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Saturday, May 27, 2017


It seems to happen a lot more to bloggers lately that they slow down in posting. I've been hesitant to post because my computer isn't working at maximum capacity with my hard drive being almost full and my iPhoto library  running out of space so I've finally deleted some duplicate photos to make room but it was a very tedious and time consuming job. I'm still getting the same message that my iPhoto is running out of space but I finally managed to upload a bunch of photos anyway.

My daughter Christine announced that she misses reading my blog lately so here Christine, this post is for you

In May Christine bought me 2 plane tickets to go visit her for a week for the Tulip Festival in Ottawa but it rained almost every day I was there. I did get to see the tulips but forgot to bring my camera. I had only one sunny day and I spent the afternoon outdoors weeding her little vegetable garden. I even  managed to get two therapeutic massage while there.  Sleeping in late was also a treat. No getting up at 5:00am.

Prior to leaving for Ottawa, we received a shipment of my daughter Nicole's personal things from Glasgow Scotland that we wanted to keep. I unpacked it and put everything away to be sorted out later.

There were 18 boxes of Nicole's stuff on pallets. George used the tractor fork lift to take it off the big transport truck and deposited on the garage floor. It was a rainy day.  The driver was happy as it made his job much easier.

Here below are some photos of my visit in Ottawa at the beginning of May.

James was anxious for my arrival so he kept track of how many sleep until my arrival. How sweet is that?

 He had received two Smithsonian semi precious stones kits that had to be hammered  out of hard bricks with little wooden mallets and sharp sticks. James and I worked for a whole hour to dig out these stones. He got so excited every time we found a stone. I did help him some. Notice that he's wearing a lab coat and a pair of safety glasses.

These are the stones we found in two bricks.

After the mess was cleaned out, he read a story to his mom.  James is in Kindergarten and is a good reader.

 Daniel played a marble game all by himself.

Again this year, James made it into the War Amp Champs magazine.  He was showing his new swimming arm paddle. James loves to swim under water with his new paddle.

What are the chance that my sister Leona and I would be in Ottawa at the same time. She was also visiting her daughter who lives one and a half hour drive away from my daughter's place. It was a treat to see her and her family.

This is her daughter Linda, grandson Samuel and son in law Richard.

A family photo.

I was resting in bed and James came in and asked me to read him a book...  He said something funny but I can't remember what he said that made me laugh out loud. James is a Senators Hockey fan. He  loves to watch the hockey game with his dad and even wears a Senators jersey.

I hope I still have some readers left. I'll try to do another post next week.
Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope that you all have a great weekend.
Hugs, Julia


  1. What a great post, Julia!
    I can see why those grands love having you visit. You are so kind and joyful.

  2. Thank you Mom!
    I do love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures in the garden and on the farm- though I wish you could retire from farming...
    Please come and visit again soon! You are 'Magical Mamoo'. You are the best mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother a kid could have! We all love you very much!!!

  3. Thank you Mom!
    I do love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures in the garden and on the farm- though I wish you could retire from farming...
    Please come and visit again soon! You are 'Magical Mamoo'. You are the best mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother a kid could have! We all love you very much!!!

  4. rain or not it would appear your trip was a huge success.

  5. Hi Julia,
    What a wonderful thing for your daughter to do and what a wonderful family trip!!! I know you enjoyed every minute with them and those sweet boys are adorable!! They certainly do look alike!! James looks so professional in his lab coat and safety glasses!!! His new paddle arm is amazing and how wonderful that he was featured!! I'm happy he is enjoying the water, too!!!
    Try not to put too much pressure on yourself about blogging!! We all have busy lives and blogging should be FUN! I always enjoy your posts!!
    Take care and hope you enjoy your weekend, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. It's always so nice to see some family photos! :-) Glad to hear everyone is enjoying their days!

  7. I love when you post! But, don't stress over it! You have a wonderful, active family and life. When you share it, it is a privilege to us all. It looks like you and everyone else had so much fun! Great pictures! HUGS!!

  8. Hi Julia,Looks like you had a great time in Ottawa with the family.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Blog when you can. I'll look forward to your next post.

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  10. I am so glad you got to go to your daughter's. the boys are growing by leaps and bounds. you got to rest and recharge your batteries.
    I am sure you were happy to receive the packages from your daughter but very sad to have them. I think of you often.
    Keep writing

  11. Enjoyed your post!
    Cute kiddos!

  12. Glad you had a relaxing time in Ottawa. James is a cutie patootie and smart too. It was sweet that he kept track of the number of sleeps he had before you arrived.

  13. Good to see a post from you sweet Julia. I am so happy for you that you got to enjoy some time with your daughter and those precious grandsons. And what a treat that you were able to visit with your sister and her family. That was quite a few stones you and James dug out. I hope you are doing well and you are not working too hard. Hugs

  14. I am so glad you posted even if I am late getting here. What a lovely time you look like you had Julia. I think all of your family look like great fun. I am so glad you got to go visit Christine.
    Have a wonderful week Julia.

  15. I'm glad Christine misses your blog posts. Maybe we'll hear from you more (hint, hint). This one was great. So many wonderful pictures and memories. It looks like you had a great time in spite of the rain.
    Hugs :)

  16. Your Christine sounds like my mother in law. That lady is my biggest fan and reader and doesn't hesitate to let me know when I'm slacking. I also appreciate your posts and miss you when you are gone, but then I see what you've been up to and smile. Family is so important and it's evident you are well loved. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and letting us into your life!
    Take Care Julia

  17. Julia, I'm guilty too of not blogging much. Time just has a way of slipping by me and before I know it, it's been months since I posted any thing!

    The boys are getting so big! They have grown so much! And you can tell they sure do love you!


  18. Hello Julia,
    I am happy you wrote a post. I always enjoy catching up with you. I am glad Christine asked you to do a post. ;-)

    Your getaway sounded like just what you needed. Your grandson's are so cute. Just love the smiles.


  19. What a wonderful treat for you to see your family, even your sister and her family. Thanks for sharing this, I loved reading it.

  20. Heartwarming. I am legally owned by 4 grandchildren and identify keenly with the smiles and group-photos. Thanks.

  21. I LOVE it when you post so a BIG thank you to Christine! Moooooore please!
    It's so nice to hear about your family and I am glad you got away to see them AND unexpectedly saw your sister. Do I presume you don't get to see her that often?
    James' Crystal kit sounds SOOOOO exciting! I would HAVE adored that as a child. When I was in Infant school, my best friend Claire and I spent all day, every play time searching for pretty stones. We'd fill our pockets and take them home. My Mum would despair of me as they often ended up in the washing machine and broke it. The best stone I ever found had secret crystals inside it- if you held it up to the light, you could see these green shards shining inside and it was iridescent rainbow on top. I carried it everywhere for weeks and one day, playing in the garden,left it on top of my shoes and it fell off andd I never saw it again. I was distraught!
    It's nice to hear he is interested in reading as well as Geology!
    I love your family photos! Lovely, smiling, happy people!
    I hope it wasn't too hard receiving Nicole's belongings. I imagine it made it seem all the more real (if I could get any more real, if you know what I mean). I remember sorting through my Grandad's belongings after he died was incredibly sad although bought back many happy memories. I hope that when you do go through the things, that it is the latter, rather than the former for you, though probably will be a mixture of the two.
    Please do post more, it is a joy to see you and hear what you have been doing!

  22. Hi Julia: I am so happy you went to Ottawa and away from the farm for a bit. To meet your sister there is a nice treat. Your grandchildren are awesome and I can see how much enjoyment you all have together.
    Nicole's things will give you comfort when you are ready. Take care and I am an email away. Hugs Hugs B

  23. I think Ottawa & the rest of Canada, was in a spring shower mode. You look happy & rested Julia & James brings the best out in you!
    That was a large shipment of Nicole's things. Two years ago, I finally looked into my Dad's paperwork & what a surprises I found. Dad died Sept 17th 2000, it took me 15 yrs to open the boxes, after moving out east, curiosity got the best of me. You will too, in your own time, when you are ready.
    I can't imagine your heartache, I just know the void I felt with Dad gone, we were very close.
    Spring is over & summer is now on the doorstep, ready to walk in & greet us. It was one long winter here on the east coast! I'm so glad that the flooding did not effect you this year.
    Thinking of you.

  24. I enjoyed reading this post. I love the "sleeps until grandma comes" You are definitely loved.
    Your laughter at the last photo was just how I picture you in everyday life.