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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Monday, September 27, 2010


 It was election day today in New Brunswick, Canada. I did my civic duties and voted. Voting is never my favorite thing to do but I feel lucky that I live in a democratic country and that I have that right still. Not so long ago, women had no rights. We've come a long way Baby...

I also did a job that I've been putting off all summer, and it's to start cleaning the storage shed. My son's stored some of his stuff in there and you know how it's difficult to keep everything tidy when it's too full and everyone just dig in to find their stuff and never put things back where it belongs and in no time you got  a jungle in there and it's down right dangerous to even venture inside. I'm far from finished but at least I started.

Yet another thing that I got done today. I made a pit stop at Wine Kitz and I knew exactly what I wanted  to buy. I paid for an Australian  Gewurztraminer full-bodied wine and it will be ready to bottle in late November. It's one of my favorite white wine, not that I'm a wine connoisseur by a long shot. I love red wines too but will try one later. Having them make it for me is so much cheaper than buying it from the liquor store. They get everything ready for me and all I have to do is sprinkle the yeast in the pail and when it's ready, I make an appointment to bottle it.  I'll have good wine for Christmas and will try to age some of it too. I still have some labels from the last batch I bottled.

Today as I coming out of The Bulk Barn and getting to my car, my daughter parked her van next to my car. My grand daughter announced that it was her birthday today and that she was 7 years old. My jaw dropped down to my knees. I had forgotten about her birthday with everything that has been happening lately. I handed her a bag of lollipops from my bag that I intended to fill the candy jar with for when they visit and said, this is for you. I reached out in my purse and took out a $20.00 dollar bill so her mom could buy her a pair of jean or something as she was on her way to shop for cloths for her. I apologized for being late and not having a present for her. My daughter announced that there was still one hour and thirty minutes before it was officially her birthday. My little grand daughter invited me over to her birthday party with her family and I rushed home to feed my calves earlier so I would not miss her birthday party and cake. I got back to town in plenty of time to have a great pesto pasta dinner and a yummy salad with tomatoes and capers and black Forest cake.  My daughter is a fantastic cook by the way .

Today I got things done but I still have not hooked a hoop yet. I'll get my 10 minutes a day in there later tonight. I had a great day.

Thanks for your visit and comments.  JB


  1. You thought on your feet with the lollipops. The dinner sounds wonderful. You have had so much on your mind I am sure everyone understands. I have never heard of doing wine like that. It sounds really amazing. I will be interested to read how they do the whole process. When you say you sprinkle the yeast, does that mean you have the bucket of wine then you take it back? I have never heard of this.
    I need to get off of this computer and do my 10 minute hooking too. It has bee a busy day but it was 100 and it is hard for me to sit with the hot rug on my legs.
    Have a great Tuesday. Oh yes, my chickens are in an enclosed pen or I am sure the hawk and his wife would have already had chicken for dinner. But you have Bald Eagles? How amazing.
    I am sure that has to be breath taking to see.
    Thanks for your comments I feel like I learn so much.

  2. Hi Farm Girl. We have three such shops where you make wine on their premises or you can buy kits and make it at home yourself. Thre are other shops who sells kits also. Here is how it works, you choose which wine you want, and pay for the grape juice extract that comes in a plastic bag in a box and they pour it in a pail that is lined with a thick plastic bag they add the water and what ever else is needed and they give the client a package of brewers yeast and tell you to sprinkle it on top and they do the rest. They let it ferment for as long as it takes and tell you when approximately it will be ready by giving you a date for you to call for an appointment to bottle your wine. You can either bring your own clean bottles or buy theirs. The bottles are sanitized there the bigger bottles have to be sanitized one at a time and the smaller bottles are sanitized in a dishwasher that takes only seconds. They show you how to put the cork in the machine and pull a leaver and the cork goes in the bottle and you put it in the case and take it home. You can buy the labels and stick them on at home. You need a wine rack to store your wine. JB

  3. Hi Julia,
    I can't help but think how lucky it was that you bumped into your daughter. But with so much on your mind its easy for some things to slip through. I agree with Farm Girl - quick thinking on your part.
    One of our liquor stores has a bottle your own station. They have two or three different types of white and red and it works out to around $4 a bottle. I usually get a case before the holidays.

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  5. Hi Kim, only $4.00 a bottle, hmm... you could do a lot of celebrating at that price. They may have the fill your own bottles here too but I never heard of it. Thinking on my feet comes naturally to me as I can do problem solving when under pressure, except math. The good ideas rises to the top some how. lol...