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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Funny what the cold weather will make me do. We had frost on the pumpkins this morning, so I put on my winter jacket and gloves and went to work and I just couldn't keep my hands warm working in the barn as all the windows were wide opened.

I harvested my serendipity pumpkins family that were covering my lower deck, all 4 of them came from one seed that just decided to sprout by the compost.  Cute little family heh

Today I also took the cucumber supports out of the garden, harvested my carrots, zucchinis, and took the tomato cages and peppers cages out. (no pictures of my work in the garden)

It was cold enough to make me take my Childhood Memories rug out of storage and I pulled some strips out and fixed the twisted ribbon border that was bugging me and even hooked several strips of wool. I needed to cut more wool so I put it aside for this evening. Sorry for the bad lighting.

Also today I worked on my King size quilt that I started in 2008. I've been working on it every day this week for a little while before bed time. Sorry again for the bad lighting. The leaves are dark green.

Another thing that I decided to tackle today was to back up some of my iPhoto library. I did all 2008 pictures on a DVD and will do 2009 tomorrow. I had never attempted to burn a DVD and this was a first for me. I take baby steps on my computer and I like little challenges like that.

Thanks for your visit and please entertain me with your comments. A big WELCOME  to all my new blogger followers. I hope that you will stop by for a visit often. Check out my wool GIVEAWAY  on my previous post if you haven't done so yet.   JB


  1. You are a busy lady! Your quilt and footstool are just gorgeous. I love the pumpkin family. they seem perfectly content at home on the porch. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Footstool? On closer inspection it just looks like a round rug in progress?


  3. Love your pumpkin family and wow way to go on your rug - it looks wonderful - Can you send me some motivation - I need to get it and get moving on making things! Love everything! joanne

  4. Julie, I can't believe how nice your Memory Rug is looking! I can imagine it's fun to get it out and start working on it again. The quilt is lovely! Your applique is just perfect.

  5. your memory rug is wonderful and so is your quilt. we had frost also but this weekend is 80's glad to see you are carving out some time for yourself.

  6. I love your little pumpkin family. Especially the baby on the end.
    Your memory rug is coming along and going to be wonderful. That is a great idea. What size cut are you using?
    I am truly impressed with your quilt.
    Perfect straight and even stitches. Great job. My hand stitching is so primitive.

  7. You are always so busy! Love the rug, it's so sweet! And that quilt? Awesome! Nice to keep the hands moving :). That computer work takes so much time. Every time I put more pictures on the blog, I say I'm going to put them all into albums and never do.I'm waaaay behind! Good for you!!

  8. It's great to see your rug again. We had snow flurries on Thursday!! Can you imagine?

  9. Oh your rug is so pretty, so glad you posted pictures of it and your quilt is perfection. I really like seeing your work. You do such nice work. I like your pumpkins too. That is pretty good from one seed. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.
    I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  10. Love your pumpkin family! one seed? I just logged on this morning and was about to read a few blogs with me coffee... and there are your pumpkins... ;) and beautiful quilt... such detail...

    Your iPhoto libary? I just got my MacBook Pro this summer and am still navigating about ... I don't understand all I know about the picture manipulation yet...

    We now have a dedicated Apple store here in Little Rock and I plan on having a chat with these folk...

    RIP Steve Jobs...

  11. Hi Julia, What great pumpkins. I am picking mine today and you are going to laugh it's got problems. Your rugs are looking great and don't you just love this time of year. Cheri

  12. You are busy. Sounds like fun though. Love your homegrown pumpkins.

  13. I am trying your suggestion and going straight from the webpage thru Firefox to post.
    This is a TEST only.


  14. Well.."bust my buttons" it worked !
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    You are a dear for helping me out..and a lot of others who are having the same problem.


  15. How lovely, a sweet little pumpkin family. Beautiful quilt and what a wonderful memory stool, very nicely done. Can ya believe it was in the mid eights her in Maine today! Needless to say, the girls got a good cleaning and their coop yard got tilled. you never know tomorrow it could snow! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  16. worked!!!
    thanks for the foxfire tip, friend!
    I do so love your artful life
    and the ways your hands find to express it
    and look forward to the frost finding our pumpkins;
    still warm enough for t-shirts and sweating while
    I work here.
    I look forward to cooling breezes.
    Have a beautiful Sunday:)
    love and joy,