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Monday, October 17, 2011


I have an ugly angel brick wall that I don't like and would like to tear down but just can't swing it right now. It was popular in the 70's.
 I wanted a random brick pattern and my husband wanted a calculated pattern and he ordered it done his way. I conceded because it was useless to argue with my man, he did things his way ( in those days). All these years I hated this brick wall.

My brother  who does beautiful woodwork thought that all I needed was a wooden mantel and made it as a gift  and even installed it for me. The brick wall is 70's and the mantel is colonial. I couldn't say no to him. Still the two just don't suit the style, which style, I don't even know... lol...

There's a big crack that has developed on the side of the brick wall and I would like to tear it down some day. I just can't do it now though.

To reflect more light in the livingroom,  I thought that I would hang this mirror I found.  Taking a good picture of a mirror without getting my face in it was a bit of a challenge.

There were no hooks on the frame to hang it with so my handy husband drilled tiny holes and got hooks screwed in and wire and hung it up for me. Then I decorated the mantel for Halloween, and the piano, the hutch and the desk. I decorated the door and the outside the front entrance using the same decorations as last year.  Nothing grand but thrift store and Dollar Store finds. I told you that I'm cheap.

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  1. Sorry you are so unhappy with the brick wall. I know how that bugs you because I had a similar problem myself in my old home.
    You did good though with putting a mirror there and you cute decorations.
    I had to laugh about the comment of taking a good picture of a mirror without being in it. hahaha That is a challenge.
    Hope you had a great weekend and that your week is filled with lots of good things.

  2. I think it looks grand. I love how you decorated it and I really do like the mirror. It is tough to not get yourself in the reflection. I know I have tried and I have not had any luck.
    I like it all very much.

  3. Your decorations are so cute. Good luck with the wall. We all have spots like that. My front hallway needs a major make over - someday.

  4. Welcome to my newest follower, X-STITCH4EVER. I hope that you will come visiting again and that you enjoyed your visit. JB

  5. The mirror and decorations look great! The house I had for years had so many of those decorating challenges. Dark rooms with no rhyme or reason. Then, the ex-husband took out the master bedroom closet, leaving a gaping hole against one wall...nightmare city! Hope you get your demo soon!!

  6. Hope you get to follow your bliss when it comes to "the wall"!! For now all your Halloween decor is adorable!!
    Have a Peaceful Evening....

  7. "I conceded because it was useless to argue with my man, he did things his way ( in those days)"


    I like your stuff... ;)

  8. It looks fine Julia,I like your fall decorations.It is hard to take a picture with a mirror. I have a woodburning stove with no mantle and I am still painting my floors blue.

  9. I like the mirror and the decorations. What a project it would be to rehab that.

  10. I love all the decorations!! Nice job with cute, cute finds!!!

  11. Darling decorations!! I love having mirrors around, they seem to create space. Nice job, your house looks wonderfully festive!

  12. It looks great. Way to make a silk purse from a sows ear! Sometimes the things we don't love just challenge us to be creative...

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. LOOK AT YOU all ready for the season! I love all your pumpkins!!!

  14. I can understand COMPLETELY...we had very dark paneling in our family room for over 30 years..and I wanted to paint it to make it brighter and lighter...but ON NO ! one day, I simply hired a painter while my husband was at work..and he had most of it done by the time he got home from work...and much to my surprise...he said, WOW..that looks great !!!
    The same thing happened with our dark red brick fireplace...I wanted to brighten it up and paint it too..when we got ready to SELL the husband said to the Real Estate dealer, do you think we should paint the fireplace brick...and she said yes, and we did...and it also turned out beautifully. We sold the house in less than a week.
    You decoractions looks darling.

  15. I know what you mean! I have wanted a new BLACK roof on our house since we moved. It was gray when we moved in. It finally needed to be replaced and hubby really wanted a brown one so guess what we got? Now I have about 15 more years to wait....
    PS. Your fall house looks lovely!!

  16. The mirror does help to dress up the stone wall. And the decorations make the whole room look so festive! I'm amazed by the nice things you find at your thrift store.

  17. I've been in that room a hundred times, and I have no idea why you find that stonework wanting. It might not be the palace at Versaille, but it's fine. Maybe the tragedy is that you don't use the fireplace at all. I've not seen it lit ever, and Jackie and I have been together nearly 19 years.

    In any case, since you removed the amazing photo of my lovely and totally awesome wife from its place over the mantle and replaced it with a mirror, I was wondering if I could have that photo for my office. That photo is quite simply magnificent, like nothing else in the world. Da Vinci would have wept to see it. And since it no longer has a place on your wall, I would love to give it a place on mine. No other photograph or painting can compare.

  18. I think you should have a copy of the photo made for him, how sweet! Oh, and a fire in the fireplace on a cold night! With popcorn!