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Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Oh no, it's snowing again and I decided that I would share what I've been working on today.   I felt lazy today probably because of my booster shot so I sat and crocheted a bit.  I'm a soup and chowder lover.  I made a big pot of delicious and hearty soup and had some for supper.  My husband loved it and I sent some to my son Vaughan.

It's called Upstate Minestrone Soup although it doesn't have pasta in it. I got the recipe from Robin, of  The Cranky Crow's blog. I  saved the recipe so I'll probably make it again as I love soup in cold weather and  I put more cabbage than the recipe called for as I love cabbage. I may add a little bit of macaroni to it next time just because I love Minestrone soup... Hopefully, I'll have beef bouillon for the next time. 

I had my Covid booster at our Co-op pharmacy yesterday and I was in a rush for my appointment so  I forgot to check my pantry shelves before I left to make sure I had beef bouillion and Northern beans for my soup.  I usually always have some on hand in my well-stocked pantry but it turned out I only had chicken bouillion and no beef bouillion.  I bought the sausage meat, and one zucchini and used the chicken bouillon instead and  I used a can of yellow beans instead of the Northern beans. I mostly use what I have on hand whenever I make soup anyway and it's always tasty. 

This is my new crochet project.  I'm glad I gave it a try and it's easier than I thought.
I've never worked a chevron pattern before and I chose an easy one for beginners. It's a very easy pattern to work on although it looks complicated because there is no decrease and it is hooked the same way on both sides and it goes fast because it all double crochet. I got the pattern online and watched a tutorial before attempting it. I made a few silly mistakes like forgetting to chain three at the end and hook two double crochet in the last stitch. but soon realized my mistake. I was so anxious to start. 

Report on my rug, Mother and Child are bonding while I leave them alone, lol. I may work on it tomorrow. 

Keep warm and safe and hang in there. Thanks for visiting and please, leave a comment. 


  1. I'm sure Vaughan appreciates his mommas cooking!
    Lovely crochet project and looks are deceiving. It looks quite complex to me.
    I had to laugh at your Mother and Child comment. Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. I saw that "Cranky" woman's recipe too and also plan to make it. Like you and her I'll also put more cabbage in it than it calls for.
    Goodness, it has been decades since I hooked a chevron crochet afghan, didn't like the colors so gave it away. I found it an easy project to while away the evening hours. But that was before I discovered RUG HOOKING. That is when I became addicted.

  3. That soup looks good - but it is way, way too hot for me to even contemplate soup here. Salads are my go to at the moment. Love your crochet work too.

  4. I think that is what minestrone soup is about whatever you have I bet it is yummy. And I bet your son loved getting his dinner all cooked. We are supposed to get snow on Monday but back into the deep freeze Sat. I love what you are working on and cute that your mother and child are bonding. I had no issue with the booster but hope you feel better today.

  5. Yay! I am so glad you tried the soup and enjoyed it. Simple, basic, but so satisfying and hearty on a cold winter's day. I added more cabbage too as I love cabbage as well. Your new crochet project is looking beautiful, but I agree with Lauren...looks complex to me a non-crocheter/knitter. I have been seeing some fun hand knit chunky blankets that I am pretty sure I can manage and may try one if I venture into Hobby Lobby or Michaels for the yarn. LOL on the bonding...My "Simple Santa" is resting up from the big holiday...while I picked up my needle and thread. Sometimes variety and "breaks" are a good thing. Hope you're feeling better! ~Robin~

  6. The soup does look yummy. I made ham and bean and then beef vegetable and both were really good and I was able to share with 2 of my kids. I also did homemade bread and they loved that as well. I always make more soup than we can eat. I just can't make it small which is OK because I always find ways to share. Stay warm and I'm hoping we won't get the snow predicted for a lot of the country this weekend. Take care Julia. I hope you feel better after your shot.

  7. The soup looks like it will warm you up and fill you with joy. And the chevron pattern doesn't look easy at all.

  8. I don't know if my comment got lost, so I'm testing.

  9. I LOVE soups and chowders. I keep saying to my husband I want to make a clam chowder.
    Enjoy taking time to rest.. that is what we should do a wee bit in winter for sure, spring will be have us going soon.
    xx oo

  10. Soup is always a wonderful meal. Especially on snowy days! Your crochet looks lovely! Stay safe and warm!

  11. Hello Julia! Oh, the soup looks so good! It's definitely soup weather! I bought a juice extractor and I'm quite taken with it. The veggies taste pretty good as juice! LOL! Who knew?

  12. I love your crochet, too! Good job!