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Sunday, June 18, 2017


I was blessed to be visited by my granddaughter Jordyn with  great granddaughter baby Willow and great grandson Cypress last week. Cypress wanted to be the photographer, I had no problems with that. He took a few shots that I will share with you, the others , I'll spare you, lol...

Cypress is 3 months short of 4 years old and still can't figure how to look in the camera viewing piece  with one eye closed and the other opened. He closes both eyes and he brings my heavy Canon T1i camera to his forehead and can't see what he's shooting at, but he loves taking photos and get's annoyed when they don't turn out. He checks each photos after every shots and either groans if they turn out blurry or out of focus or squeals with delight when they turn out OK. He also makes sure the camera is turned off when he is finished taking his pictures.... It's just so funny. I hope you enjoy viewing his shots of his Mamoo.

Yep, Cypress took that photo of his grandmother. He was quite pleased with himself.

Then he took this picture and it didn't matter to him that he cut off my head, he was so pleased with himself, so it's a keeper. I'm too tall anyway at 5'1''. Yes, I shrunk one inch, but still I'm too tall for Cypress.   That's what happens when you get to be a shrink...

He's still  shooting away. I had to delete quite few photos just because they were blurry and I'm running low on space in my iPhoto library...

When Willow was smiling, of course Murphy's law would have it that I didn't had my camera handy as I was preparing lunch but when I tried to get a smile out of her she was just too tired.  You can see it in her eyes, but I still think she's gorgeous.

She really tried hard but when the Everready batteries runs out a girl has to recharge her batteries...

Such  sweet moment, don't you think!!! She gave her all but just couldn't make it work...  She was in Dream Lane faster than I could say"Sweet Dreams my little angel.

Meanwhile, the Irises are blooming and the Daylilies are putting out some foliage.

Another Azalea takes it's turn at the  blooming parade although it's hiding behind an Azalea that bloomed earlier.

More Irises showing off.

Yet some more Irises blooming their little hearts out for me by the big rock... This is one that my daughter Jackie gave me years ago. I just love the color.

The colors are a bit faded in this photo but these pink  Cherub Smiles Irises are also trying hard to do their best under the scalding sun.

Finally a new flowerbed that was born of a dream.  Reid and George worked on it last week after I dug up all the perennials out.  What a job that was.  The lawn is all torn up but the flowerbed is done.  Now I need time to plant sone flowers in there. The lawn has been repaired and seeded but I don't have a photo of it.

Life is very busy on the farm as the haying season has begun.

 I ended up in emergency for a bug bite that got infected similar to Yaya  of  Whispering Pines  so I'm on antibiotic.

It looks similar to hers but it way up on the back of my thigh so I'll spare you the photo and you should all be thankful.


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  1. Beautiful photos all, Julia. Cypress will get the hang of it too --even though his learning stages add a special charm to his results.

  2. OK that first picture of you is absolutely priceless!!!! He's got a budding career.

    Looks like such a wonderful time with grandbabies and sweetness.

    Love your yard and the border around the house. I need to
    come up with something like that and yours is the prettiest I've seen.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Two very cute stories about two adorable children! :-) A great way to start a day!

  4. That youngun will be a photographer yet :) your flowers are beautiful. That picture of Willow is award worthy.

  5. I love the pictures of you! Willow is so sweet and a nap always sounds good.
    Your flowers are amazing as always. So sorry you got bit by a bug they are very thick this year from all the rain here.

  6. Aw! Such sweet photos!
    You work so hard on your patch, Julia! It looks so good!
    I'm so sorry about that bug bite.

  7. What a great photo of you! Sounds as if you had a great time with those two sweet great grands! Your flower gardens (last post) are spectacular! Always happy to see what you are up to...always the bust bee!
    Take good care,
    Robyn xo

  8. Good day sweet Julia. It looks as if there is a great photographer coming up in the family. Sweet Cypress did great taking those photos. Sweet Willow is adorable no matter what and doesn't have to smile to be so. Your flowers are gorgeous with so many colors. I really enjoyed the pictures and seeing your beautiful plants. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

  9. Oh, I forgot...sorry about the bug bite and it getting infected. Hope it is gone very soon. Hugs

  10. Eek, I peeked at the bug bite photo. Oh my! Is it from a mosquito? Please keep us posted on how things go with healing. I will be praying for you.

    I enjoyed the story of Cyrpess. Willow is so cute.

    I loved the garden tour. Thank You :-)

  11. What a wonderful post! I cannot believe that Cypress is so big (almost 4)! Willow is a cutie pie! And, you! Great picture! Thank you for sharing your visit here.
    Are you okay? That bug bite sounds bad. Get well soon! HUGS.

  12. Cypress took some great photos. He got a great one of you. Oh, I understand the shrinking part :(
    Your gardens look amazing.
    Hugs :)

  13. Ha your little Cypress is trying to be like his Grandma! He took so good pictures of you - he if he can get those shots with his eye's closed just think of the pictures he can capture with his eye's open. It's just a matter of time!! Now that miss Willow is too cute for words, I just want to snuggle that sweet baby. Nothing like a little darling curled up on your shoulder, oh how I love babies!! Your flowers are so beautiful. My Irises are done blooming, I wish they were a year round thing because they are such a tall majestic flowering plant and yours look so good! Well farm girl, have a great week. I'm sure it will be a busy one for you.
    Hugs my friend,

  14. Well I think Cypress did and amazing job taking photos. What lovely babies and your yard looks just amazing!! I am so sorry you got a bug bite like that. I am glad they gave you antibiotics.When Ron got bit by the black widow they didn't know what to do and gave him all of the wrong things. We know now. Your flowers are just lovely. I love your new flowerbed. I bet you are busy with haying. Lovely post Julia. Willow is beautiful too.Its so nice to see a picture of her. Have a lovely day.

  15. Hope that nasty bite clears up quick! Mine is finally good and I'm off all the pills. Your flowers are beautiful and I can see how much work you've done with that new planting area. I'm sure it will be as lovely as the rest. Your little photographer did great! You may be the one to help him in a career in photography in the future! Your little angel is so the pics of her sweet, sleepy face. Have a good week Julia!

  16. Cypress is doing great as a new photographer!!!!! Give him an extra hug from those of us who enjoy his work !!! :)
    Willow is so sweet...yes, when it is time to sleep-you sleep! Garden is looking beautiful as usual and I like your new bed by the house. Happy Summer! Hugs to you and family, Sunnie :)

  17. Hi Julia,
    I have been absent between vacation and now a bad flu bug, but am finally catching up with my blogger friends!!
    Such a sweet photo of you, taken by Cypress!!! I think he has a future in photography!!!! So sweet that he is trying and doing such a great job!!!
    Willow is just beautiful and when they are so sleepy it is just darling!!! I know you must adore her!!!!
    Your gardens are just STUNNING!!! I can still see all that snow and now you can enjoy the beauty that was sleeping!!
    Sorry about that bug bit!! Hope you are well and back to normal!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and have a great weekend, my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  18. Your garden is looking absolutely amazing!!! Due to your great care and attention! You are such a hard worker Julia!
    Cypress is so funny! Bless him for his effort. I like the shots he took of you; even the one with the chair in frontof you!
    The little girl is so beautiful and I love those photos!!!
    Hope you are well. xxx

  19. What a great picture of you smiling! That little grandson of yours has talent!Children learn what they live & Julia your photos are stunning, to say the least! The one of Willow just trying to hang in there, is precious.She has beautiful blue eyes!
    Your garden has really come to life! Mine has too & I was give a bunch of day lilies this year, from a friend thinning out her front garden. I'm still waiting on the topsoil, too much rain has fallen but with fingers crossed, it should be good to go this week.
    I don't know how you do all what you do with home & the farm. Hay season? It sounds like taking on another job to me! I'm still working on getting grass seed down! lol
    I panic to think 6 months today is Christmas!!!
    But I'm still savouring summer & the mosquitoes that are thick on me, before a rain. The pups don't like them much either. Take care of your bug bite, it must have been a bad one for antibiotics. I wear the net gizmo, if I'm out in the garden, the bugs love sweat & attack me.
    I enjoyed my visit & the catching up with you. You look so happy with those great-grandchilden & Cypress captured it, with a 'Cannon Moment'.
    Take care Julia.

  20. Oh what a beautiful punkin'head:)
    (yours is lovely too;))
    And your garden looks like Springtime!
    Your eyes have the look of Springtime as well:)
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world....
    glad for the photo of you!
    So nice to "see" you again:)

  21. I am a new follower...... wonderful stories, beautiful gardens, and fun to join you from Florida, USA......