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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's been a hot muggy day and I know that I shouldn't complain after all the cold and rain we've had but I have difficulty working in the heat and humidity. I need frequent breaks and I get fatigued  and I huff and puff.  A good excuse for me to come in to check on blogs while the fan cools me.  During the summer I think more about  Petals than Wool. For me they each have their season just because I can't do both ay the same time.

 I got a bit more done on my brick border and I worked until I ran out of bricks. Hopefully I'll be able to get some tomorrow at the brick yard.  I use recycled landscape fabric that I saved from another project a few years back to put under the bricks.

It's hard to see the brick with the long grass. I need another 56 bricks to get me to the end. I'm not putting any in the back because of the hedge and lots of surface roots. The hedge has been neglected since my neighbor moved. It definitely needs trimming in a bad way.

Saturday we had a wicked downpour and I thought that it would have flatten pretty much everything but surprisingly it wasn't that bad. One of my peony, the darker pink was heavy with blooms and all flopped over but the lighter pink fared better.  It needs better support for next year.


I had a good support for the big one but still even thought all the stems were tied some flopped over in the rain.

It flattened my chives.

One of my clematis has a broken branch

I think that this is a William Baffin rose.

This is a Grootendorst and is just starting to bloom.  Very hardy rosebush and quite thorny.

This bright  yellow flower closes at night and on overcast  and rainy days. They are called Sundrop.  I got a plant from my sister in law from Ottawa many years ago. I've dividd and planted in mass and have given away a lot.  I've got them planted in several places in the back yard and it lights up the yard even on an overcast day. They are just starting to bloom and in a few days it will ablaze with yellow. I'll post another photo when they are in full bloom.

Here they are just starting to bloom and in a few days they will be ablaze with bright yellow flowers that brighten the backyard. I'll try to think to take a photo of it in full bloom. Gee I wish I had the time and energy to cut my grass today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Believe it or not these are serendipity flowers that just decided that they like to grow on my rock steps. I did not plant them there.

That Sedum Acre is growing everywhere, even on my rock wall.

Here most of these flowers are self seeded and they spread by themselves. I used to plant petunias on this rock wall.  Now you understand why my blog goes by the name OF PETALS AND WOOL.  I have petals in the growing season and wool in the colder seasons. They are my passion and joy. I hope that you like my ever changing gardens. That's the beauty of having something always in bloom until I get tired of caring for them and then I welcome the cooler season for a rest and grow a few house plants inside.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. They mean so much to me.  JB


  1. your gardens are amazing! I love them so much. I have gardens but they are nothing like yours.

  2. Julia,
    Your gardens are breathtakingly beautiful! You sound like me huffing and puffing in the heat. Although here you can't huff too much or you get a mouth full of mosquitos! lol!
    Enjoy those blooms as winter rolls around much too quickly! I love the way you are putting those bricks around the bed. Looks very neat and tidy!
    Wonderful photos too!
    Cathy G

  3. I hate the heat! Were in the 80 now.Yuk, Your garden pictures cool me down. Wow so pretty Julia.I love the peony and the rock picture with the little flowers. What a beautiful garden!

  4. Julia, you amaze me! The gardens are so beautiful!!! You work so hard to make it all happen, and when it does, it's glorious!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely property with us!

  5. (Hand on Heart here)... I Kathy will never complain of my work outside again. LOL.
    I can't EVEN imagine taking care of the beds that you have. And it all looks so beautiful! If I were to have something like that, I'd also have a lot of money to pay someone to take care of it all. I could never do it... I know me.. it would all die!
    Just Beautiful Julia!

  6. Love your serendipity flowers....what a nice surprise! Those peonies are righteously beautiful!

  7. Julia ~
    Everything is drop dead gorgeous!!! I can just smell those peonies ~ one of my favorites!!! Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Well, you know I don't like to garden myself but I love to look at other peoples. Your property looks so beautiful. I love those flowers growing around the rock steps. It looks perfect - like you planned it.
    It was warm and muggy yesterday. Auntie started to complain. I told her she complained all winter/spring about the cold and wet so if she complained about the heat I'd have to shoot her. LOL

  9. I just love your gardens, they are so beautiful and so huge. I brought my husband here to look at your Peonies. I have lots of green but no blooms,Who knows if I ever will. So I really enjoy looking at yours. I think it would be wonderful to sit and hook, when you are finished.
    It is a lovely garden.

  10. Again I am in awe of your flower beds. Glad that you told us that there is a season for each, petals and wool. I would be overwhelmed to think that you were able to keep up with anything but that beautiful flower garden...

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. What lovely flowers. I really like peonies. The brick border looks so nice. We spend so much time farming that our yards get a bit neglected. One day...

  12. You have certainly left me in the dust as far as gardening. I actually took some pictures in my yard this evening, but now I am ashamed to put them on my blog. I was excited because I had one chive blooming. Go figure. Anyway your gardens are beautiful.

  13. Your peonies are looking gorgeous Julia,mine are just starting to open now. Funny how we really don't live that very far away from each other and your plants are ahead of mine. Must be all that composting. Well Canada post is back to work(its about time), so will send you your little gift in the mail on the weekend.
    Take care Julia