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Monday, April 15, 2019


I've been busy enjoying my retirements and not physically exerting myself too much. I planted seeds and I wanted to document how they are doing. I always plant more than I need because they are so small until they grow and then I have too many. lol... I do that every year. I didn't plant tomato seeds this year because we were over-run by tomatoes last year... I may buy a few plant varieties from the grower for my own vegetable garden to have some handy.

I had some old Morning Glories seeds that I wanted to see if they were still good and I planted them in the same pot with the ginger roots, along with some other old seeds. The Morning Glory and the carrots grew but nothing else came up. I pulled out the carrots as they were spindly. As you can see the ginger and the Morning Glory are doing very well.

I bought a sweet basil plant at our local nursery to speed up my basil crop

I took cuttings of the basil plant and rooted them in water in a sunny window.

Here they are at different stages of rooting and to my surprise, the tiniest cutting had more roots.

Here they are potted. I planted some Sweet Basil seeds also just because I love pesto so much.

Here is the progress of my Geraniums.

And Bada Boon begonias that are just emerging.

some Impatient seedlings

Gypsy Broccoli sprouts,

These are Brussel sprouts, I also planted cauliflower seeds and some other seeds but no photos yet because my camera battery died.

If you remember last fall, my sewing machine broke and I inquired about getting it fixed. I found a lady who would look at it but she charges $99.00 to have a look at it. To have it repaired she would have to send it away and it would cost more.  So I bought a new one at Canadian Tire on sale for probably less than it would have cost me to get the other one fixed.  It's just a basic sewing machine since I don't sew much.

Our snow is almost all gone and I've been cleaning some of my flowerbeds but I took Sunday off as a day of rest even though it was nice and sunny. Today is wet and cool.

I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER and some good weather.
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Hugs, Julia


  1. LOVE your seedlings. And agree whole-heartedly about Pesto. YUM. Big yum.
    Morning Glory is considered invasive here and it is illegal to grow it in several states.

  2. Love seeing your seedlings. Come on summer. We had tornado warnings and touchdowns yesterday and snow flakes this morning. Welcome to NE Ohio.

  3. Happy Easter Julia! I love seeing your seedlings I have tried in the past but never had much luck at it.

  4. So many plants. WOW!!!
    I'm sure your new little sewing machine will serve you well. No need for a fancy one. About the only thing I use mine for is to zig zag my rugs 😊

  5. All the plants look great and as if they are off to a good start. I am really looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful plants this season. That is a nice looking little sewing machine. Happy Easter to you and your family sweet Julia. Hugs

  6. Your plants look so good. I know you will have a lot of fun with them and they will give you a lot of joy.

  7. I've never grown anything from seed I usually just go buy the plants. I admire how diligent you are in making sure they all sprout up! I'm sure your garden will be lovely and I'll look forward to the photos! Happy Easter to you!

  8. Looking good. My Basil plants did really well this year but tomatoes not so much.

  9. I enjoyed seeing all your green seedlings. :-)
    Happy Easter Julia to you and your family.

  10. Hi Julia! I love seeing all of your seedlings! The promise of Spring keeps us going! :-) Congrats on your new sewing machine...I know you will sew many beautiful thing with it! Happy Easter!

  11. I'm glad you're enjoying a season of rest, Julia. Or of more rest than your past Springtimes allowed:)

    I've never thought of rooting basil clippings like that; brilliant! Thanks for the inpsire.

    I love your seeds and that you nurture them until time to plant. Such a farmer's heart - it's a beautiful thing:)
    - Jennifer

  12. Hello, Julia! I was so happy to see your comment on my long-neglected blog this morning! It's a visit from an old friend. Glad you are well and thriving. Sarah/The Paisley Studio

  13. Great starts to your garden. You must have a nice sunny window for your starts!

  14. You sure have a green thumb Julia! Your garden is going to look great & I've always enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowering plants. I love Morning Glories & will start my seeds soon but there is still a lot of snow here & the winds are cold winds.
    Your Singer looks like a great deal, who knew CT had sewing machines!
    Looking forward to seeing the gardens begin next month, do charge the camera battery as your photos are gorgeous!

  15. It takes a stout-hearted person to wait until Easter for the snow to clear! You Canadians are of tougher stock than my southern roots:) And I adore the way you watch over your seeds to see them to maturity. This, also, is brilliant. Inspired every time I come over, Julia. Thanks for being you:)

    - Jennifer

  16. I thought I'd read this post but it seems not!!! Apologies!
    I am SOOOOOO fascinated to see what you did with the Basil and I think I need to give this a try and see if I can grow a few more plants in this way. I have been keeping alive two Basil plants for almost a year but they aren't particularly thriving or fruitful so this might be a way to improve matters! I love seeing the fruits of your green fingers! DO show us what happens when these grow more!!!
    Hope you are