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Sunday, March 18, 2018


In  April 2011 I attended an Annual Fibre Art Festival in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia with Jackie my daughter and her friend Sarah.  It's hard to believe it's been that long ago... I really enjoyed myself and met a lot of nice fiber artists.

One thing that got my attention was a  tabletop size wooden rack to hold wool worms for rug hooking that a fiber artist was using and it was totally covered with wool worm. I've been wanting one ever since and I looked everywhere online but couldn't find one, so the other day I decided to try to make one myself. I purchased 3 oak lats at Home Depot and I already had a package of small dowels from the Dollar Store. I wasn't sure how to start but I did some measuring and marked the lats using a soft pencil and dressmaker ruler, I marked precisely where to drill holes for the small pegs and I also marked where to cut lats and the small pegs. It took me quite a while to do this and I showed it to my husband and he said, "Oh I'll take that to Lorenzo and he can cut that for you. He also took a thick piece of pine board for the base.

I had shown how tall the worm holder was approximate, using my hands. Later on that day, George arrived home with a floor model of the wool worm holder. It was beautiful but it was so wide that I had difficulty getting it through the door in my hooking room. Do men think that bigger is better?lol...

This evening, George said I'm sure we can make a table size one.  I think that would be nice. So maybe bigger is OK but smaller is more practical for me.

So here is a photo of the floor model. The top can turn so I don't have to reach to the other side.

Even though I wanted a table size model, this one will work just fine for home but if ever I retire and want to go to hook-ins, I may want a table size model. Now I got to transfer my next challenge chairpad rug design to the backing and start hooking. It will be nice having my wool worms handy. 

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Julia


  1. WOW!!! That will hold a lot of worms 😏

  2. What a clever way to organize all those worms!

  3. If you couldn’t find any online maybe you should build them for others and sell them. Maybe that could be sideline when you do retire.

    It looks great!

  4. Wow, sweet Julia more of your talent has come to the surface. That is cool! Good job. Hugs

  5. Look at you! So resourceful:) I love that your first thought was to make something yourself. That kind of spirit is infectious....thanks for inspiring me all over again:)

  6. I think that going to a festival is a great way of meeting people who are potential contacts. Meeting people whose interests are the same as yours is essential to build your hobby. You can’t do it all on your own even if you think you can. They are superb pieces of artwork. The observer who doesn’t appreciate how much work goes into each one should know. I really admire your tenacity and the way you get things done. Maybe you SHOULD think about building them yourself.

  7. That is awesome!! That looks just awesome. What a great job. I hope someday to go to hook ins too.
    I am so glad that you got one. Really 2011? I still remember that when you went and met Kim. I always thought that was so much fun.

  8. I love your handyman's work. :-) Even if it is a wee big. :-))
    I am looking forward to seeing your creative work. You always amaze me with your patterns and skill.

  9. Hi, Julia. It is so like you to see something, think how to make one, then carry the idea out. You get jobs done! My knowledge of "worms", and hooking rugs is limited to what you have told on your blog. ( i do knit, crochet, sew, etc, for what that's worth. Would like to see a picture of your worm holder when you have it loaded with worms? Thanks!
    I have never known of anyone's hooking rugs here in TX. Would like to watch it being done. I guess there is always YouTube. Nobody can outdo you in the artistry department.

  10. I agree with RunNRose. YOU are quite the artist! I'm glad you have a new tool. Tools are nice and vary in effectiveness, so when you get a good one you know! Take care, kind hearted one. YOU are a light.

  11. Hi Julia,
    What an AMAZING woman you are!!! How cool is that worm holder!!!! So very clever and I agree that you should think about offering those for sale!! Not only practical but also attractive! Looking forward to seeing the table top version!! Great job, my friend!
    Hope spring is making an appearance in your part of the world!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  12. I would cut that one down if you want it smaller.
    But great job! I wouldn't mind having one of those but it is all about space.
    so glad you are back to hooking again.

  13. That's a good idea! Well done to him for having a go at helping you to make one, even if it is too big!

    I was sorry to hear you have slipped so many times in the snow and hurt yourself Julia- you need to be careful. That said, I know it's pretty hard in the ice and snow- it is very treacherous!xx

  14. hey lovely dear..
    your post are so wonderful,and really this is so helpful for me,I’m so happy for that.thanks dear for awesome sharing..

  15. It's beautiful! Great teamwork! :-)

  16. I think it is perfect. Bigger is not always better I believe. Have fun with it. Hugs B

  17. Very clever Julia! You will have many coloured worms for your projects at your finger tips now. I've been to hook ins & have never seen that gizmo, you are a trend setter with this invention you have created! You also have your own connections to make it happen!
    Happy hooking.