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Thursday, June 13, 2019


The week went so fast I can't believe it will be Friday again tomorrow. Nothing special happened since my last post except that I'm feeling grounded with all the kneeling in the garden I've been doing lately. I've weeded six large flower beds.  A great place to ponder on my life.  It's a wonder I don't have roots growing on my knees. All day, I've been listening to a poor mourning dove, sitting alone on the wire. I wonder if it's mourning its companion.

The other Azelia has just finished blooming and this one is now in full bloom.

It's been a slow process to repair the flood damage in the gardens and yard.  I'm making some progress but it's hard on the poor back. I was chased inside when it started raining and I was kind of glad so now I can do a blog post. Luckily, I remembered to bring my camera outside for a few pictures.

I had about 20 bags of garden debris to mulch. I now have two left to mulch. I forgot about them as they were in the carport.

Nothing much to report except I've been mowing the lawn,  making mulch,  planting,  weeding and moving tonnes of soil and I'm not done yet. The garden is growing well and my beans are up and mulched. Oh yeah, I cooked a few meals now and then cause we have to eat, but not much cleaning in the house.

I mulched most of the garden but I'm only showing some of the basil. I can walk on wet mulch and my shoes don't get muddy. Those were started from cuttings and are taller.

These were started from seeds but they will catch up to the bigger one in no time. They got a bit sunburnt but the new growth is getting greener.

For the third year in a row, I gather garden debris like leaves and dead daylily debris and I  put it in bags until I'm ready to mulch it with the lawn mower and then I put it on the garden after I weed to keep the moisture in and the weeds out. I should clone myself so I could work faster.

The peonies are starting to bud and I used some bark mulch for these. It was so sunny today, all my photos are washed out.

I planted 2 large pots of begonias with trailing lobelias. I'll show the other one later.

and I also planted 2 pots of marigold with blue trailing lobelias. I have more flowers to plant and I hope that I can do that tomorrow. A local plan nursery gave me three trays of flowers to plant and I had already many of my own to plant. They are getting root bound in their little trays.

I've been looking online for these tulips I got many years ago and I can't find any. They were called Mounties. They have survived well and I will divide them this fall. The leaves are wavy. They are my favorite.

This double bed has been weeded since I took this photo and now my Tall bearded Iris are starting to bloom but I didn't take any pictures.
Sorry so many pictures but they are for my record. There will be more to come later.
Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a comment if you want me to keep blogging. 


  1. Your gardens look lovely! And I'm impressed with your mulching. Sounds like an instant compost sort of thing. I have no gardening at all to report because workers have been installing a new roof on my house and creating piles of old shingles, etc., where I was supposed to plant beans and tend irises. They just finished, and now it's raining. I'm glad you're enjoying spring!

  2. Of course we want you to keep blogging.
    Loving your garden. I have never had any success with either azaleas or peonies and the rotten cockatoos dug up and destroyed my tulips last year.
    In preparation for spring I too have been weeding. And weeding. And mulching. And planting spring bulbs. Over 1000 spring bulbs. If the pesky birds behave we should have a wonderful display.

  3. Your azalea bush is stunning! I have one small azalea that was here when I moved in. All the others have died and the ones I planted, too. I pretty much have a green thumb but not much luck with azaleas or roses.
    I'm loving those pink tulips in the double bed. So pretty.
    Please keep blogging. Always good to hear from you.
    Happy gardening ������

  4. Wow...Julia, your gardens are so beautiful. Your hard work has really paid off! All that physical exercise is better than a trip to any gym. We have had so much rain this year...not our normal pattern of afternoon showers, but early morning storms that go on all day. Always love seeing a post from you and hearing what you are up to.
    Take good care,

  5. Julia, you are always working so hard. I love the results, but twenty tall bags -- that's a lot! I hope you can sit back this summer and enjoy it all.

  6. Wow, sweet Julia you have been busy. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Every time I come to your blog and see all you have done I think of the Energizer outdo that bunny sweet friend. You work so hard I am glad the rain gave you a chance to get a break. Thank you for sharing the beautiful results of your hard work. Love and hugs sweet friend.

  7. You sure have been busy, and it shows! Your flowers look so happy and healthy and beautiful! Our peonies and iris are finished blooming here, and now I need to get out there and trim them off. I'd much rather see them bloom! :)

  8. Julia,
    Wow, it sure does look lovey. I would love to visit someday.
    I have to take photos of my garden. I keep saying that everyday, but never do it.
    We harvested our first radish today. :-)

  9. yes I want you to keep blogging! You have good luck with tulips I can not keep them from year to year everything eats them

  10. I'm in love with all of those healthy, lush, colorful flowers!!! You've got them all arranged so nicely! Yes, it is work to weed and maintain....but, like you said....there's good "therapy" with time alone in a garden! :-)

  11. Here in Arizona it's difficult to grow least for me. So I have silk pink tulips in a vase and love them like they are real. Most of my flowers don't last long due to extreme heat...I've been watering morning and evenings but evaporation takes the moisture out quickly. My water bill was over $100 because I deep watered our dying pine tree. I managed to save it and need to build a barrier to retain water. Mulching them two years ago caused desert termites to invade my yard and trees. Had to call exterminator and rake up all the mulch. Not sure what to use as mulch so termites are not attracted to them. Your garden is beautiful.

  12. Julia, you are a powerhouse! I love that azalea! I'm enjoying your Spring as my peonies are now done and the iris too. Your garden is looking great but I know it's hard work. After I retire I sure hope I can get more done outdoors. We're getting tons of rain this weekend so I'm doing the indoor stuff. I hope you continue to inspire me! Have a great Sunday!

  13. How pretty everything is at your house now. I just love how green and all of the bright colors. I also love those Mounties. What a wonderful time of year. So are your peonies. They are so huge.
    So nice to visit with you today.

  14. Yes I want you to keep blogging , you're so inspirational to me & I like to mirror what works in your beautiful garden.
    And yes again I see the beauty as you put it all together after that nasty flooding again. Newspaper mulch under the black mulch is my go to again this year. Wow, you need so much newspaper, I've friends of friends saving it for me as this fall the apartment will get its perenial garden with the sale plants. lol
    Love the Mountie tulips, I've never seen them before but will keep an eye out for them now.
    Time is moving so fast this season & nature has really come to life! The mowing season is upon us! Sure beats shovelling white stuff!
    I'm glad I popped in for a visit to your beautiful garden!
    Hugs, Cynthia

  15. Beautiful gardens and flowers. It does take a lot to keep them looking good and you have done a great job. Janice

  16. Wow. We sure do want you to keep blogging. You never cease to amaze with the quantity of work you do, And what beauty you get in return! Your flowers are wonderful. I wonder if I should tell you this? I have a folder on my iPad labeled "Julia". In it I have MANY screenshots of photos you have posted over the years. Treasures that I like to look at. You are so talented, and we are so lucky that you share! Thank you.