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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday as I was looking in a drawer for some document for health insurance, I came upon something I had written this past summer as I was reflecting on what a perfect day would look like for me at that time.  The lighting wasn't great this evening and the writing is in pencil and barely legible in the photo. Here is what I wrote.  ( I took the liberty to correct spelling errors)

My Perfect day:
I would wake up at 6:30 am. feeling well, alert,  well rested and refreshed, pain free.

I would have time to shower while the coffee perks. I would have time to brush my teeth and get dress and go downstairs to have my healthy breakfast, well balanced diet.

I would not have to rush because my cloths are laid out the night before.

I would know what I was going to tackle during the day.

I would have time for a quick reflection on scripture before starting my day and I would work on practicing "ONLY FOR TODAY":
I will not criticize, not complain, not procrastinate, not over eat, be thankful for what I have, will do my best, help someone I don't really like, will forgive past wrong, will love with all my heart.

I would go to work in a clean barn and get my work done as quickly as possible and have time to work in the yard, clean the car, care for my flowers, fix what need fixing outside the house so it looks clean and presentable.

I would have more time for my grand kids.

I would like time to exercise, work on my quilt and do some painting, work on a rug, work on a cross stitch, make new pillows for the chairs in the sunroom, work on my Christmas quilt, paint some ceramic nativities and  santas. This of course I could not do in a day but would like to do one or the other on some days.

For my future, I would want to not work so hard but still have nice gardens, a clean and well organized house and have my my family all happy.

Beauty feeds the soul. That's why God created beauty. Thank you God for beauty.
The best gift that stands the test of time is the gift of making time for oneself.   Julia

Yep, that's what I wrote. It was an exercise in what a perfect day would be for me at that time.  I was told to write down my feelings without stopping even though I felt like I had nothing to say and to never mind the grammar and spelling.

My perfect day today was finding a green wool skirt and jacket and a plaid wool skirt at the Value Village. All washed and dried ready to take apart. I also bought some other stuff but my battery is low so it will be shown at another time.  The green suit is a bit brighter than shown.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.  Have a great week.  JB


  1. sounds like a perfect day to me. the wool you found is great.
    thank you for your visit and comment. I do feel good when I find something that could sell for more. I will be busy making bows for my wreaths.

  2. Your perfect day sounds wonderful. That sounds like a great exercise to highlight what is important to us. Thanks for sharing it. We should all write one.

  3. Cathy, I wish that you lived closer to me so you could help me make some bows. I've made them before but this ribbon is wide and stiff. I got some florist wire today and that might help.

    Kim, You know that there is no such thing as a perfect day. I have to fake it,. lol... I wish that I lived closer to you too. Take care JB

  4. I love your perfect day and I have been thinking about writing one down too, Reading your perfect day, that would be a bunch to get done but it is a perfect day. All of your work would be done. I am glad you shared it. I don't know about you but I enjoy your days so much each one seems perfect to me, well all except the flood of 2008.
    It is just me but walking in a barn with the smell of cows, and the sound of the milk machines and the calves that you are feeding, well I always thought that was a perfect time of day. :)I still miss cows.
    I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to reading more of your lovely posts.

  5. Thanks Kim (Farm Girl for your encouraging comment. I wish that you lived closer to me too. I would love to let you help me feed the calves. There are situations that are not pleasant like a still born a calf this week and a calf that is getting ready to be moved to a larger pen but is not quite ready yet and do his mess in his feed bucket and I have to clean it every time. If only they could be toilet trained. His feed bucket is outside his pen yet he turns around and do it every time.lol. Like I said to Kim, there is no such thing as a perfect day but I have to fake it. Lol... Take care and have a great week. JB

  6. I think your perfect day is very ambitious. I would finish that day a bit depressed that I didn't get everything on the "to do" list done. Incomplete task lists are never a happy thing. But it's nice to have the fantasy that one could get that much done. I always have "to do" lists that are too long.

    I think my perfect day would look somewhat different from yours, though I haven't given much thought as to what it would be like. Yesterday at the cottage was certainly a superb day, but was it perfect? No. Curious that your grandkids made it into your perfect day, but not your husband. My kids would be in mine, but my wife would be the most important part of my perfect day. But then, I'm not sure I could even define perfection. Superlatives are always problematic.

    The comment about "beauty" is interesting. Who decides what is beautiful? In some cultures (American) slim women are preferred, and in some cultures very plump women are preferred. In America teeth should be white, but in some cultures, black teeth are considered beautiful (really, I'm not making this up), and women go to pains to make them black. Ideas of beauty certainly act as powerful motivations for people, but beauty is not an absolute thing. It's a cultural thing, and within a culture it's an individual perception thing. So what might feed one soul could make a different one ill. There's no accounting for personal taste.

    My wife is beautiful, but she doesn't see it, nor do a lot of others. And that's okay. Or they'd all be chasing her, which wouldn't be good. But it's a clear example of how the notion of beauty is a very complex thing, and we don't all view it the same way. Not in relation to people or to things.

    And what's this about tearing apart wool skirts? What's that all about? My beautiful wife would look lovely in a plaid skirt like that. Why do you tear them apart? Seems wasteful of a perfectly good skirt. You might need to follow up and say what happens to the fabric, otherwise we're left wondering (unless others already know what you are up to).

  7. Hi Julia,
    Being able to do even half of what you hope to accomplish would be a perfect day for me! You seem to have so much energy and determination. I hope that there are at least a few perfect days in your future.

    Your memory rug is looking wonderful. You are doing such an amazingly good job. Great design and perfect hooking. It is going to be such an heirloom for you and your family.

  8. Anonymous, thanks for your comment and you are right, I left out my husband out of the picture, not intentionally but probably because I'm mostly on my own.

    We are always going our different ways and he is preoccupied with many meetings and having to go here and there that I do a lot of the work by myself. He works the fields, the machinery, does community work, snow plows in winter etc. and belongs to many organizations that take a lot of his time and in turn, these are things that I'm not interested in.

    He's not interested in gardening, cooking , or any of my other hobbies or keeping the place in top shape because it's not where his interest lies.
    We are very different people and not always on the same page but we love each other just the same. He's there when I need him and I'm there when he needs me.

    As for beauty, I was talking about the beauty creation and anything pleasing to the eye. For me flowers and and a tidy lawn is beautiful but a baby's smile is even more beautiful. Everything that God created is beautiful in it own way. I was not even thinking as a woman's beauty though on that day.

    I'm a rug hooker and the wool skirt and suit will be rip and sliced in tiny strips for hooking my rug . I'm late for my barn work now. JB

  9. Pat, thanks for your comment. My chores are partly done for the morning and now I have time to take a we break before getting lunch ready and respond to your comment. I never do half of what I wish I had time to do.

    My rug is far from perfect but thanks. I do have a lots of ambition but it would get done faster if I had some help. My list is always way to long but it's all self imposed. JB

    Have you notice that I don't have a time slot for resting except when sleeping? The time I spend communicating with my blogging friends and Rug Hooking Daily forum is my resting time.