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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


The weather has been amazing and the snow has been melting these last few sunny days. What a sudden change from extreme cold to nice warm days. The sky is so blue, it takes my breath away and it gives me hope for Spring.

I planted some Geraniums seeds on February 13th and tomorrow they will be a month old. I can't believe it's been a month already. Time sure is going fast. Yesterday, I transplanted them in small pots and transferred them in the basement under my grow lights.

Here is a specimen of my Geranium seedling.

They are slow so it's important to start them early. Not all my seeds germinated as some dried up because of low humidity in the house but I still have more than I need... I had them in my sunroom but didn't put plastic over them as I was afraid it would get too hot inside the plastic bags.

I cleaned out my grow light unit that was under water for 8 days in the last spring flood and George only had to replace one fluorescent tube. It's amazing that the unit still works after being toppled over and under water for so long.

On March 11th I started some pink and red Inpatients and I put them on a heat mat under the florescent lights with plastic bags over them to keep them from drying out.

I love ginger and use it often in stirfries. This year, I tried a new experiment and planted some ginger roots that I purchased at the grocery store. I cut the piece of ginger in two and planted them with the little nob up

I watered the pot well and covered the roots with an inch of soil and put it in the sun in my sunroom.
I follow the sun with it so it can get as much as possible since the daylight is still short.

This is how much they have grown since I planted them a month ago. So far, they look healthy.

The other day, I also planted some old seeds to test if they were still good and I can see two have rooted on the edge. I think they might be blue Morning Glory.  I have some lettuce and lupins seeds in there as well but they did not sprout yet.

Another first, I ordered some blueberry bushes this year. It was a project that I was going to tackle last spring but severe flooding got in the way. I ordered 2 varieties, 4 Chippewa and 4 Northland and it will be several years before I can pick blueberries from them.  They say it will take 4 years to produce berries.

I haven't been very productive but I've been having fun playing cards with my husband every night rather than get on the computer. We play a game of 45.

I hope you are having some spring-like weather where you are also.
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Hugs, Julia


  1. Hi Julia, I know you will have a wonderful garden. So glad spring is on its way where you live. The sun came out here too, today and my yard is green. I will post some pictures soon. I love what you are doing with the ginger. I hope it continues to do well.

  2. I LOVE playing cards- especially Slam! I wish CBC would want to play. Mind you, it's not like I ask him often!
    You are a good nurturer of seedlings! I look forward to seeing their progress! I've not planted ANYTHING yet but my mum is growing some tomato seedlings for me!

  3. I think it sounds so nice. I love seeing all of your seed starts. You have always amazed me with your green thumb. I was going to work outside today but the sun is shining but the wind makes is unbearable. This has been such a normal March for here. I love seeing how your seeds are growing and what you have been doing.

  4. Ah! Spring!! How nice to have some plants growing in the house then soon to be transplanted to the outside garden. We are still pretty buried in snow but the weather has finally turned toward the warm side, I hope it stays. I'm excited to see your ginger taking root and sprouting. you'll have to post the progress. I've never seen a Ginger
    root plant but have bought the root from the grocery store. It will be fun to see what it turns into. How fun for you and your husband to play cards together. It's nice to have time with one another. We play dice when we go camping.
    Thanks for bring a bit of Spring into our homes with your sproutlings.
    Take Care Julia!

  5. You definitely have a green thumb! I think blue morning glories are my favorite, but I have no luck with them.
    Happy to hear your snow is melting and there is the promise of spring ❤️

  6. You will love the blueberries. I’m gyro plant a few more this year.
    I’m also trying my hand at sprouting seeds on a heat mat and under grow lights.
    I read where another massive storm is moving through the Midwest here in the US. Hope it doesn’t dump tons of snow and ice there.

  7. Hi,
    I love that you play cards with your sweetheart. I do too. We like to play a game on Saturday mornings if we do not have something going on.
    You will love having blueberries. My mom did for many years. She enjoyed going out and picking. I loved when she made me blueberry pancakes. :-)
    I started some seeds today! Think Spring!!

  8. Those tiny green sprouts are beacons of hope that Spring will soon be here! I can almost smell the relaxing aroma of moist soil....mmmmm... happiness! :-)

  9. Hi Julia! Wow! You have some great things growing to add to your gorgeous garden!
    The warmer weather always holds promise. We just had a snow storm.

  10. Wow, you've been busy with seeds & it's wonderful to see them going. I'm excited just looking at the oat cat grass growing for the pets. Green growing through the dark earth is life waking up. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful garden Julia & those new geraniums this summer!
    Glad your playing cards, I like playing cribbage, a game my dad taught me when I was young. I think my neighbours play 45 every Friday night with several other people, with wine & snacks it's a social & a date night for you & George!
    Spring is coming & it is in the air!
    Hugs, Cynthia

  11. you must have great patience, I find growing from seed too slow and have to admit I go out and buy plants as they are just about to flower for bedding/tubs! lazy me. Growing berries looks interesting, I guess it's a three year plan and not to be hurried :)

  12. Sweet Julia I would love it if my thumb was as green as yours. You always have such beautiful plants. We are finally seeing some sunshine after over two months of rain every two or three days. It is wonderful to see and feel the sun and see the sky with no rain clouds. Not much blooming here yet but with the sun I am sure I will see lots of blooms soon. My Shug and I used to play was so much fun. Hugs sweet friend.

  13. You're on your way! Next week you can welcome Spring for real, however, we know that the weather gods can make it still feel like winter for as long as they like! Jack has struggled with his blueberry bushes for a few years now but they are finally producing some berries that we actually froze and also made some pies. Good luck with all your plants. I can't wait to see your beautiful garden this summer!

  14. Just as my plants are starting to come to the end of their time, yours are just starting

  15. Julia, wow looks like spring at your house with all that planting! i dont know if i started blogging b/4 or after but my parents owned a greenhouse up the street here for 40 yrs. they retired about 10 yrs ago and a gal we know bought it. this day and age they were lucky to sell it. at least around here. anyway i dont do much for starting my plants but should! i use to bring home the extras and my yard was just full and beautiful! i still have alot of the perennials going from the store.. i love ginger too! anxious to see how your experiment does!
    omg! a robin! im sure it wont be long here.. i thought i heard a wren on my walk the other day.. im pretty good with the different bird calls but dad just laughed at me. it is amazing and so refreshing that we can go from the extreme cold to nicer spring like temps! we are going to have alot of water and already its starting even with mountain high snow banks... enjoy your spring at your house!

  16. Hooray for gardening. As we move into Autumn I am already planning our Spring gardens (and have bought a huge number of bulbs for a spring display).
    Good luck with your planting.