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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yesterday afternoon when I went to the barn to feed my calves, I saw one of the kitty run and jumped on a big spool of electrical wire that my husband had left there. She quickly stuck her little head in the small hole and just stayed there. She wasn't trying to get out which I thought was odd. After a minute she was still there calmly just staying put. I wish that I had my camera with me sometimes, I missed a great shot.

 I went to pull her head out but it was good and stuck. I even turned the spool on it's side and then upside down and no way could she get her head out. I didn't want to pull because her little neck would have snapped for sure.

I called my husband who was just getting ready to milk the cows and between the two of us, it took 20 minutes to take the spool apart and to cut pieces of thick plastic to free her and not once did she tried to resist. She just was so relaxed all the time, even when I turned her on her back she was still so relaxed. It was strange seeing her so calm right up to the last second.  I think that she would make an excellent pet put I don't want to bring another cat in. I have 13 in the barn. She is actually the sister of that little abandoned kitten that I found still attached to its placenta a little while back. The mother is not a good mother and finally it has been feeding from another mother cat who had 4 kittens.

Some of my blogger friends have been having problems with posting comments lately and if this applies to you, you still can leave comments by using Firefox and google the name of the blog you want to leave a comment on and when the blog comes up, just type your comment as usual. It works.  Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.  JB


  1. What a cute kitty! Poor thing it's lucky you
    were there Julia,I hope your having a good weekend.Cheri

  2. Ah poor baby kitty. She was brave. So glad you rescued her. Someone needs to give her a new home. You sound like you have your share of kitties.

  3. Poor little kitty. Obviously he or she trusts you or it would have panicked. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  4. Wow, you have 13 cats? I thought I was bad with 5 at least yours live in the barn.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
    I think she is a really pretty kitty though. I am so glad you rescued her.
    I am glad that there is a good momma cat around. You just never know do you? If one will be a good Mom or not.

  5. a very sweet kitten lucky you were there to see it get stuck. it could have been there hours.

  6. What a cute little kitten. We are sure glad you were able to free it. We are also glad that you found it and saved it. Hugs

  7. I am so happy she found your wire spool to stick her head in. She might not have been so fortunate at someone else's place.
    You are such a great friend to animals.

  8. Julia, I'm so glad you rescued the little kitty! Is it a polydactyl? It looks like it has mitten paws. It's so cute! Is it old enough to eat from a pan yet? Thank goodness the other mother is willing to feed it.

    You had asked about the day old kitty that I had written about on my blog. It survived, and is now two weeks old. Joanne from Snippets and Scraps of My Mind has adopted it and took it home on Thursday. Unfortunately her two adult cats aren't exactly happy. Hopefully they will be more accepting by the time the little one is ready to be integrated into the family.

  9. I thought it looks poly-dactyl too. It's adorable, I wouldn't be able to resist bringing it in!!!

  10. What a beautiful kitten! I love her eyes.
    I have such a weakness for cats.

    I had had some trouble with comments as well. I switched my browser to Safari and it solved it.

  11. So sweet. Glad you were able to rescue her! You have the most interesting stories to tell!!

  12. What a sweet story, and a sweet kitty. It's a good thing we're not neighbors or I'd be tempted to ask for her. I don't need another one inside either! ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. oh my gosh what a cute kitty!!! Good thing you got him (her/him) in once piece!!!

    Have a good week!
    big hugs

  14. Ah honey I am so glad you were there to help this poor baby. She is such a cute kitty. Wow I thought I had a lot of cats around the North Forty but girlfriend you have me beat. lol
    Have a wonderful week and I am sending you lots of good thoughts and wishes from Texas
    Love ya

  15. Awwwww, your little kitty is just precious. I want one soooo bad but I know it would never survive my puppy.

    Yep, I've had some who couldn't comment the past few weeks.

    God bless and have a magnificent day sweetie!!!

  16. Mom, you are a wonder! And good on you that you were able to get dad to help! Especially when he was just ready to milk the cows!

  17. So glad your story has a happy ending!
    Thanks for the sweet share:)

  18. Poor little kitty... good thing you saw her get stuck... the outcome might have not been as good otherwise...

  19. We were fortunate to have a veterinarian board her horses at the same stable where my daughter kept her horse. She took care of all the kitties, sterilizing the males and females to keep the numbers down. They also gave a discount to people who were taking care of multiple cats. Maybe you could find a nice vet to help you out! She's a cutie! I'm such a softie I can't turn them away either!