I am always happy to visit with you! Hugs, sweet friend.

  8. Hi Julia,
    I'm sure the wine Jesus made was just perfect, don't you??
    Your garden is just beautiful and so green, especially after all that rain you had!! Your energy and projects just amaze me and I so admire all that you do!! I'm sure the wine is a nice reward after a full and busy day!!
    I'm always happy to see a post by you and am so happy you will keep blogging!! It is so important and so worthwhile! Thanks so much for all you share, my friend!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!! Don't work too hard!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  9. Hi Julia,
    Your yard is beautiful and the hard work shows!

    I wish we could all raise a glass and honor Nicole....

    Hugs my friend.

  10. Your yard looks like someone strong and hardworking cares for it - YOU! You make wine, too? You can do everything!

  11. You have beautiful flowerbeds, Julia. I love the tulips! It's so much work to keep after them, but I think you've done a great job. Sometimes I really miss my big perennial bed, but not when I think of all the work it took to care for it.

  12. My sincere compliments on your beautiful garden, your plans for pinot noir --a favorite of mine-- and upon your strength. You are remarkable.

  13. It's always an absolute joy to get a tour of your gardens! I agree... Spring is always such a celebration of color! I hope to update my blog soon with a little project I've been stitching on.... I think I read so many other people's blogs, that I don't leave enough time to update my own blog? lol! It's all good! :-)

  14. I love your flowers, what a garden you have. How do you find the time?

  15. I love, love your gardens. I like the brick that you are laying.
    I know nothing about wine, so I enjoyed learning from you.
    I like to have a small glass of Blackberry Brandy in the evening.

  16. Sweet Julia your yard is a thing of beauty to behold. Those flowers are gorgeous. Keep enjoying your wine and I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs

  17. I am not sure how you do all that you do. Your yard and flowers are so pretty. We are enjoying rain in Georgia but unfortuantly the weeds grow with the flowers . I have never been able to develop a taste of wine so I will just continue to drink my coffee.

  18. Your garden looks so clean and beautiful. It has many colorful flowers:)

  19. I'm glad you got your wine going again, cheers! I did not know that you can get it without sulphites?! I stopped drinking it as I'm allergic to sulphites & swell up in hives from it. It is in so many things & I now carry Benydryl with me, to stop the itchy swelling skin breakouts. Red wine is good for you!
    I love, love your garden. I can't wait to have the landscaping finished here. Right now it's lawn mowing with bits of lawn & landfill with large stones that I have to dodge, with the tractor mower. All the bulbs are now up here & it's so nice to see colour, other than white! I really like your Azalea bush & will research that one for here, so pretty & so full!
    The stone edging is very nice & will be helpful when mowing the grass. Bill put in vertical plastic edging, it looked nice but is hard to mow around & I have to learn to 'whipper snip' the edges. I like the flat stone idea!
    Enjoy the summer as it will be the fastest season & winter seems like such a memory now. I'm going to savour this time & remember it next February! lol
    Take care,
    Sip some wine & have one for me! lol

  20. Your flowers are so very beautiful. That's no small feat to keep such a beautiful garden being as busy as you are.

    Don't you just LOVE summer!

  21. Hi Julia...glad you are posting once again!!! Your landscaping looks great as usual. I was glad to read about Nicole...what a treasured daughter and an accomplished woman. Hugs to you and family, Sunnie :)

  22. Julia, I'm so glad you reminded me about your blog on my list. I don't know how it got moved off. Another blog I follow also was removed and I had to put it back in! I'm so happy you're blogging again and I hate when I miss a post as nice as this one! Your yard looks so great and I know you're Spring is behind ours and it's fun to see the plants in your yard that have stopped blooming in mine! I don't drink alcohol but wine making and, booze too!, were a part of my relatives lives. My Grandfather made the hard stuff in a bathtub to help pay the bills back in the 20's and 30's. He was Greek and he also owned a tavern and I used to love to visit my uncle's wine cellar in his home when I was little. So enjoy your fruit of the work hard! I haven't felt all that great since my bite. I've been tired also, no appetite, and sometimes I get lightheaded...but that could be from the meds I'm on to fight this crazy infection. Just keep an eye on your bite and if it gets worse please see a Doc! Take care dear friend!

  23. I do think your garden is marvellous!
    I am a little confused over whether you actually made the wine or you bought it as you mentioned the labels! Either way, I do hope you enjoy it. I am sorry that Nicole didn't get to try your wine again but as you say, she is trying the true vine! Still, I wish she was with you. xxx