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Sunday, May 28, 2023


If you want to have a day of laughter and fun,  just go to a hook-in. It was a blast, just like the last two I attended.  Each one has its own specialness about it.  I have more photos but these will suffice for today. I just wanted to show you a bit of the organization that goes to put on a hook-in. Of course, there is a lot of preplanning that goes on,  I thought that I better get my act together and post about our last hook-in. 

 Kimm already posted some photos on her blog and won the race, lol... I charged my phone and uploaded some photos.

So sorry, I didn't have time to crop the photos. For some reason, my first photo didn't upload onto my computer. It was the same one that Kimm showed on her blog. The two ladies at the registration table, one with a red hat.


Our theme color was red and the host members were asked to wear red if possible.

A big cake to celebrate 40 years of Heritage Rug Hooking Guild.  I'm a newbie as I just joined the guild last year but I already fit in nicely and feel welcomed.

Members were asked to donate items to fill baskets to raise money to defray the expenses of having a hook-in. Tickets were drawn in one-hour intervals. On the first draw, I was off three numbers, and on the second draw, I was off two numbers. 

Winners were allowed to choose the basket they wanted. Kimm won, one of the baskets that our group Evening Matter donated and she unselfishly donated it back, so that someone else had a chance at winning. Each basket had a nice bottle of wine and so many hooker-friendly items. 

Tables were set up to display items donated for a silent auction. A sheet of paper was provided to put your bids.

I took the photos at the very beginning so the sheets were not filled yet.

As you can see at the back, there was a  blue t-shirt that said, "I don't need therapy, I only need to hook rugs."I also saw a white one hanging in the window which I missed. 

Shades of grey wool

This divided basket was a hot item and went at a very high price.  There were already many bids on it when I took the picture.

Wool and wine seem to go together well.
My hat went for $30. I was given this hat last year by a friend as it was too small for her but never wore it.  After one year in the closet,  I decided it was time to donate it. It made someone very happy.

Lots of wool

Beautiful green wool. I was tempted but I dye all my own wool so I just passed. 

Again, a lot of wool and a nice big piece of natural white wool.

There were a lot of patterns going for auction also. Some were started but for some reason,

were not used. A few had been just started and abandoned.

 A generous donation of a Hit & Miss geometric rug was donated by the Plaster Rock Legacy Loopers group to sell tickets to help defray the cost of holding  NB Mat Registries.  The draw is on September 12, 2023. The NBMR thanks them for their support. 

No one went away hungry. Lots and lots of sweets to your heart's content.

Another table filled with sweets. The tables were replenished throughout the day and at the end of the hook-in, there were still a lot of sweets left-over that members could take home for an offering. 

My Madonna of the Street was displayed along with a bunch of older rugs I've hooked in the past. I'll add more photos later on if I can find the time. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking my neglected blog and leaving comments. They fill me with joy.
Enjoy the warmer weather


  1. It looks and sounds like a fabulous day. I really admire the drapery on your Madonna and would very much like to see some more of your work. And yes, that is a hint/request.

  2. Lots of great items for silent auction and snacks look scrumptious. Your Madonna turned out wonderful! I'm also looking forward to seeing your other works.

  3. "I don't need therapy, I only need to hook rugs."

    😀 Sometimes it's the simple things we need.

    The yellow flowers are so beautiful, Julia.

  4. Wow an amazing group of hookers. 40 years a long time. So glad they were able to keep going after covid. Speaking of amazing, your Madonna and child is also that, Great job! Janice

  5. Your Madonna is a true work of art.
    Thanks for sharing the hook in!

  6. I am in total awe of your Madonna. What a talented artist you are. Mary @ Hilltop Post

  7. Your Madonna absolutely takes my breath away! Wow, wow and more wow!! The hook-in looks like it was fabulous - and incredibly well-organized. Did they have vendors there as well? ~Robin~

    1. Thanks Robin and thanks everyone for your comments.
      We usually have one of our member who is a vendor but unfortunately, she was unable to be there. I'm sure she was missed.

  8. Hello,
    I enjoyed this post. I enjoy learning about the hooking and seeing the prizes and auction items. I love your talent Julia. You amaze me.

  9. How fun! I bet you loved it. Why didn't you join the guild before? I should join the knitting guild. It's a lot of hoops to jump through but I may check it out. Your rug is lovely!

  10. Hi Pom Pom, I was invited to join the guild a long time ago but just didn't had time to commit as I was working full time at the farm and was caring for the calves and so many other duties. We have sold all our cattle since the last two devastating floods and now I can make time to go to our guild rug hooking meetings twice a month. I also belong to another rug hooking group called Evening Matters and we also meet twice a month.

    You have nothing to loose by joining a knitting group and you can always leave if it's not to your liking.

  11. So fun! Looks like a super great event and so many nice things to choose from on the auction table. Of course I think your Madonna Rug is the best! It's just beautiful! I was looking to see if there was a t-shirt that said, "Hug me, I'm a Hooker!" But I guess that wouldn't be a good idea! Ha! I can't believe this month is over and June is here tomorrow. Time is flying! I hope all's well with you and your family. Take care Julia!

  12. Julia, it seems you’ve been part of the guild forever. That’s a good sign. Thank you for walking us through the day… I almost bid on your hat for my hubby but decided it may be small. I wonder how much they made on the auction? So much good stuff ! Where will you hang your lovely Madonna?

    1. Thanks Kimm, maybe I feel right at home because Doris Norman had invited me to join the guild many years ago through Rug Hooking Daily but I was just too busy to join then. Now I'm still busy but I can carve some time to go to hooking meetings. I got interested in the guild more as I discovered all the hard work that the guild has done and is still doing to preserve the tradition of rug hooking. It's all very interesting to me.

    2. Ooops, I forgot about the question about where I'll be hanging my Madonna. I haven't had much time to think about it but it will have to be out of the sun.
      I'll let you know as soon as I make up my mind.

    3. Oh my goodness! Your Madonna hooked rug is stunning! Such a work of art! Loved looking at all of the fun pictures and reading !

  13. Your Madonna rug is absolutely lovely! Loved all of your photos of the meeting!

  14. Good objects prepared for the act. I hope It will be a success.
    Have a nice month of july, and a beautiful summer.
    Greetings from Mallorca, Spain.

  15. Your rug is so beautiful. Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  16. Hello Julia! It was so lovely to see a comment from you on my blog. Thank you so much for visiting.I really appreciate it. I was really grateful for feeling better after the worry of my ear. I somehow missed this last post you wrote. It seemed a really happy rug hooking event. x

  17. This sounds like a great event. I love all the beautiful rug hooking work. Enjoyed your blog.