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Thursday, October 28, 2010


This afternoon, it was so warm outside, I had to roll down the windows in the car for fresh air. I had a few errands to do down town and on my way home stopped by the Co-op to buy a few necessities and I saw some big pumpkins for my daughter's kids. Every year they get small pumpkins because they don't have much space at their house to have big one around. But the Co-op only had a limited amount of pumpkins on special and they were all large. I bought them any way.

They can come carve them here if they wish because I have a large house with plenty of elbow room to carve to their hearts content. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If they don't want to carve these big pumpkins, then I'll carve them myself. In any case it should be fun.

Maybe my daughter has already bought them some and they are already carved. Who knows.  They were only $2.99 each.


  1. Those are great looking pumpkins. The kids will have a blast carving them. Make sure to take photos of their masterpieces.
    You are right, it was more like June than October today.

  2. I would have bought them too. They are lovely pumpkins. They look so nice in your car against the black seats.
    You are a nice Grandma!

  3. Thanks Kim & Kim. I sent my daughter an email with the pictures because I don't like to disturb them at night but I haven't heard from her yet. It's such a busy household and I know how it is. The kids do the dishes after supper and their home work and then it's dark and time to quiet down. I'm sure to get an answer by tomorrow. Hugs, JB

  4. Pumpkin carving is such fun. I'm sure that the kids will love those pumpkins. Have a wonderful fun halloween!

  5. Doris, my grand kids will each have two pumpkins to carve this year. My daughter said the more the merrier. It makes me happy to hear her say that. Thanks for your comment. JB

  6. Those look like some great pumpkins....still haven't carved one this year, but I always like scooping out the "guts" :)

  7. Tammy, I just came back from delivering the pumpkins and it's too bad that you don't live closer. I would have delivered one to you too. Scooping out the guts is the fun part.... That's when I get the feel for Halloween, lol... JB