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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well I thought that I would link up with Patrice this fine warm muggy Wednesday and I got so darn busy and then had a function to go to so now that I'm home I better get on with it before the clock strikes midnight.

Here are the questions and my answers.

1) What are you doing to go green?

I stop putting poison on my lawn to control the weeds, I recycle and do lots of compost, I even use Baby powder on my cucumber plants to fool the cucumber beetles and it has worked for me.( I tried this in a panic last year and saved my cucumbers) so I tried it again this year.
I try to save energy by turning the heat down and turn the lights off  when leaving the room.

2)  If you could try a sport you've never tried before, what would it be?
     I'd try golfing.

3)  What's your favorite vegetable and how do you like to prepare it?
      My all time favorite veggie is broccoli. I stir-fry it and I either steam of blanch it or eat it raw.
      I like it crunchy.

4)  Do you enjoy thrift shops, consignment shops or antique stores.
      I love thrift shops. I never go to consignment shops or antique stores.

5)  Who is the most positive person you know.

      My mom was always positive in any situation I miss her.

Thanks for doing this Patrice.  I just wish that I could have posted this earlier.

I was posting a comment on Orange Sink's blog this morning and this is the Word Verification that came out. I thought that I better take a picture of it.  Cathy, this word verification is for you.  JB


  1. Julia,
    Oh wow! I remember those days! LOL!
    Can't believe some of the goofy words that come up on those verification things. At least this was a real word and one that hasn't come up in conversation in this household for a number of years!
    Love what you're doing "green wise"! It makes me sick when the neighbors are pouring that poison on their lawns..... literally!
    Cathy G

  2. We do most of the things you do to save energy but I do love the consignment stores and antique stores:)

  3. Oh my goodness, what a hoot! That word verification is hysterical lol.

    1. We finally have recycling in our area, so I'm trying to load up that container as much as I can. Also not bringing home as many plastic bags from the grocery store anymore.

    2. tennis (I have tried before, but not very hard). would love to try it again.

    3.cauliflower... steamed, raw, with cheese, without. any which way.

    4. Love all those shops, but mainly enjoy antiques as of late.

    5. I'd have to second my Mom. (miss her too). She took everything with a grain of salt and never let anything bother her. Always saw the positive side to everything. I take after her.

    Fun Post Julia, thanks!!

  4. Ovulate has taken on new meaning in my house now that Mira is a teenager. Somedays it also means "be careful, she bites"

    1: recycling, using fabric bags, composting, thermostat down and lights off.

    2:My alter ego would like to try skydiving, but my real-life me would say keep me on the ground with golf!

    3:Peas hands down. Raw fresh from the garden is best.

    4:Yes to all of the above but I tend to stay out of them because I have to think "Where would I put that?"

    5:My mom! Mamoo, you are the BEST!

  5. I loved your answers and it is so much fun finding out about you. I like broccoli too and I don't like it cooked very much either. Really you would like to play golf? It is fun. I would do that with you.
    Thanks for your comment on my shopping trip. When I walked in the door, I should have listened to my instinct and walked out because I had it from the moment I put my hand on the door handle.
    I always wonder why that happens sometime. I have taken so many classes there and it has always been one of my favorites. I wonder what changed.
    Thanks Julia,

  6. 1: I used to take the bus to work, but now that I am on maternity leave, I walk alot. We are close to enough to the stores (2.5KM) that I can load up the stroller handles with my reusable bags. We don't have a lot of room in our yard, but we do have a small vegetable patch, and the city take our compost away.

    2: I'd like to go horseback riding and learn how to jump but I am sure my allergies would protest. (BTW, I love golfing and curling.)

    3:This is a tough one. I love most vegetables. But my favorite is a toss up between sweet red peppers and grilled/roasted eggplant.

    4:I shop at consignment stores more than thrift store, and I love 'looking' around in antique stores but I never buy anything.

    5:And I agree with Jackie 100%. You mom!

  7. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! That definitely wins for ridiculous word verifications..

    Blessings, Debbie

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  9. Don't you just hate it when you misspell a word and you can't edit it after you've sent your comment without deleting the whole comment?

    Thanks everyone for your comments and for taking part in answering Patrice's questions. Jackie and Christine, my dear daughters, I especially appreciated your comments. I love you too. Mom

  10. I think that's the best word verification I've seen yet! A favorite veggie is tough - zucchini maybe.

  11. Hi Julia, My favorite veggie is brussel sprouts. I have a compost turner I love it.I turn off lights and I use gray water in parts of my garden. I am hoping to get a worm bin someday.

  12. Love the word verification. I've noticed that every once in a while they are just one letter away from being a little naughty.
    We are trying to go green one step at a time. Small steps toward making a big difference.

  13. haha yes those word thingies can be funny sometimes!

    And i love to hear more about what you like/do/eat/want!


  14. Darn you are so funny....showing us the word verification...haha
    Enjoyed reading your answers.
    Wanted to come by and wish you a Happy and safe 4th.
    Love ya