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Sunday, February 12, 2023


This video is 10:34 long. Sorry about the ads.

I've been watching some Youtube videos for entertainment in the evening lately instead of working on whipping and binding my rug as I should have. I watched youtube videos of magnet fishing which was sort of interesting but then I came upon Compulsive Hoarding videos which came into my feed. 

I got fascinated with finding out what makes well-educated people from all walks of life become so bogged down in their possessions that they no longer can function properly. Some people live like that for many years unable to help themselves. 

I thought that I would share one such video with you since I can't think of anything else to share on my blog at the moment.  I've been wanting to share this topic but hesitated. For better or worst, here it is.

A lot of compulsive hoarders, start hoarding to fill the void in their lives after some terrible tragedies that happened to them. They fill their houses to the max until they have no place to cook, sleep or go to the bathroom. They live in total squalor. It's hard to believe, but according to the statistics,  there are 19 million compulsive hoarders in America. Many other affluent countries also have hoarders too, to name a few, UK, Canada, Japan, Russia Australia...

Some are compulsive shoppers and end up in the same predicaments. They spend all their money filling their home with their purchases until they are heavily in debt but still they can't stop buying on credit. Some even steal to fill their need to hoard.

Compulsive hoarding is a physiological disorder. It's a very sad situation and they need help.

Since I've watched quite a few of these videos, I no longer can stand unwashed dishes in the sink. lol...
which isn't a bad thing.

Now I think it's time to stop watching Youtube videos and whip and bind my rug. I'll leave the Youtube videos to you,  for now. lol...

I look forward to your comments.
Hugs, Julia


  1. I can’t believe that anyone could live like this. Now I’ve got a couple of cereal bowls to wash! 😉hilltop Post

  2. I haven't watched your vide but have seen TV shows about hoarders where packages aren't even open and they put them on top of the pile. Hard to believe people live like that. And I feel guilty because I need to vacuum and dust.
    Have also seen folks with too many animals with feces, food all over the place, cannot imagine what their houses smell like.

  3. As near as I can figure out, quite a few who fall into the hoarding category start with often undiagnosed tendency toward OCD or depression, then they suffer a loss or trauma and start down the hoard path.
    I know - very much way over simplified and generalized.

    I watched those shows on TV, sometimes the editing was a bit over the top, but I guess they need the drama. I wish more of the shows went back a few years later and followed up on how they are doing, but I bet not many hoarders trusted the shows after the first time.

    I cleaned out most of my stash of too good to throw away boxes and jars and some other things after watching a few of those shows. I still have quite a few boxes in the basement that need going through.

  4. I've seen a few of the hoarders on TV and find it so hard to watch. My Aunt became a bit of a hoarder when my Uncle passed and then she became physically unable to clean. It wasn't as bad as that show but still so hard to see and visit and she wouldn't let anyone help. When she would be in the hospital for something my Mom always got it cleaned up for her. I try to keep things at a minimum and have given much of my Santa and Christmas collections away as well as cookbooks. I never like to have dishes in the sink! Ha! This summer Jack and I are talking about getting a dumpster and really emptying out the house incase we would want to sell in the future. I do hope the folks featured on these shows can continue to heal and to keep their homes empty but fill their lives with happiness instead. I hope all is well with you Julia! Have a good week.

  5. Sadly Julia we have a friend who lives in Great Falls, Montana who is a hoarder. It is paths and paths of stuff. Our last visit was in 2014. Our friends Kevin and Judy visited in 2021 and it was the same. We have tried to help, but she gets very emotional. I can say we helped her in 2014 clean a section of the kitchen so it was usable.
    Thank you for the post.

  6. I said my mom bordered on being a hoarder, but I attribute much of it to having grown up dirt poor during the depression.
    I have LOTS of stuff but my living area is neat overall. We won't talk about the garage, basement or!

  7. My helper's girlfriend is a hoarder. I haven't been inside her house, but I have seen her yard and it's wall to wall stuff. The country tells her to take it away periodically, but then she's right back and starts all over again. I feel so sad for her.

  8. Oh my goodness - I have the opposite problem. I tend to get rid of stuff to fast.
    I too have watched it on television.
    I had a friend who helped her friend who was a hoarder - she cleaned out the house and guess what - it is a mess again. I think they do need help. ☺

  9. Oh, Julia, I watched the whole video and how sad this is for those who can't help themselves. One of the women who has helped me here in the canyon is a hoarder. I've never been inside her home, but there's not an inch of her yard that's not covered in stuff. She has been cited a couple of times, but after she cleans it up, she starts all over again. I'm glad the woman in the video had such caring sisters to help her.

  10. I used to watch "Hoarding - Buried Alive" a LOT! It always helped - at least on a short-term basis - do some purging or at least organizing. I never could wrap my head around those who end up hoarding trash, animals, etc. I have a lot of "stuff" and do love my collections but I do have a problem with not getting rid of things - especially things there were given to me...and my closet can use a serious purge. But, like Lauren said, part of that is to growing up poor.... And, strangely, I think being "alone" is a contributing factor. While, in theory, it would seem to make a person more minimalist as there isn't a need for so much when there is only one, there also isn't anyone there to play counterpoint and "suggest" that something needs doing...or no expectation of visitors so no concern for tidiness. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  11. Dear Robin, there truth in what you say. We are all created differently but with similarities. We all have basic needs and when those needs are not met we try to makeup for it. It's universal.

    I'm married to a hoarder but I try to keep it under control in the area of the house but in the garage, I've tried but it's a loosing battle. I sort and tidy but he never put things back where they belong and constantly buy new tools because he can't find what he needs. He may not be an extreme hoarder but he's a hoarder for sure. We all have our crosses to bear.

    I hope the snow is going down where you live. We had a bit or warm weather and the snow has gone down a lot. Today we are getting freezing drizzle.
    Take care dear friend, hugs.

  12. I'm back, but about cancer. I'm so sorry you went through all that. I think mine was stage 1 or 2, no higher for sure. Small and slow growing. So all good signs. When I had this 23 years ago, I was put on tamoxifen for five years. I tolerated it well, except for frequent headaches. But nothing like what these pills have put me through. I do believe you can get used to medicines, so I will stay on it for now. I was wondering if you were on tamoxifen too? The funny thing is that this medicine I'm on now is supposed to be better and easier to tolerate, but not for me for sure. Thanks for your always wise and caring comments.

  13. I cannot watch the video right now, but want to later. I do believe you that it is a psychological thing.

    But what I wanted to ask/say, for entertainment, if you need to laugh, have you ever watched Jeanne Robertson? Theres not a lot of of them...not sure if there are a lot of Jeanne from the Backporch that she did during lockdown. But what I am talking about are the ones like Men Don't know style in New York City, etc.

  14. I finally got settled enough to watch this...I don't even know what to say. I have never known anyone that bad but have known a couple different people that had certain things they did not let go. That poor woman....I hope she can go on and start living normal again...not start hoarding.