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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 Already September 15th and the harvest is beginning to wind down.  I know that you must be tired of seeing my gardening and all the preserve pictures.  Sorry, that's all I have to offer right now. 

I harvested some Rhubarb from the center of the plant as these were still tender. The outer stalks were a bit tough and fibrous.

I made three batches of Rhubarb, Strawberry, Pineapple jam, one of my husband's favorite. Such a quick recipe to make. The recipe is available online. 

On the weekend  I dug up my Norland red potatoes and my Yukon Gold potatoes but forgot to take a photo of the Yukon Gold as I was pretty tired by then. They've been put in storage in the cold room.   I still have a lot more to dig up but I'm waiting for the tops to die down first. These are the earlier ones.

Still picking fresh veggies every day in my metal mesh basket. I love this basket as I can spray it with the water hose to clean it up. 

My little corn patch has been a great success with the corn bags and they stayed sweet and tender right to the end. We ate the last of the corn yesterday. The patch has been cleaned up but the stubs will have to be cut flush to the ground as it was too difficult to dig the roots up. I'll let them rot in the ground.

I saved the corn stalks and ties them up in bundles for fall decorations and George hung them up in the carport to dry upside down.  Once dried, they may sell at the church Farmer's Market. It's better than letting them go to waste. Someone may get some enjoyment from them, It was a lot of work...

And now flowers for your enjoyment and mine. They will soon all be gone. My photos didn't all

uploaded as I selected them. The Rudbeckias are for my blogger friend Elephant's Child, the fourth photo on the right.



There is still a bit of color left although the flower gardens are on the decline and are starting to look neglected.
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.  I really appreciate them.


  1. WOW!! Your end-of-season flowers look better than mine have in their prime! I don't know how you do it all Woman.... The canning/preserving you do has to be a full time job in itself. I am amazed you still have rhubarb left to harvest. I'm not a rhubarb fan, but the strawberry/rhubarb/pineapple jam sounds interesting. We only always did strawberry and rhubarb. The pineapple is a twist I've not heard of. When I saw your corn patch emptied I was panicking in my head that you just did away with the stalks. Of course not....something tells me you would let little go to waste. And they look so wonderful hanging to dry like that! I hope you treat yourself to something fun and relaxing in your "off" season. Yikes...I'm exhausted just thinking about all that. ~Robin~

  2. You have been a busy gardener! Your fresh vegetables are beautiful, and your flowers amazing to still look that lovely!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your gardens (both the vegetables and the flowers). And huge thanks for the Rudbeckia. I really must plant some this year.

  4. Fabulous gardening! I love your garden posts. I think that jam sounds delish and what a great way to use up the rhubarb! Your flowers still look lovely but I know what you mean by looking neglected. I always say mine look "leggy"! I would buy those corn stalks and I 'm sure yours won't go to waste! Happy Fall!

  5. Yes, September going really fast.

    Looks like you had great harvest

  6. Julia, I love that you share your harvest with us. The flowers are lovely.
    We are busy finishing up with harvesting as well. We have good weather into next week. Yay!

  7. Your flowers are still beautiful. Ours are looking rather spent by now, despite the rain. It is fun to see your crops….some very different from ours. We are down to okra and peppers. But, we don’t grow as much as you, either. Just hobby farming here. Know you will enjoy the fruits of your labor this winter.

  8. How wonderful to grow rhubarb. My mother made my Dad a rhubarb pie each year for his June 29 birthday. It was almost a sacred taste in our house. Rhubarb was a special occasion:)
    Your garden and flowers and farming always make my eyes smile.
    I love the way you live seasonally and work with your hands.
    It's a beautiful thing and I'm always inspired,

    1. Thanks for your comment,Jennifer. Since you are not posting I couldn't visit your blog to reciprocate but I appreciate your comment.

  9. How pretty all of the flowers all and how good your hard work in your garden has turned out! The jelly sounds wonderful. I don't think rhubarb is available in the grocery stores in my area. I have never baked with it. Love your blog!

  10. Your flowers are still beautiful! And the drying cornstalks will be perfect for fall decorating.
    Such an abundance of crops. You remind me so much of my dear mom!

  11. What a wonderful posts. Love seeing the flowers still blooming! Love rhubarb everything! Janice

  12. You have the greenish thumb I've ever seen! You veggies & the colour in your flower gardens make my heart sing! I too have been cutting & enjoying the rhubarb from the patch & making my husbands favourite rhubarb bran muffins. I'm going to be doing the first of my canning this year with zuchinni relish, it's much like mustard pickle using zuchinni instead of cucumbers. It was a big hit several years ago when I made it. I find canning so much work but oh so worth it in the winter months! Thank you for your kind words with your last visit to me. You are one of my only commenters. Nice to know you are there. xXx Hugs, Cynthia