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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today I did a bit of hooking on my Childhood Memories rug and I'm using #3 cuts with wool that I have on hand right now but I will need to do some dyeing for the snow and skies. The designs are a bit small and might be a bit challenging for me. But for all it's worth, here's is a peek at what I managed to hook this afternoon. I work at the farm so now I don't get much daylight time to hook. At night I have difficulty seeing the true colors. I have to pick them in the daylight.  I've outlined the red coat with dark chocolate brown but it looks  jet black in the photo, I think that I'll have to dye some red with a bit of black to darken the red for outline. I'll see.

I had a pretty good day,  we went to brunch with friends and after we went to church and I puttered around the house not doing much at all except hook a bit.

My daughter Christine is feeling much better and more joyful now, thanks to your prayers and  comforting words and testimonials.  She is still having waves of sorrow but she can manage better.

My blog is rather short this evening but it's all I can think at the moment. Thanks for visiting and have a good night.



  1. I love your childhood memories rug. What a wonderful project. The red coat looks lovely - don't change a thing. Can't wait to see more - be sure to keep us posted on your progress. ( Moment in Time)

  2. Thank you Doris, what a wonderful to say. I sure will keep you posted. Hugs. JB

  3. Little julia skating - adorable. Can't wait to see each memory develop in color. And I'm glad to hear that Christine is feeling better.
    Hugs, Kim

  4. Wow Julia, that is really pretty and so detailed. Were you the little girl getting ready to skate?
    That is going to be a beautiful rug.
    I will continue to pray for your family.
    I hope you week is better and I am glad your daughter is doing better.

  5. Doris, I'm sorry, I never even realized I omitted the word "thing", but I'm sure that you know what I meant.

    Kim and Farm Girl, thanks for your sweet comments too. Yes, it's me, little Julia trying to skate with an old dull pair of skates that didn't fit well but it never stopped me from skating on the little pond. The ice was a bit rough in some spots but at least we had fun... I had friends skating too but it was too much work to put them in that little spot. lol...

  6. Glad you got started on it. I don't know about dyes, but one thing I wanted to mention is that to make your red darker, try using green - it is the complimentary to red and mixed this way, it will be a prettier dark red, at least in paint that's the way it works.
    I understand about light. I don't have good lighting day or night, I have to take my fabric to the door and sometimes even the clothes I wear to work to see if the pants are green or gray, etc. I look forward to seeing the progress. /Deb

  7. Wow, I've never hooked with a #3, but am always so impressed when I see rugs that were hooked in that "tiny" can get so much more detail. Can't wait to see how this comes along.

  8. Thanks so much Deb, I'll try marrying green and red like you said. It should work. I appreciate your comment. My progress will most likely be slow, although it took me all my childhood to create these memories.

    Tammy, I love hooking with # 3 as I'm never rushed for finishing a project. I'm just doing it for a hobby to satisfy a hunger to create. I'll keep my progress posted until everyone will be sick of looking. Lol...

    Have a great week everyone JB

  9. Hi Julia,
    Your title was about starting at long last. I am amazed that you have gotten your rug ready to hook so quickly. It seemed like just weeks ago that you told us about the IDEA. I think you are making wonderful progress! And what a delightful treasure it will be! A tribute to your childhood and your rughooking abilities.

  10. Thanks Pat but I've been wanting to do a Childhood Memories rug since I took a course in rug hooking in the winter of 2003 but I needed some experience before even attempting it. So for me it's been a long time but you're right, once I decided to draw i , it went pretty fast. I seem to work better under pressure. No wonder I'm loosing my hair. Lol... JB