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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok girls, you can look  now and laugh if you must, at my silly little snowmen parade . It's supposed to look like a snowmen winterland. I never got to decorate my pine branches outside because it was raining today... again.

Here is one of the Dollar Store small tree decorated with  the snowflakes and one still waiting.
Since our chimney liner was cracked in a chimney fire years ago we have stopped using our fireplace and I've placed a sofa in front of it. We want to replace it with a gas one that has a nice mantel some day and  and I would like to remove that ugly angel brick wall and replace it with a plain wall.
I've tied the fake evergreen garlands with florist wire around the shelf as base for the snowmen.

             Here are my snowmen on parade. All of them from Dollar Store or Value Village.                                                         
More snowmen occupying my entrance

                                              A big smile to welcome the guests to our house

                                                                More snowmen from Value Village

                                            Again a Value Village find. Snowman on skis

These snowmen will find a home on the large Christmas tree. All Dollar Store finds.

                  This door hanger snowman is greeting our guests at the closet door. 

Sorry for bad lighting. It was raining today. It says Stocking Feet. This was made in Shelburne Nova Scotia and was bought at Value Village
                             Another snowman door hanger. Dollar Store buy.

                            A small soap dish snowman for rear entrance bathroom.

I've been tired this week with not enough restful  sleep and I did some pretty crazy things. The first one is that  I got in the shower and started shampooing my hair and I noticed that I still had my glasses on.
Today I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and was trying to use my debit card. Three times it informed that I had an invalid pin number. I started to believe that I was forgetting my pin number when I noticed that I was using another credit card of the same color. The pharmacist must I thought that I was an Alzheimer patient.  I got it, once I figured that I was using the wrong card. Now you have something to laugh at if you didn't laugh at my cheap snowmen.

Thanks for dropping in..  JB


  1. I love your snowmen. I was trying to decide which was my favorite but I think it is the soap dish.

  2. Hi Julia,
    What a great snowman collection! They are so cute! And since they are not specifically Christmas, they are good for the whole winter season.
    They make me smile!

  3. I do have some of the same snowmen. I got them at a party one year and they live on my window sill in the kitchen at Christmas I think it looks wonderful. I love snowmen too. I had to laugh about all of your escapades. I haven't had real good sleep either and I know how it makes you forget things. My daughter is giving a speech this week and when you don't get REM Sleep that is why you can't remember. At least you don't already have your glasses on and are looking around for them and find a old pair and put it on over the ones already on your head. That was me this week.
    I hope you get to sleep tonight.

  4. I love the snowmen and you have them arranged so cute. I know what you mean about sleep. I have to take a shot of cold medicine to get to sleep through the night some times. one with antihistimine. Not sure if I spelled that right.
    you do silly thinks with out sleep.

  5. There's nothing cuter than a smiling snowman! The more the merrier!
    I hope you can get some sleep dear Julia!
    Instead of counting sheep try counting snowmen and you should drift into sweet dreams!
    Cathy g

  6. Hi everyone, thanks for your sweet comments. I'm that you all like the snowmen. I agree with Cathy about snowmen smiles. That's why I love them so much. The house is empty now that the kids have all left and the cats and dogs are gone too so I guess the snowmen fill a

    The reason that I'm lacking sleep is that I've had to get up at least four times a night to go to the bathroom because of a bladder infection that manifested itself as a severe backache. I got a prescription of antibiotic yesterday that I have to take every 12 hours on an empty stomach and the list of side effect could scare you to death. Have a great day everyone.

  7. I meant I'm glad that you all like the snowmen. lol. JB

  8. Julia I love your snowmen! I have a small collection of similar ones - also from various inexpensive stores. They are such fun to collect. Love your decorations.

  9. Thanks Doris, When I find a snowman and it brings a smile on my face and is within my budget, I pick it up. Hsave a great day. JB

  10. Julia! I love the snowmen mantle! Actually I loved all your snowmen! I also love snowmen but never thought to use them the way you have so I've limited my purchases! Well, look out stores/craft shows - here I come will all sorts of ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Char, I'm sure that you can come up with something even better. Thanks for your comment. JB