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Monday, February 22, 2021


 I was inspired to pick up my crochet hook after my last blog post about a young boy named Jonah who is a prodigy at crocheting. 

I found this lovely crochet pattern for a baby blanket on the internet but there were no written instructions.  The creator of this pattern kept saying to look at the captions for directions to everyone who was asking for a written pattern... but the captions were as confusing as the video and it was no help to me. It looked easy enough until I tried to crochet it myself.  I wasn't the only one who found the tutorial difficult to follow as the lady talked too much and worked too fast for a beginner like me but she does amazing work. Take it from me, rug hooking is much easier.

The front posts stitches make up the diamond pattern. The yarn is white but because of the lighting, it looks more like a cream color which I would have liked but had to use white in case I would run out of yarn so it would be easy to match.

I tried so many times to make sense of it and kept getting in trouble by forgetting to pick up a front post stitch that would screw up the whole work and had to unravel two rows repeatedly. I wasn't advancing very fast but I was determined that I would not give up on this pattern.  I was especially having trouble on each end of the rows. 

Every day I thought, surely, I'll be able to have something to show for on my blog but  I had to unravel it again and again. I knew the pattern well enough but kept making silly mistakes when my mind wandered in the repetitious process. 

Now, I finally have gotten a handle on it and I still make mindless mistakes but I catch them much sooner and I'm finally making progress with hardly any unraveling.

Like many of you, I'm waiting for spring to arrive. Only 26 days till glorious spring. Hang in there and stay positive and don't forget to give thanks for what you got. It could be taken away with the blink of an eye. 

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment even though you don't crochet.

Hugs, Julia


  1. We must be thankful each and every day. Life can change in an instant.
    That crochet baby blanket is so lovely. So happy you you got it!!!

  2. This is lovely, Julia! Years and years ago, I learned the chain stitch to crocheting. Never could do anything else with that skill, though. I’m really not good at sitting still and doing such handiwork. I admire your perseverance!

  3. I do not crochet but that looks very hard but so pretty.
    You are right about giving thanks I end each day with a prayer of thankfulness as I have much.

  4. That blanket looks amazing. The lucky child who receives it will be blanketed in love - and mistakes are part of that love.

  5. Your crochet blanket is just lovely but looks so complicated. I did see the article of the young boy with his crocheting...he certainly is an inspiration....I too picked up crochet hook and completed one granny square. Enjoy,

  6. My Mom crocheted and even made my sister's wedding took her 7 months to finish it but it was beautiful. Your blanket is so pretty and I congratulate you for hanging in there! I don't crochet or knit but sure admire others who do. You are very talented in so many ways! I am waiting for spring and will celebrate any sign that it's the warmer temps we will have this week. Take care sweet Julia! Have a good week!

  7. What a beautiful design/pattern Julia! I have always been a bit in awe of those who can knit or crochet. I did manage a pair of slippers once when I was very young, but that was it. I had an aunt that was an extremely gifted and prolific crocheter...whenever I see work like this, I t hink of her. For us, spring is usually just a date on the calendar as the weather then usually has no correlation whatsoever to what one associates with "spring." But at least we can see light at the end of the tunnel knowing whatever snow and frigid temps we experience at that point will be waning and a few months out, there will be true spring. Hope your week is off to a good start....and crochet on! ~Robin~

  8. I crochet nylon pot scrubbers. There was a time I could knit and crochet delicate items but no more. My hands are too pained to do much. I still draw and paint portraits.

  9. You're a beginner???? That looks pretty amazing for a beginner! My mum does crocheting and she's good at it but she finds it hard to follow patterns and mostly does her own thing!
    I love it!
    Yes, I look forward to Spring. We had some lovely weather this weekend which was bizarre after snow a week ago!

  10. My mom is a crocheter. She is left handed and never wanted to try to teach me or my right handed sister.
    I learned how to knit by taking a class at the library years ago.
    I think you are doing a great job pressing on with your crocheting.
    I have Spring Fever! :-) Love, Carla

  11. I'm impressed with your crochet! It's gorgeous!

  12. That is one sweet little baby blanket! It looks so soft! Beautiful!

  13. A beautiful sweet pattern for an afghan. Make sure you keep us updated on it. Looks good thus far! Janice

  14. It’s a beautiful. I commend your perseverance!